Knock-Knock- Who hides where?

Knock-Knock- Who hides where?

To harbor criminals is against US law punishable by no one today? OK for billions of dollars to fill bank accounts illegally? The safety of our neighborhoods, schools, people in jeopardy across the nation, ignored for profit? The dollar outweighs human life? Elected ignore for vote, president decree overturns rule of law, we the people suffer across the board. Schools overcrowded, health care costs sky rocket, our citizens suffering ignored. Who lives here and where a mystery?

As a citizen, the law must be obeyed if not rich, connected, or elected? America? Other nation’s arrest, return, cast out those that enter either illegally, or those who’s purpose is to wreck havoc, break their laws. Today, no one knows their neighbor. Who resides where, US census was supposed to show and be accurate as to details, a safe guard for our citizen’s. Not kept secret to insure political aspirations of those opposed to our constitution, law.
No enforcement equals destruction of society, the death and harm to citizenry.

Extremists, criminals blend into neighborhood found after harm done more often than before they harm, who is their land lord? Who rents, sells safe harbor for the millions we know are here now? Ill gotten gains OK today? Is profit for them worth your life? Do these criminals share the wealth, or amass a fortune at the citizens peril? We can’t collect from the criminally here when they harm one of us, so why is it OK for land lord’s? Every day, week, month, year, millions of criminals pay big dollars for ignorance of US law. Elected bank from groups supporting them, business/land lords profit, only the legal citizen suffers their abuse.

Today lies are told boldly by elected knowing not enough listen or care. Why is it the candidate with promises not the same one once elected? As soon as the vote is tallied and confirmed, presto-change-o we get Obama and party want first, the people never. Any reader know a poor elected? Millions now turn to billions to get our vote insuring none of us poor folk have a chance. Hillary seeks 2.5 billion to buy vote today, others seek money to compete, we become poorer. Unborn generation must foot their bill, the dead must pay again to insure elected prosper. America? Not the one we the poor people die to insure freedom for all. Elected don’t die on battlefield, poor citizens do.

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Cry today for all who keep you free

Uncle Sam kneeling in prayerCry today for all who keep you free,
Now gone from our common enemy.
Either law or war,
They protect our shore.
Lives willingly given to insure our nations safe today,
As you go about your lives without thought to say,
Thank you one and all for stopping those that prey.
Not a day passes without disrespect for both shown to all,
Praised, followed, destroy for today’s medias call.
No daily post of those deceased allowing them air time to divide,
Lost to many, our nations pride.
Teachers preach dissent, praise unrest,
Politicians lie, truth they detest.
Citizen’s must follow law,
President boldly says for his choice of criminal now ignore.
Constitution elected allow to be ignored,
As awake citizens deplored.
Yet suffering unheard are those who allow their lives to end for you,
Their blood the Red with White and Blue.
And you do nothing to help them save you and yours,
Too busy with your own selfish chores.
Your free at a cost to another,
Show love to your brave brother.
Stand with and assist,
Don’t mock or resist.
Turn in all doing wrong,
Together we are strong.
When evils gone for good,
Easy will rest the souls of those that stood,
To make safe your neighborhood.

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I ask Facebook- Why give terrorists my true name/location?

Facebook wants ISIS/Terrorists to finally find me, by removing my “Sonny of THE MEEK” page with almost 1,700 friends, unless I revel my true name and location. With my videos against terror posted on FB and You Tube, many attempts made during game play on their site to ask where I live etc. have failed to silence my voice. Example- – Do the math, how many over the years since published, seek to silence me?

Facebook will not assume any responsibility for harm to any on their site do to revealing of our names and towns etc. to date. Now they insist we reveal for all to see, and harm, to continue using site we built up over years. No friends in the beginning unless we request them. Over time we accept requests from like minded Americans, and around the world today. Perhaps this is why?

Today, removal from many sites common practice by those fearing either unity or truth. Guidelines prevent misuse/abuse as all agree. To violate grounds and be removed acceptable by all thinking minds. To silence, grounds for lawsuit? If Facebook controlled by the powerful, what chance has the 99%? Russian broadcasters only voice leader approved, as do many lands not of the free, and as we in America see daily, here now. Views casters replaced once noble reporter for truth and justice. Many versions tainted, portrayed as truth, used to divide for power in place.

Sonny of THE MEEK is not a lone voice silenced, rather one of the many online seeking a better future than offered by today’s so called leaders. One brave enough to challenge terrorists both abroad, and yes, here in America. To give my/our location to them suicide, as well as endangering those around us. Behind this move is control, and editing who may voice their beliefs.

I ask Facebook to replace my page until the content violates their guidelines- , other than having to place a target on either myself, or any other, by giving enemy true name/location. Please share if you agree.

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Attention Earthlings 2015

Attention Earthlings 2015

If you were born on Earth, have led a fairly just life, sign up to claim your inheritance. “THE MEEK” open enrollment starts January 1, 2015 across the globe. Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom.

Why now? Look around your land and understanding will arrive. We suffer due to failed leadership, greed, and multitudes of crimes. The reasons would fill volumes, proving why unity of all men, has been prevented throughout history recorded. Not all TRUTH ever told, or allowed, until the web. Now THE MEEK Inherit the Earth as our birth right.

Your strength is feared in every nation on our shared planet. The people, THE MEEK, unstoppable. Together life for all, not connected few, will see the end of poverty, among many easy to fix problems affecting all mankind. Sharing, not charging for solutions as exists today. When all live well, so does our planet. One planet, one race, for evermore. Improving one generation after another closer to our goal, world peace. A time man dies naturally.

Nature will take it’s toll if left un-helped, but no man will die by another. We outnumber the evil by ninety nine percent, if not higher. Yet you hide? Leave it to another to stop, let it be their cost for your freedom. Your family broken today across the lands adds to isolation of society. Division a tactic used by so called leaders by any name. Pick a subject, race, religion etc., the results the same, no unity. They unite, you suffer. Why?

The price is paid by you and those around us, they live well. That’s OK. Some will always have more, nothing wrong with honest earnings based on one’s own drive. Some build what others inhabit, as THE MEEK will. We will see many benefits in our own lifetimes immediately. Skills of man known today have no limit to their numbers, we design by the second. Innovations are kept secret now for various wrong reasons. Soon shared by all mankind.

“We The People” once represented the power to keep greed/money from our rule. Not for decades had this been permitted when citizens first united on these shores they named America. JV team as our ruler would call them if King back then, instead of now. Gone today, the truth in presidency from blood soaked land. Two party system that argues over the good for “We The People”, proof of their self first failed leadership.
“We the People” are to lead THE MEEK into the un-free world by example. Our forefathers envisioned a world today of prosperity not only for America, but civilization. Why then suffer the masses? Here or anywhere? Hundreds of years and still in development? Time to switch their approach to ours, the citizens of every land. Not an overthrow, enlightenment, our birth right.

However birth is viewed by the religious, or the non believer, none may deny it is free. Why not allowed to remain so? Selfishness, cowardice, fear, or the stronger feeling of helplessness? Alone all life is hardship. THE MEEK exist in all men’s hearts, minds, and if you believe, souls. That nagging voice inside as you do act untrue, perhaps a sign you too are of THE MEEK. You’d stand with another for right, if not for fear of being outnumbered, or sued today.

The criminal has the same rights as you under the law you obey, he uses it to get around truth of action or misdeed. Law is needed. Order/safety requires its implementation. Few volunteer paid or not to protect the many. Many ignore their importance/necessity. Even fewer come to their aide. How many crimes have you reported? How many do you ignore around you and yours?

Gangs are a prime example of good humans swallowed up by evil. Stop the PC today. A stain is a stain. Fake Revs, elected talk, young lives the cost. Remember the broken family above, many innocents lay below the earth part of the cost. Life’s demands prevent both, if not one parent to be on hand role model. School system worried about the dollars books, out of date technology, greed, to teach generation ahead of them from early on. Children lean everything bad from someone older, not wiser. We have solution no elected will promote. Why?

Lives and billions of dollars lost due to floods, drought, energy loss or cost. Why? Water can be everywhere. Control and direct anyplace need arises. Work for countless millions across America, and the globe, denied by elected and media today. Ask them why. Is it a surprise rivers flood each year. Rain falls? Wild fires need a true solution, not dropping water from the sky, having it on hand to prevent. Imagine the irrigation implementations alone to end world hunger, poverty, disease. Create life instead of letting it wither away. Look at California today.

Too long is soon too much for many in today’s Twitter-verse, contact Sonny of THE MEEK to discuss. Short video

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Why Innocent’s Die For Lie

erupt1Babies teach more than man imagines. Sadly their taught by those grown, and their ways. Can any here deny hatred, prejudices, envy along with far to many other evils, you taught?
Not everyone, those without truth. The innocence, that must return smile, the uncontrollable tear, that feeling inside they create we destroy. Why? How many centuries of our history recorded are filled with peace, compared to unrest and needless death? Top of the chain because we have a brain? Babies do, how many they kill? Everything around them accepted as what they are, not labeled. Ever hear a child ask before playing with another “What neighborhood are you from?”. Or, “ My God needs me to do his killing because he needs a mortals help?”.

Answer’s no to all. We take Peace from them shortly after, sadly today before, they start life. They all get along without us, better than some with themselves, in the grown up world. No baby ever abandoned it’s mother or father, made them suffer, taught them evil.
Ever see one piece of evidence that this God version is so weak he needed help from man to kill other babies? Their family, friends, entire race? Video’s of everything today, why not one proving this God actually speaks to these men? Bible had tablet’s they say, no cell phone or camera’s to record back then, so doubts permissible. What’s their excuse today?

Watch me cut off a head, look how strong I am to the weak and poor. I kill my own, because they don’t worship my weak God needing my help, or are collateral damage.
I don’t practice what preach, instead get foolish believer to strap on my bomb, I keep money from spoils. Such an honor to die for weak God, why do they not cut the line to be first? Is their two Allah’s? If only one and he OK”S other innocent true believer’s of his to die, so maybe three hated, and ten loved by Allah die, why? If loved and lead life as asked, why OK? OK with you I mean. Only a man claiming without proof say so, why then not ask, watch loved one‘s suffer and die?

Fear? Of man who claim, or of doing something to stop. My writing this today has been grounds for death and threats to many who ask for truth. I say put away fear if their God not kill me themselves. Video all believe show truth most times to eye’s unless fiction. My video put out years ago on You Tube now speaks volumes of TRUTH for all to witness.
I said the same thing then as above, “If your God is God have me killed before we get OBL. Not by one of this man or that’s henchmen’s/foolish believer, their God alone. This should be as nothing to one that is GOD. Correct?”. I’m still hear and what proof have they?

Leader’s fail citizen’s on every land, this we see and sadly live. They to order men to do their killing. We get to die and they get what, Peace? What peace do non humans as ISIS bring to anyone’s world, or offer? They win and you will be happy? Live life Allah gave you in fear? Say goodbye loved one’s until none left to cry tear? What would Allah want you to do? Help by not stopping his innocent’s dieing because man with gun say his God OK with their deaths? Truth will prevail in time, will you? Ask for proof? Demand proof. Or innocent’s continue to die if you foolish enough to believe without. Which God real and stronger? More loving than your Allah, compared to some man with out proofs God?

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One hour to take back America from Golfer

Eagle specialThe time to end tax payer funded DC Party’s is now, 2014, return America to it’s citizen’s. The proof existing two PARTY system works best for them, and not at all for you, is in your empty pockets. Reach inside all you want, it will not magically appear, and DC takes before you decide. Our employees tell us what they will, not accountably, spend on their needs. Name a month no fund raiser occurred? Money keeps that CHANGE one voice on fire, who turned out to be liar, from ever happening. Don’t rock the boat citizens funds keep afloat?

Attack ads on their own, the other side, neither on yours. Voters base their only HOPE, the power of their vote, on what their told in place of fact. Admit it, ads sell useless products as well beneficial, by the ad alone is a gamble at best. You’ll research electronics etc, Google anything, but elect best ad? How’d that work out these last two? Kick the can down the homeless road now? Do you have anything but change in your income going downward? Working and saving for that rainy day? Health scare, not care, now you must fear the cost.

If DC Party‘s, DEM/GOP/Power behind both, can’t agree what is really of need/benefit to “We The People”, ask yourself why. If they were parents to citizen’s, all would agree quickly, act swiftly for the good of all. Are we orphans, wards, prisoners of some Machiavellian state? United States implies unity, where’s ours? Online we number in the billions, great for video world, useless almost in reality. I said almost for a reason, your reading this now, I’d be like them if I left truth out.

Truth. Now there’s a word all have a problem with, never lie? I have. Harder to remember, cover up, be believed by thinking minds. Benghazi, prime example, why the video lie? Easier to admit we got caught with someone not doing his or her job, or blind sided. Less words. Uncomfortable as it may be, totally believable with ranks overgrown in time. Obama lied, many tried to hide, none with any pride. Obama admits he has none for America, the left prove it by aiding and abetting, the rich don’t actually care. Wall Streets on fire, income inequality actually their choice to voice. Strange those elected with the most wealth, feign concern, for the very one’s they keep poor.

Hyphens divide a nation into sub groups, almost species, if you realize true intent. African Americans are prime example of control by alienation, need, planed division. Wonder why un-employment so high for the youth? Why almost as if herded into pens/projects/community housing instead of their own homes? Unrest pays big dividends to controlling forces, war 101, divide & conquer. Have them blame any whites but elected or fake ass reverends. Battle in the streets & stay away from prosperity or you’ll vote with your brain. Not limited to any one race are these? Illegal controversy now adds fuel to their needed camp fire. If work is hard today, wait till after amnesty!

Fear. Another word all know, some more than other’s, very few without. I enlisted during Nam because friends in the grade ahead were killed by America’s enemy. Early teens, fear I had, but America needed us, those free because someone died. I hid it away, did my part, had many a visit with fear.
Fear’s here as I type. They have power, I’m older, have family now to be concerned for. Same with most of you. Hidden in web land under our clever names, some real, some strange feeling somewhat safe. NSA & a lot of lettered outfits prove differently now. Hence this post, America needs us.

I go by Sonny of THE MEEK, Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom. I speak of one race, no hyphens, our Human Race.
Unlike the United Nations filled with rich, were here to insure the end of poverty for all the world’s poor. That’s 99%. Our concerns a much larger audience, theirs all selfish, ours all sharing. Not commies or socialists etc failed examples of what not to do, the one’s doing the dieing needlessly. If the UN wanted peace we could have it today, if people chose leaders, we would have it now.

Did you fail to use your power of the vote in any election? Sat on your ass letting them buy election again, or thought it made no difference? They count on this and that division mentioned above. How did they thank you? They screwed your fellow citizen. Use it or lose it next election! Every right you lose may have cost someone else their life insuring. Vote with knowledge of true facts, double check every point of concern. Help promote attention to falsehoods. Get out the vote for someone new, unsoiled, uncorrupted by those in power now. Face it if any of them were on our side, they’d expose all sides misdeeds. Know of any today?

New blood needed for restoring America, employing our citizen’s, putting more than spare change in our pockets. Willing whistle blower’s, to clean out the vermin overrunning DC. Not funded by PACS, wacko’s, or lobbyists. Free of debt to any that would work against the people as we see far to rampant now. Stay hidden if you must, but use this keyboard to spread their name etc. For those as myself able to put their fear aside, step out doors, assemble peacefully everywhere. Reach out for the next group until all our hands unite.

I’ll tell you their fear. That you may listen to one as me and dare to unify. Like a rainbow of colors, their pot of gold disappears, when the light shines bright after storm we brew. Rumble loudly together, and send a thunderclap of hands clapping as one. Stand in the roadways chocking off their escape routes. Those are our gates surrounding The People’s House. We built those roads leading up and away from White House. We died for the very freedoms they usurp. One day of citizen/voter unity and believe me, we will have all of those now elected one’s complete attention.

Many calls for marches occur, some attract a few, some a tad more, ours needs to be all inclusive as our Republic. THE MEEK, know for fact that simple solutions exist for most of our ills. This Rally must also be very simple. To be honest if it wasn’t, like that vote many failed to use, this to would be neglected. America is huge, impossible for all to see the fear in DC’s beady eye’s, so why go there amass? If you stood in the streets, squares, parks, public buildings etc near you, we’d be heard. Guaranteed! Not much effort on your part required.

Your some place to begin with anyway, I only ask you to stand together there,
One hour on a given day. The world will see American’s uniting across this great nation as never before. Today’s technologies allow them to view our people from their own troubled lands. Let American citizens show them the way to freedom from oppression all suffer in some form. Media Circus will ensure none miss our victory! Even theirs will be overwhelmed by truth of numbers even they could never deny. One hour for the rest of your life’s freedom. No bullets etc to face, only those around you now, a stand in war!
Law enforcement comprised of our friends and family to begin with will be on the peoples side. As my fellow Vets and those serving today.

Simple enough for you? One hour’s time too much to ask? Think of what you’ve read here and feel free to inquire of me anything needing clarification.
Stop the world for an hour with THE MEEK and all you see, the reward is great, your risk is none. Let us decide on the date together to shatter their thought control. Peacefully, swiftly, simply!

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America- Work For All Stalled by DC – “THE MEEK Plan” – Desert Bloom

Solutions to Poverty/Drought/Flood/Famine & more for US & World-
Millions of jobs on DC Stall!
Full plans ready and sent to Admin over five years ignored- Call elected if you want to see America work and grow again-I put Pictures to show those who haven’t time to read plan, or laws, posted many times before- Tampa, Fl gets fresh water same way as in our plan.

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