Who is “Sonny of THE MEEK”

I am proud to be American, even prouder of my Nation under GOD! A  citizen born, a Navy Vet who enlisted during time of war in thanks to, and for my country. A family man. A true believer in the AMERICAN WAY! Until my last breath, and may my falling body take out three of our enemies, DEFENDER of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I believe in defending the weak, the handicapped, the aged, the overlooked, and the giver’s and insurer’ of mankind’s future, all women and every child.

I believe unity solves everything bad on this shared planet, division and isolation the major cause. I believe in you, my fellow man and women both here and abroad. I believe in GOD, in a nation trying to remove him or her from public view, never from our hearts, reemerging stronger and more UNIFIED than ever before. I believe in the power and the necessity of our vote.

I am proud to be of “THE MEEK”, Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom. Join us at sonnyofthemeek@hotmail.com, your comments/questions welcome.

If you’d prefer to enjoy, prosper, work at something you like to do, not one you had to accept join us now. Work for millions stalled by BIG MONEY controlling elected today. Our mission is to improve life, eliminate poverty across the globe. Live the life you deserve, not the struggle caused by Big Monies our elected serve.

Short video worth a peek if a fuller life you seek- Elected/Media ignore solution for 7 years- http://wp.me/p1tm1i-jq


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