The most out of touch boss in history

Remember this anyone?

Remember this anyone?

Democrats obey the master’s purse? Their media lackeys publicly state as fact, truth unimportant to minority voters, they’ll vote in Hillary without any doubt. Claim the other side ( I thought there was only one America) will stop the very handouts designed to keep us poor. If allowed to prosper, thought occurs.

Look around your hood, once populated with neighbors, now controlled by fear. Not imagined as those living in safe zones envision, daily occurrences consuming ones soul. What chance has a child to learn when the halls of learning are minefields, if not outright battlefields. Teachers afraid of the lawyers as well as the law breakers. Parents divided, many the fathers unknown. A sin once, when morals mattered, the people united against any evil. Excuses abound as well as blame, yet simple solutions ignored, no money in a cure, only continued treatments.

THE MEEK offered our government a “SIMPLE” plan to solve this, as those that follow us know, many cures. Schools, community, worship, final resting places unsafe the way it is now. No hope today for leadership to remember it is us they work for, no profit there, no loyalty towards “We The People” without money. Our money they spend on frivolities, leaving us to compare the price first/last and under them always. The boss suffers while the employees insure even their retirement is well paid.

I want us all to have that job, or any. Does your family deserve the best from you? To provide while their young and helpless? Ever feel like your failing, getting behind no matter how hard you try? Both sexes out of work in numbers to sad to print, never mind accept. If we didn’t unite back in time we’d be in the same boat as now, one that’s sinking, the helm out of control.
The luxury of ignoring today’s lack of concern for the citizen only belongs in those of low IQ. Nothing else makes sense. A fool and his money soon parted as true today as when it was written.

My wife controls the so called purse, the paying of those bills needless sky high, to OK the occasional pizza or treat. No citizen paid card to use at the casino, and more today collecting food stamps under Obama’s Ideal driven agenda. Party first/last and always. Strange we have two sides supposedly working for our betterment and they seldom agree. Imagine parents raising the next generation followed their broken model. It should be easy to do. Your living it now. The most out of touch boss in history.

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If they left you alone, You’d be skinned to the bone.

Blacks killing their own increasing over the Obama Super Star in Chief years,
Thousands living substandard lives for generations shedding unseen tears.
Politicians never live in the hood,
Many never visiting as they should.
A man of color elected,
Forgetting those already neglected.
Kept poor,
To insure,
Who your voting for.
Collect evermore,
Stop your thinking for sure,
Or payment ends if their sore.
Schools useless when fear stops all thought,
Places of worship robbed and followers fought.
Streets belong to gangs as do every citizens home,
Like animals among human beings they freely roam.
Everyone of them, someone’s family member they fear,
Afraid to stop them alone as no help is near.
All afraid of a few,
Yes I’m talking to you.
Good at heart,
Outnumber the bad part.
Grow a pair,
Throw them all out-a-here.
Don’t blame the cop,
When your afraid to stop.
If they left you alone,
You’d be skinned to the bone.
Keep on standing by,
Continue to die.
Unite to fight,

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Obama’s “Damning us, the USA’S future generations, now the land of the Freeloader”

Obama’s “Damning us, the USA’S future generations, the land of the Freeloader”

Protestors seem to agree that they want life to be fair for all men. Some patient, some unruly, but all within their rights. Our rights are never to be taken lightly. Freedom is as close to peace as any civilization has achieved. America is indeed unique, and understandably both envied, and hated. We appear to the world to have achieved their wildest dreams. Unimaginable to multitudes across the globe. Died for. While we give them away.

All Men Created Equal

All Men Created Equal

Those died for freedoms there, along with disregard for those that gave, and still risk all here unimportant to you. Your needs, wants, desires first, your country last.
There will be none if one allowed to be removed.

Your day to day existence is not any leaders first priority today, or at any time recorded. Power ensures poverty. A hand held out seldom turns to fist. Why bother if handout might stop. The truth is sad. Control you, rule the world. If allowed to prosper, thinking occurs. Those brave or intelligent enough number few, as courage disappeared from the peoples heart government delighted, prospered, grew. Hero’s are always outnumbered, but surrounded by comrades in arms. You’d have to be there to fully understand battle. Your buddy’s head exploded yards from you and his fellow freedom insurers.

Neighborhoods across this land have similar deaths. You qualify if imprisoned in “THE HOOD”, or the surrounding area. Schooling useless when fear fills the halls of learning, prayer never stopped the burning of any house of worship. Women, children, elderly, innocents all assaulted more often today in a supposedly civilized society. Ninety plus percent of you, the reader of this so far, are cowards. Prove me wrong by getting involved in insuring future leaders represent “We The People” and not their current masters. Income equality unfair their claim. One law for the poor and another exists for the rich/connected for sure. Were the masters if you’ve forgotten.

Children popping out in numbers so high among single women without fathers bearing responsibilities acceptable today, ignoring future generations, damning them at birth. Damning us, the USA, the land of the freeloader. Not my responsibility, let another bare your cost, too busy surviving, the excuses are legend. The result is places in the news, Baltimore today, Any Where in America next. Anyone tire of repeats? You hate it on TV while living it in the reality ignored. I ask any still reading, “Why is the candidate running, never the same once elected”? Also; “What are you willing to give of yourself before expecting it to be another’s cost”?

Follow me if your ready for life as it should be rather than the one future generations will sadly see.

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Obama allows gangs to tear America apart?

Obama allows gangs to tear America apart?

Coming from Chicago one must know the direct result of gang violence on that city alone, so why no action to end their evil reign? Sharpton, the fake Rev, has never entered the battleground himself, opting to march and speak in safe neighborhoods. Why? Why do American’s stand-by as hundreds of thousands street thugs tear family’s apart? Cowardice? Now gangs threaten to kill law enforcement in Baltimore, riot, unafraid?

The first President with racial knowledge unlike any of his predecessors, only concerned for his parties needs, climate control, being a super star. Not our nations hero tackling real citizens plight, rather bash a nation once revered. Babies, children, women, men killed hourly by gang violence, and the Earth gaining less than one degree given his power and attention over the needless funerals. Who cares for the citizen hiding inside, the student unable to learn and earn, the men and women victimized? If our leader cares not, what hope have the people?

Billions wasted on pet projects, vote buying, campaigning, and law enforcement, military spending slashed. Every tax dollar taken from “We The People” spent on their agendas, not our salvation. Millions of legal citizens out of work and hope, as those breaking our laws funded fully, medical as well. The melting pot, now in meltdown. As Americans we deserve leadership, not arrogance. Citizens die, suffer indignity, and golf, fundraising alive and well for Obama, as well as most elected. Clinton seeks 2.5 billion to purchase throne Obama established.

Our forefathers roll in graves, our servicemen and women lost life, limb, and sadly their minds ensuring America remained free. What have any of you done for freedom? Vote? Marched for honesty to return to leadership? Or let it be another’s cost, not my problem, I have my own problems? People are fast to record on phones etc. as things occur, but standby watching, not helping put an end to it all. Are you a stander-by?

I am banned from Facebook, suspended by Twitter whenever post is against our lack of leadership or about their crimes against “We The People”. So be it. Their loss of integrity part of the problem “We The People” face. The disappearance of the once noble. for “We The People”, true and unafraid news reporter, replaced with party minded “Views Casters”. What say you?

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Knock-Knock- Who hides where?

Knock-Knock- Who hides where?

To harbor criminals is against US law punishable by no one today? OK for billions of dollars to fill bank accounts illegally? The safety of our neighborhoods, schools, people in jeopardy across the nation, ignored for profit? The dollar outweighs human life? Elected ignore for vote, president decree overturns rule of law, we the people suffer across the board. Schools overcrowded, health care costs sky rocket, our citizens suffering ignored. Who lives here and where a mystery?

As a citizen, the law must be obeyed if not rich, connected, or elected? America? Other nation’s arrest, return, cast out those that enter either illegally, or those who’s purpose is to wreck havoc, break their laws. Today, no one knows their neighbor. Who resides where, US census was supposed to show and be accurate as to details, a safe guard for our citizen’s. Not kept secret to insure political aspirations of those opposed to our constitution, law.
No enforcement equals destruction of society, the death and harm to citizenry.

Extremists, criminals blend into neighborhood found after harm done more often than before they harm, who is their land lord? Who rents, sells safe harbor for the millions we know are here now? Ill gotten gains OK today? Is profit for them worth your life? Do these criminals share the wealth, or amass a fortune at the citizens peril? We can’t collect from the criminally here when they harm one of us, so why is it OK for land lord’s? Every day, week, month, year, millions of criminals pay big dollars for ignorance of US law. Elected bank from groups supporting them, business/land lords profit, only the legal citizen suffers their abuse.

Today lies are told boldly by elected knowing not enough listen or care. Why is it the candidate with promises not the same one once elected? As soon as the vote is tallied and confirmed, presto-change-o we get Obama and party want first, the people never. Any reader know a poor elected? Millions now turn to billions to get our vote insuring none of us poor folk have a chance. Hillary seeks 2.5 billion to buy vote today, others seek money to compete, we become poorer. Unborn generation must foot their bill, the dead must pay again to insure elected prosper. America? Not the one we the poor people die to insure freedom for all. Elected don’t die on battlefield, poor citizens do.

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Cry today for all who keep you free

Uncle Sam kneeling in prayerCry today for all who keep you free,
Now gone from our common enemy.
Either law or war,
They protect our shore.
Lives willingly given to insure our nations safe today,
As you go about your lives without thought to say,
Thank you one and all for stopping those that prey.
Not a day passes without disrespect for both shown to all,
Praised, followed, destroy for today’s medias call.
No daily post of those deceased allowing them air time to divide,
Lost to many, our nations pride.
Teachers preach dissent, praise unrest,
Politicians lie, truth they detest.
Citizen’s must follow law,
President boldly says for his choice of criminal now ignore.
Constitution elected allow to be ignored,
As awake citizens deplored.
Yet suffering unheard are those who allow their lives to end for you,
Their blood the Red with White and Blue.
And you do nothing to help them save you and yours,
Too busy with your own selfish chores.
Your free at a cost to another,
Show love to your brave brother.
Stand with and assist,
Don’t mock or resist.
Turn in all doing wrong,
Together we are strong.
When evils gone for good,
Easy will rest the souls of those that stood,
To make safe your neighborhood.

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I ask Facebook- Why give terrorists my true name/location?

Facebook wants ISIS/Terrorists to finally find me, by removing my “Sonny of THE MEEK” page with almost 1,700 friends, unless I revel my true name and location. With my videos against terror posted on FB and You Tube, many attempts made during game play on their site to ask where I live etc. have failed to silence my voice. Example- – Do the math, how many over the years since published, seek to silence me?

Facebook will not assume any responsibility for harm to any on their site do to revealing of our names and towns etc. to date. Now they insist we reveal for all to see, and harm, to continue using site we built up over years. No friends in the beginning unless we request them. Over time we accept requests from like minded Americans, and around the world today. Perhaps this is why?

Today, removal from many sites common practice by those fearing either unity or truth. Guidelines prevent misuse/abuse as all agree. To violate grounds and be removed acceptable by all thinking minds. To silence, grounds for lawsuit? If Facebook controlled by the powerful, what chance has the 99%? Russian broadcasters only voice leader approved, as do many lands not of the free, and as we in America see daily, here now. Views casters replaced once noble reporter for truth and justice. Many versions tainted, portrayed as truth, used to divide for power in place.

Sonny of THE MEEK is not a lone voice silenced, rather one of the many online seeking a better future than offered by today’s so called leaders. One brave enough to challenge terrorists both abroad, and yes, here in America. To give my/our location to them suicide, as well as endangering those around us. Behind this move is control, and editing who may voice their beliefs.

I ask Facebook to replace my page until the content violates their guidelines- , other than having to place a target on either myself, or any other, by giving enemy true name/location. Please share if you agree.

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