YO OBUMA- Open your windows and hear what “WE THE PEOPLE” will have to say.

Barry and holder crime photoOwn the Court to rule the land.
Now I understand what Ob’s got planned.
No 60 majority if constitution matters to you.
Eliminate obstacles to changing from the red white and blue,
To your new ORDERS with the stroke of a pen,
That world you now not so secretively yen!
Kennedy praised the poet for open rule,
He knew we’d be unafraid of such a fool.
We ink what hearts and thinking brains composed,
To prove facts not what you hoped most supposed.
To be thought a new chance to leave the old guard behind,
They elected a snake charmer to police his own kind.
Under every rock, in all online forums, yours slither around,
Taking down truth whenever it is found!
Your plans are doomed to fail as you see we are awake.
It is your side not ours in Gucci boots with feet that shake.
Our numbers Legion, we are the people, the true power here.
I can understand your well warranted fear.
You know were coming, it’s when that causes you grief,
Will it be ahead of your plan to cover overthrow, as needed for relief?
Our kin, America’s servicemen, work for “WE THE PEOPLE” not you.
A fact, also behind your thinking them yours, after removing a few.
You called Bush anti American with his debt, and you tripled it in five years.
That and what would happen if allowed three more, leads to fears.
Not for myself, rather for you and your losing team of traitors, not lasting.
I’m worried your pushing too many buttons, and some will come blasting.
If we had a news service, you’d surrender, before a single body has to fall.
I’d hate for the world to see our shame not trying you all.
You promised transparency while raising the “Cone of Silence” and “LIE”!
Step down now, pack up all your ill gotten gain, take the flock and fly.
America beaten foes that mock you now as they see you fail as they did to.
So please leave “THE PEOPLES HOUSE” before we come to evict you!
This is no threat, no warning before a strike,
I’m just being American to even one I do not like.
We have compassion, you have conspirators, we will let you all live.
Now I speak for myself by adding I’ll not forget or forgive.
My nation is amazing in it’s acceptance of all the worlds seekers of peace.
I know in my heart that will begin when this sad kings reign does cease.
Your kind denied mankind for the final time it‘s right to the life ,
First we remove you, fix America, then lead the world out of needless strife.
We shall lead the way along the right path for all, not the moneyed few.
Once again we wave our flag, praise God, earn our Red Whit and Blue.
What our ancestors started, dared to dream, shall be advanced this New Years Day.
Open your windows and hear what “WE THE PEOPLE” will have to say.
As the new day dawns on January 1, arrangements for moving out should me made.
You knew this day was coming, added SS protection for life, so end the charade.

CLICK LINK HERE FOR DETAILS- http://wp.me/p1tm1i-eH


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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1 Response to YO OBUMA- Open your windows and hear what “WE THE PEOPLE” will have to say.

  1. keith sayegh says:

    I am a man just passing thru from one dimension to another that is true! I am a child of the Living God. I am a Christian!!!

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