The Not So Silent Civil War 2017 Report To Citizen’s of the United States of America

The Not So Silent Civil War 2017 Report To Citizen’s of the United States of America

Divide and conquer succeeds when thinking people give way to clueless lemmings, protected by Media and Elected/Connected deciding for their purposes, the BLIND EYE treatment of US Law.

If you look at those in power today as the parents, and “We The People” as the children they raise, protect, teach the right way to live life, why dubious disagreements?
IF the correct solution/answer is their goal, explain America today. Why are simple, common sense, inexpensive, unified by the truth, policies/programs/etc. Ignored? We pay for everything, correct? When was the last time “We The People” had proof of every dollar spent? Why not yearly?

We pay for investigations without evidence first due to neglect by “We The People”, allow laws implications to be ignored for the elected/connected/selected, why? I have trouble paying for what we need to survive, they spend my share on things of no use to “We The People”, of whom we’re proud to be.

I enlisted to serve during Nam for my Republic, my family, my God, and our President. Party had nothing to do with any of it. When over seas as a member of our Armed Forces actions and words matter. Few died from words of truth, as we returned home to scorn. knowledge of deceit evidence public. Tell the dead and wounded what? Presidents, elected, all in our employee, lie? Lie to the boss without fear of the Laws “We The People” must be able to afford proof of innocence? Why?

Disrespect to our President at record breaking levels without commission of crime due to Party’s, not actions. Respect paid to Hillary Clinton across the board of elected, and a sad majority of media (both once respected), when factual evidence exists of crimes against “We The People”. Why? Party? Or those wealthy/connected enough to buy their loyalty?

If you came here for answers, to add constructively to conversation, help me to change what is the new “NORM”. If you see or hear anything wrong, shout/record/publish something, saying is not enough. Video evidence exists on the web until the powers that be decide to scrub it from “We The People’s” view/knowledge. Why? Truth is the only path for civilizations to move forward, growing, improving the lives of all equally. When did you vote to change this path? Why is the candidate running to be our employee, not the same after elected, or selected, do perhaps to deceit? Lie detectors are not welcome in court, why not to screen our employee’s both now, and upcoming elections? Truth hides from no one honest, video exists today of those deceitful/complicit.

A game show host said “Go to the tape”, I say “Copy it before its gone, and back it up offline. Post it


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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