An open letter to all our American employees both here and abroad

It has become apparent to your boss’s, “We The People” that many of you have forgotten your place as our employee’s, and the reasons you were hired, and the terms. This is an attempt to for stall the firing of the entire staff and replacements across the board. Failure to reply to this communication within a timely period will be deemed as your resignation, or your unwillingness to adhere to our strict guidelines, hence termination.

Since our inception we have millions of past and present employees all hired to work for us, not themselves or special interests. Honesty above all insisted, not suggested, from us, and every employee hired no matter their position. Loyalty tantamount, without exception. Integrity important, for without none of the above are possible. Ingenuity applauded, rewarded, respected. Skill level, area of expertise, work ethic’s, desire to complete work schedules insure lengthy employment opportunity’s. Confidentiality required as to insure security, stability, economy among the list dependent on it. A true team, or family, working together to better us all without exception. Respect for one another, and us, your boss’s.

Information of your failure to adhere to the very principles we were founded on, you sought employment to adhere to, sworn such allegiance to, readily available on the web.
Unbiased first hand viewing of video clips of our employee’s contradicting themselves, implicating themselves, exposing themselves etc., despite complicit media assistance to hide/deny/fabricate.

Biased investigation by yourselves, of your selves, has not confused or fooled your boss’s. It has been at our expense, and ends now. A full accounting for all to review will soon be ordered. You have failed your fiduciary obligation en mass. Wealth acquired during your employment period will be thoroughly investigated for impropriety, all guilty will be prosecuted to the full extent of US Law. Laws we know/see/ignored, have video record recorded, have been a travesty, preferential, no longer. Pleading the fifth, and deception will no longer prevent justice from being obeyed. All are created equal here, yet faced a difference in justice under present employee’s as well as past. One nation, one law.

2018 Elections deadline set to either live up to your oath, or vacate position for one who will. Any present employee willing to atone, make full restitution for transgressions may reapply.
Americans now know to view Election Day as “SELECTION DAY”! New replacements at the ready. Any willing to work together for the good of all welcome to apply. This applies to any and all elected or appointed positions. With millions of us to impress, serve, satisfy for said votes, should be no obstacle to any worthy candidates. Any false statements/special interests ties grounds for refusal. All citizen’s willing and able to abide requirements eligible.

As always I may be reached at, on TWITTER, Word Press. Unfortunately still not allowed access to my sonnyofthemeek page at FACEBOOK due to politics as is, not for having ever violated any of it’s posted rules despite years of trying and providing current Drivers lic, voter card, and Military ID.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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