Hello Son,


If your reading this you already know the locks were changed on the front door, so sit down on the patio lounge, and I’ll try to be quick as the back one is also new. Your Mom left you a cooler and some snacks alongside, along with a blanket. The blanket if your stoned or drunk/high and can’t drive tonight, will keep you warm.

Mom left the back curtain open, and the good old hallway light so you could see inside . Yes your seeing fine, everything’s gone. Don’t worry, your stuff is safe, and already set up for you in the new place. Your new bachelor pad. You lucky dog, I remember mine as if it was yesterday. No Dad or Mom setting some kind of a curfew, rules to follow, for a full grown man anymore.

You talked us into it, why did we argue over your choices, we agree it’s time to give you your way. A new bachelor and a winner! Good times ahead for us all. You know how controlling your Mom and I can be when you wake us up at all hours of the night. I am to blame to, called you some names I hope none of the old neighborhood heard, I’m sorry. Mom to. Words said in anger masked the love for you we share. We’ve hurt your feelings, made idle threats. If we could of only listened to you stumble in, fall down, throw up anywhere, and stayed in our room! You’d be happier, not feel so picked on, pressured to do what we thought was right.

I could apologize longer for holding you back from all those, what did we call them, dreams, but you get how bad we feel by now. You were always a smart one, knew it all, had it covered as you often said. I hope you don’t mind, we paid for your first, and last months rent anyway. Call us clingers or what ever you younger generation call us dithering old fools. We promise this is the last time we will meddle in your affairs, again, were sorry. Old habits are hard to break.

You will hear from us, and you know your Mom with postcards, as we travel from place to place in the new RV. What a beauty, all those gadgets and electronic things onboard you often said were needed, again our Son was Mr. Right! This thing practically drives itself, and your Mom’s starting to feel “At Home” behind the wheel. She had to admit it is better than the old needs something now house of thirty years. Paid that mortgage and taxes on time for all of them. You remember how many nights I worked two jobs and at times not enough time to hear you out? Poor excuse at the least, it was how we were raised, work hard and save. I had the working down, never could get the savings. You had to do without the latest craze, newest do hickey or whatever anyway. I tried hard, it was always something here or there to eat up any we put aside, except your college fund. You have to admit I did that for you at least.

Oh yea, back to the house, we sold it! As is! Even told them all that was wrong, showed them what still needed to be done, and they bought it anyway! It seems your old loser Dad did great by buying low, and selling high. If I knew back then how much money we’d have today, I’d of worked a third job and bought two of them. It’s going to be hard enough spending what we got, in the who knows how many years of retirement we’ll live. Those two jobs do that direct deposit thing every month faster than we can spend it.

Now without bills to worry about, paid cash for the RV, and talked that salesman down a bit, we took your advice to chill out. That means relax right? You kids and your new words for English, sure confuse a guy. Mom finally got that missing tooth we always pretended not to see when she asked. I have one of those debit cards, Mom too, again you were so right about their ease of use. Why carry a big wad of cash and risk it being stolen? The lady at the bank gave us one made out of gold, I swear before the Lord, real gold. Like Uncle Larry’s ring.

I can now understand why you didn’t want to be tied down, having your freedom is priceless, my Son the genius. Your Mom and I go out at night, or sleep till ten, sometimes eleven o’clock, what ever we want to do. Not something I have to do as you pointed out. I don’t blame you living the life of leisure while you could, I’d truly forgotten how good it feels. Mom gets on the CB and we meet up with other wanderers of the road as they refer to themselves, share stories and laugh for hours. I’m still a wizard of the flaming grill, only this one pops out from the side, not like the rusty one at home.

That reminds me, your at our old one now, take that chaise and cooler and stuff with you when you leave. The new owners a wood man, hates anything plastic, he’ll only toss it out. You could use it for one of those many friends to sleep over at the good old bachelor pad. Their all going to love it, except you may want to get a bigger fridge, you know how much hey like to eat. Mom said the big cabinet is a pantry, that’s why it has so many empty shelves to fill, you may want to get a second job. With the rent and utilities’ I often found it hard to restock, so buy store brand, your money goes farther. Sorry, old habit, last advice I promise. The key and directions are in that plastic folder with your birth certificate, and whatever paper work you had in the night stand.

We’ll your probably nodding of by now anyway so I won’t be much longer. Uncle Larry and Aunt Mary moved to that retirement village down in Florida last night, so they’ll mail you their new number when they get settled. Be sure to call on their birthdays and Christmas or no cookies this year from your aunt. I know you think Mr. Franks is a tough guy, but he promised us so long as your rents on time, he won’t beat your ass. He gave us his word, and we trust him, he’s just misunderstood. People blame him unfairly not knowing he does it to dead beats, not dreamers like you.

Mom sends her love, she‘ll send a postcard soon, so until next months letter, we’ll be praying as always for you. Love Dad, or as a new friend nick named me- “Never Back Track Jones”.

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America’s First Queen?

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Help me to answer a child honestly today, asking when we lost “The American Way“?

Uncle Sam kneeling in prayerHelp me to answer a child honestly today, asking when we lost “The American Way“?
I need help in explaining the America allowed by this nation today,
To one innocent of deceit, death, or the meaning of “Pay To Play”.
Expected to do right, help all others, never lie and always be fair,
While watching grownups do the opposite and prosper everywhere?
Watching on You Tube with me movies from my days as a youth,
Filled with respect for patriotism, unity, freedom and truth.
Actors on stage, screen, air, and the few channels on TV we had,
Spoke proudly of “The American Way”, unlike today’s claiming were bad.
Politicians found corrupt were run out of town,
Not fixed elections to hand one her crown.
Our citizen’s believed we chose who would lead us ahead,
Now with today’s easy to obtain internet proof we see it was all in our head.
All of us who served to protect the freedoms we see being taken away,
Shamed by the heavy cost we still pay, to have kept it always the old way,
Ignored by the citizen’s of America this very day,
In the good old USA.
How can elected and media lie to us all, and you punish if one I dare say?
How do I answer, what explanation could there be, for citizens forgetting “The American Way”?
Do as I say, not as I do,
Seems OK to so many of you.
But what’s an honorable man to answer the future voter of tomorrow,
Other than follow their example and live life in sorrow?
What answers have you?
That are actually/factually true?
Answer me here if you know,
For now I’ll hang up the phone and say I must go.
I promise to answer when getting back to you,
So help me out fellow citizens, even if it’s just a few.

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President Obama before you go- “We The People” have to know?

President Obama before you go,
There’s something this American has to know.
We showed the world that we walked our talk by electing you,
The first of your race elected twice, and now their very puzzled too.
Why the lives of those that voted for that very reason,
Now feel betrayed, ignored, suffering your treason.
The leader of all from this world that came to the land of the free,
Yet to your own now shown in America no limit to who one may be.
Your forgetting the fact their worse off now then when voting for hope,
Many of your old neighborhoods still gang ridden, filled with crime/dope.
Unemployment higher, the number in poverty has steadily grown,
While the Star in Chief golfing and entertaining electronically shown.
DNC as guilty pandering for our vote, dividing us up for control.
Were you elected to lead us forward, or was it all a role?
Promises made by those running to be elected,
After winning “We The People” are soon neglected.
Our IQ must seem low to you,
Recorded proof all said untrue,
Repeated and sworn to,
By all in plain view.
Not elected/connected/star/rich to name a few.
Laws for the poor,
Any penalty we pay more.
The FBI/DOJ doesn’t exonerate the guilty poor guy to.
We go to jail,
Unable to post bail,
In a system you agree does continue to fail,
Until dipping your hands deeply into the money filled pail.
Run for office, the highest in the land of the free,
Excludes the poor man, not the obviously guilty.
Our words disappear, Face Book removes your rights to your page.
PC’s the thing, limit truth from debate all the rage.
Media partners to conceal facts and truth from the allowed to think mind,
If “We The People” really mattered, few would be in such a bind.
Two party’s proven not working for “WE”,
The millions out of work/money/home/hope everywhere to see.
In War we divide to conquer our Republics enemy,
Never realizing it’s practiced daily on you and me.
Our freedom to speak is no longer allowed to be.
If your reading this now and repeat you’ll be called a liar,
Realize it folks, they all do conspire.
Complain and who next will hire,
The whistle blower they will fire.
Control your money, where and how you live,
At the cost of your soul another DEM vote you’ll foolishly give.
Not unite, something those in charge won’t forgive,
I know being poor, the agony from day to day surviving,
Only Wall Street and the rich are thriving.
Clinton’s broke, now wealthy, in just a few years,
As hungry American’s shed tears.
Hired lawyers/complicit aides not cleared to view secrets of state,
No connecter’s job did they eliminate.
What would be your fate?
You’d be Big O Bubba’s unwilling date.
I’m not saying the other, GOP, side is a better choice,
Neither hear your moneyless voice.
Trump’s outside the bubble,
His campaign to is filled with rubble.
With him our voices have a chance,
Our lives able to advance.
You can’t buy what’s not for sale,
That’s why both sides need him to fail.
He’ll expose the pork in bills,
Show “We The People” how to run a country with learned skills.
He’s spent his own hard earned cash,
While the others to Big Money’s ATM they all dash.
Our needs,
Not time share deeds.
For all,
Not who the powerful call.
For four years only if his words prove untrue,
Eight if the DEM’S Queen is ushered in by you.
Pay to play,
Or what “We The People” say?
It all depends on you this and every election day,
To elect leaders working for us, not our being prey.
THE MEEK seek unity from all mankind,
Proven plans to get humanity out of this needless grind.
Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom time is now,
Put Trump in office and we’ll show him how.
The other’s kept us and our plan’s out of your reach,
Remember honesty is not what leaders here or afar teach.
The world suffers to enrich only the few,
Keeping THE MEEK away from you,
Ensures their way,
Lasts beyond today.
Life as it sadly is for all,
Or enriched by the generation if you heed our call.
Their way passes on nothing good,
Ours ensures you’ll savor the one you should.
Work for all across the globe awaits,
Who next enters the White House gates.
If it’s anyone but Trump,
Life will stay in the dump.
So few have ever questioned/inquired of me,
Tried to debunk this video for all to see,
Put out free,
Proving how improved all lives will be.
Few read beyond Twitter’s limit today,
No media claim “He’s insane we say.”
No way it’s real,
To big of a deal.
Bound to fail,
A way to fill the poor man’s pail?
Lower the cost of all you buy,
Doesn’t help out the wealthy guy.
They need you to be needy,
No help for the greedy.
With THE MEEK overseeing every cent spent, and showing you why,
Is something you’ll never get from their gal or guy.
Choose a job you’d enjoy doing for ever,
Or elect one of them and mankind will advance never.
Trump’s hired before and knows how to plan to succeed,
THE MEEK onboard is all that he’ll need.
His skill,
“We The Peoples” will.
Will ensure/insure generations to come will cheer,
2017 was THE MEEK’S first year.
Life improved worldwide from there,
If you’d only care,
To get off your chair.
Vote them out of here,
In numbers to scare.
All future elected to fear,
It’s the fate they’ll share.
When “We The People” hear,
They chose Big Money to be near.
Either “We The People” come first,
Or billions continue to die of hunger and thirst.
Sign up is free,
Email me.
Share this for all to see,
You stand united with Sonny,
And a proud working member of “THE MEEK” you will be.
The life we were meant to live as a race,
Not the one now designed to keep you in place.
I’m easy to reach,
Happy to teach.
All of mankind belong on the winning side of life,
Join me on Twitter as we cause Big Money some strife.

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Join me on an undeniably rewarding Quest

WF3Sonny of THE MEEK
Owner- “THE MEEK“: “Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom” as creator, or voice, of and for all people. Thoughtfully named by myself alone to reflect- If you live on this planet together, why should false leaders divide, if not to conquer?

“THE MEEK” accepts all without hate from their signup. A willingness to work today together for the betterment of all mankind, and this amazing planet. Join me on an undeniably rewarding Quest if you will, enriching every man/women/child forevermore.

Fame of this, “THE MEEK” generation, ours. The one filled with recorded/repeated lies/oath breaking, and their needed division, will never be as revered, honored, cherished, needed as ours. As each generation prospers, as none before, through the fruits of our unity.

All together for first time in any recorded history’s, and all future generations shall flourish. Unlike today subsiding without nourish , unjustly denied by leaders, respond here why? The candidate running spouts out one thing to get elected, proves to be another after winning by “We The People” neglected.

Many, though less now then before current, had a chance to advance in life. Own a home regardless of color or creed or anything if you worked hard, saved, back then aloud to pray out loud. Not with this crowd. You named it PC. Sounds commie to me. I enlisted during Viet Nam, they called it an Era, to the citizens brave enough to risk it all, war is war. You were allowed to be patriotic, believed peace for any life worth your own. You all remember the grand welcome we all received, the spit, the spew of hate, found out last we all had been deceived. Lives were lost that should never have been, for want of truth.

Today, 2016, needless death is everywhere. Don’t blame those that serve the public good, military or law, you couldn’t possibly pay them enough to go against the public good, therefore it has to be the politicians.

Use your power, it’s the strongest on Earth here in America, your vote. If you want to live, vote for life for “We The People” as one. 2016’s election is the last one bought. The powers that be are now dealing with we.

They seek to crown “Queen Hillary”, who cries “Their after me”. it’s never she? Bernie’s people got the scoop, yet there he is on all media to see and hear him also covering up her poop.

Now Trump they all target from fear, their publicly funded vacations end is near. Even with the unscripted words from him we hear, in four years if not onboard “THE MEEK Plan” he’s out of here.

By 2020 we’ll be in control. That ninety-four million not working today will all have work they enjoying to do, not like today taking what you had to. Today’s two ruling/dueling party’s prove to one and all, they don’t adhere to “We The Peoples” call. Arguments arise when truth denied, the reason they’ve all lied. Vote as one and we’ll get “THE MEEK Plan” done.

Named “Operation Desert Bloom” video is five minutes, it gives overview of one part of the many plans waiting to start/hire today http://wp.me/p1tm1i-jq
Follow me there, Twitter, wpbf.com , email- sonnyofthemeek@hotmail.com , You Tube.

IN a Battle with Face Book over http://www.facebook.cosm/sonny.ofthemeek

I’ve had since 2011- Any help getting it back appreciated, it is my favorite right!

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Americans are Kept distracted

All Men Created Equal

All Men Created Equal

Americans are Kept distracted so we never stand together. Between Bias News, and to many Special Interests ( a polite word for Stick It To The People ), how can anyone know how to unite. I thought the voting process was the answer to fair government, to weed out the bad seed, yet people still vote them in. If the distractions not race today, its health care, war, what ever it takes to keep you and I left out of the land our family’s took away from the English. That promise of a better tomorrow. The land of the free, not of the unborn debtors! The home of the brave, not of those too afraid to speak. With justice and liberty for all still being debated.
Spread across a land once respected, and even feared, now used as collateral for debts not of our creation. The respect and dependence on one another, like morals and fairness, lost when I can not say. I too have been distracted and in all honesty not always following what is really going on. Thinking that working to raise my family meant they would not have to share the same burdens. That I, as my father and his before him had accomplished, would see to that. Now I’m helpless, and unable to be that man. Diminished, and distracted, and feeling very alone. Watching my fellow country man lose their jobs, their families home, their hope. People homeless, veterans suffering here and abroad. Women and children, the young and the old, still being victims in this now civilized land.

We fought hard to have a country with citizens the envy of all. No oppressors, led by our own. What happened? Is it all our fault for being distracted all these years. Has our voice been silent for far to long. Can you ask your neighbor, or should you be afraid to speak. I see on the news, and read on line, and in the papers remaining two versions of the truth.
To me Red is Red, White is White, and Blue is Blue. Like the colors of the flag I pledged allegiance to every morning in school as a kid. I placed my hand across my heart, and stood tall as I proudly sang out loud. Under God, was even allowed to be said then. The United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Not just words to me, something to believe in. Fought for with every ounce of strength. Desired. Now distracted.

Who to trust if not your own heart and soul. We all know right from wrong when we want to. Distractions have allowed that grey line to become prevalent. Look away from wrong doing or else you may have to be a true American. Doing your part, your share if you will. Sure it is the easy road, safer, after all who will stand with you. You have a family, or a friend, maybe even a pet. Who knows what else may be threatened if you stand up and say STOP. If your life depended on you doing the right thing, could you? Alone as it seems today. Are you ONE OF THE BRAVE? Do we have a right to live with out crime an sin? Will there be another day? Could we survive with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL? I don’t know, ask me later I’m too distracted.

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Trump and THE MEEK Plan?

Born in the Fifty’s, saw JFK die in the Sixty’s, enlisted in the Seventy’s as a young teen.
Papers, few channels of TV then, stage both live and movie, patriotism was always seen.
Brave citizens known proudly as reporters, risked all to be the peoples eyes, and ear.
Americans by birth or immigration, uncovering anything against the people, those of power don’t want you to hear.
Fear of discovery kept the powers that be in check, the people safe, the American way as it always shall be.
Sadly for them in 2016, replacements snuck in throughout were called out, exposing their conspiracy.
Candidates caught repeatedly going against their own recorded, by means today with clarity and sound, including both words and deed.
Views Casters, those they snuck in, edit truth, limit/omit for their masters, the powers that be need.
Paid to be their puppet, is it worth the soul to be complicit in needless death, and destruction the poor alone can never survive today.
Explain why all differ on who or what, is truly in the best interest of “We The People”, unless ulterior motives are in their way?
Blog/Face Book page/posts etc. are removed without your violating any of their written rules.
They divide and silence us to retain control, misinform, confuse the issues, bold barefacedly lie thinking you fools.
Thank them for putting over 94 million out of work and hope,
It gave them time to think, suffer, talk to each other also at the ends of their rope.
America has a longer, stronger for a reason, the United States.
Time to better the following generations fates.
Unite for them if not your own this very day,
It’s time “We The People” are no longer their prey.
Put Trump in now for the next four years to end the powers that be.
We’ll never accomplish it if they cheat the way in for their Hillary.
Ask Bernie supporters, as truth reveled the fix was in for the other side.
Is keeping those in control richer by the day something they can, or any American, can vote for Hillary with pride?
I’d love to see a women President, without whom (women) there’d be no life here to vote anyway.
Why not a deserving one with integrity enough to answer honestly today?
Not hide from what was once the peoples truth seekers, for over 275 days, yet sadly for the USA they all let her decree and flee.
We’d be in jail, unable to afford bail, not free like Hillary.
Justice has been recorded/scrubbed/removed for her and all connected, proof only America’s poor “MUST OBEY THE LAW!”
Off with their heads said by royalty before ISIS, their allowed creation, uniting us again today their fatal flaw.
United where? On a key board? Wasted Blog/Post to long to read?
We’ve become aware, speak to a few, unity’s not a want, it’s a need.
Some of you know me by this Sonny of THE MEEK, I’ve written under many a name.
Knowledgeable of the power of those that be to bring harm/reprisal on those I love or know the reason for fear, also never sought fame.
Enlisted to serve our Republic for the freedoms we so enjoyed as a young teen.
This is the saddest unnecessary suffering of our, the greatest Republic history has or will record, I’ve ever seen.
THE MEEK (Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom), have undisputed solutions for mankind to end suffering and strife everywhere.
Ready to hire millions to work at something they would enjoy, not one they took because there is nothing out there.
Keep you poor,
Your vote secure.
Generations to suffer for sure.
Unless you join us to demand more.
Today without THE MEEK life is sad,
Your chances for success very bad.
Crime is everywhere the wealthy don’t live.
Exist barely on the hand outs they give.
If you don’t care how unfairly your treated,
Let Donald Trump be defeated.
He’s out of the loop we know for certain,
It’s time the political stage had an open curtain.
Cameras roll full time with Trump everywhere today,
He’s promised all Bills passed by “We The Peoples” say!
Both sides fear the loss of money’s power,
Trump’s win will be your vote for valor.
Elections to come we’ll weed out the rest,
Their records and votes publicly the test.
Back room deals, money changing more than hands will end.
Public aware of every cent government will or has to spend.
Accountability public knowledge as founders intended,
Show both sides their “On our Dime” party’s ended.
POTUS has USA at almost 20 TRILLION in debt,
How many voters/non-voters now suffer and regret?
Burn once and you feel the pain,
Continuing to do so is by millions of you is very insane.
Don’t just sit it out and then dare to ever complain aloud,
When you’re the coward they count to be ruled by their wealthy crowd.
Voting is the ultimate weapon freedom depends upon for survival,
As for our thought process, no nation comes close to be a rival.
If you vote as one nation, one people, for what is just and right,
We can change history, realize a better future this election night.
“We The People” will have 4 years of house cleaning to do.
Term Limits prevent any elected from working for other than you.
All nations reside here, suffer alike, will prosper as never before,
THE MEEK have proven plans, work for millions, an America to restore.
Across the globe all will partake, as always thinkers will have plans, perhaps discover a cure.
Our beginning will guarantee expediential growth until all life secure.
Simple plans allowing costs for everything to go down for all,
Only if you join up to have leaders give THE MEEK a call.
Google me (sonnyofthemeek), THE MEEK and sadly see.
Years of deaths and needless suffering with no contact to me.
Not even to debunk the claims, guarantees, call my bluff,
Fighting for everyone alone is rough.
As Larry advised, “I’ll Get It Done”, I only ask you to stop the needless dieing?
I’m one man who won’t stop trying.
Every flood/drought/wild fire, Could be avoided in a simple way.
Readers stop after ten lines, You Tube short video I gave a try like others today.
A dog chases his tail, over a hundred thousand view.
Mine offering millions of jobs you’d like, very few.
Gave them all a try, even FOX, sent the video with some hope.
Any contact, reply, check if crazy guy, e-mail- nope.
How did our forefathers connect without today’s vast electronic array?
If I could use the same, perhaps there’s still hope this election day.
I can’t ride a horse and yell “The Fix Is In”
Most medias against us, we’ll that’s their sin.
I won’t “Tear it UP or Burn it Down to the ground”.
That’s not the way a true solution is found.
They united in our beginning for a better life for all.
Some feared involvement should our brave warriors fall.
Afraid to voice publicly their side,
As neighbor/relative/ someone died.
Fighting together for something many take for granted today,
If not for them what language would you read or say?
Unity world wide is “THE MEEK Plan“, America leading the way.
The land of my birth, where freedom became to be for all man, women and child.
The knowledge that leaders today saddle them with costs drive a thinking man wild.
Other than greed, no other reason exists for anyone to suffer life.
Plenty of space, with our plan an end to all unnecessary strife.
Video on You Tube only shows “Desert Bloom” in part,
As you see with your own eyes it is only the start.
Ending world hunger one answer there,
Proof it can take place everywhere.
Climate Change believers or not must all agree,
This is the only true solution there could ever be.
Crowded, unsafe, unlivable, unnecessarily created for control,
Housing and communities today where the elected/rich will never/ever stroll.
Will exist no more, none still poor, THE MEEK will insure,
New area’s growing every day so there’s always room for more.
The life you were meant to live,
Not the slums they give.
Safety for all will be assured for everyone, THE MEEK everywhere.
Help get the word out with a share.
Imagine life without struggle, dashed hopes, needless pain, sadness?
Then join THE MEEK and end this madness.
Follow me on Twitter to put us all to work and improve life,
RE-TWEET if your tired of all this needless strife.

Short Video you need to see- http://wp.me/p1tm1i-jq
Signup at sonnyofthemeek@hotmail.com – registry secret/secure.American Rose

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