Old Vet watching VP Debate

Old Vet watching VP Debate=
Pence is the Eagle of America
Kaine is the Parrot of Clinton
Eagle special

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Mark Zuckerberg- Let the Battle Begin

Face Books owner, Mark Zuckerberg , publicly backs Hillary Clinton and blocks access to pages like mine now. I can’t speak as to reasons for other patriotic, yet opposed to his political views, pages denied, only my own.

First is a claim to produce legal proof of my actual identity to use my account, I complied. Less than twenty-four hours after first sign in after lengthy delay removed again. No violation ever of any posted rules, only opposing views of his candidate of choice, seems unfair.

I then submitted my state driving license, my voter ID card, and most importantly my United States Military ID. Proof I served to protect one of the very rights he denies, my freedom of speech. If not for those of us risking all, would a Face Book exist? Other lands silence the people’s voice, opposite views, the freedom to openly assemble, speak out loud, not America.

What reliable media we still have show I am not alone. Thanks to the soon to be given away control of the internet, Zuckerberg is not the only culprit, but that is another battle to be won at a latter time. He’s wealthy beyond most of our Republic’s citizen’s dreams these trying days, a formidable foe indeed. Legions of lawyers, layers of protection, legal mumbo jumbo designed to scare away the average man. They insure very few could afford the cost to fight back, never a chance for us poor to win.

Their mistake is though empty as my pockets are, my souls not for sale, nor my desire for freedoms died for to be stronger than any USA foe. As a young teen I enlisted during the Viet Nam Era, not drafted, deferred, or dodging my nation’s need. I am a soul surviving heir, the last of my line, a legitimate out. Before you go there, perfectible sane, just patriotic. A sense of duty, an honor, a risk.

Same here, only death’s off the table, and the enemy is just as cunning in this battle for freedom. Worse yet, he’s on our soil, in the home of the brave. Infiltrators, not in tunnels or trees as in Nam so many faced, in control of what American’s can see or say today. Insidious as any foe of freedom, well funded, backed by other’s of like mind. Their goal the same, to end the American Way.

If we could talk to warriors long ago, or sadly dieing today, what would they say? How would they view this America of today? Veterans dieing waiting for the VA to care, twenty-two suicides reportedly each and every day, homeless, jobless, forgotten. Fired for knowing what to do, by those with their own idealistic view, ignored by the majority of you. Shame to go around, blame to all ignoring their needless strife, if their sacrifices not valued by all. If they still give all, gave all, and you allowed those freedoms to be removed, what’s next for America?

Where will you go? The American Way is every other nations suffering citizenry’s dream! Our Republic is unique, envied, once fully respected by all. It was the care of America, never the fear, that our people united against tyranny and won. Freedom for all, not a chosen few, an unimaginable feat, the few defeated the many. The powers that be lost! A ragtag group defeated an empire! We won, they lost, the world took notice.

We took that same spirit to their lands, freed them, still do, until now without doubt they could count on America for salvation. What changed? When? Why now the needed worry that all changed? The disrespect? The unchallenged aggressors? Not the people? I wonder? I despair. I cry. Who took over our nation while I was busy working, raising my young, distracted from my duty? To serve and protect an oath, taken before God, sworn to by me not only willingly, eagerly, for eternity. Like a Rip Van Winkle asleep?

Excuses are like farts, all different, all stink. There’s a smell in the air today, and on air/cable/web, are you making them to? Views Casters replace the once honorable Newsmen of our past. Truth defeats the enemy, division insures a win, lies now common place with recorded proof. Not much if any help there. So what do we do? No one’s asking you to go to war, only to either defend or respect those freedoms we did, and sadly still do. You have the greatest power of all, your vote, it’s unbeatable if used.

The denial of rights by Zuckerberg, and his Face Book, help them to control information. What you see, is what you get in your head at election times, that buys them the vote. When your taught red is green, up is down, you vote their way. Kept poor prevents the ability to learn, to reason, to know fact from their fiction. It works. Look around you, told we’re doing great, do you see it? Stir up one against another and they insure unity is but a myth. Your controllable, predictable, defeat able. United as one, their greatest fear.

I am one, with you in mind united, so I’ll battle on for the future generations to come. Unafraid to do battle once again, just a bit older than the teen who swore that oath. I will get my page back, keep posting everywhere else, for those freedoms slipping away. They’ll take them down, remove them from your sight. Their afraid of the light turning onto those in the shadows, those in the background controlling the power’s that be today, worried you may join up with me. Worse for them still the fact that some will Re-Tweet, Share, Post this or support in some way like getting out the vote. I’m a tired old Vet who hasn’t, and won’t quit yet to fight for our freedoms to remain intact.a-we-the-people

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Am I old and confused? Born in the Fifties- believed in our leaders until now. Enlisted during Nam – grew up watching Patriots and programming filled with morals and values I agreed with whole heartedly. Had a rough childhood as most back then. Pay was lower but bought more. We knew the names of most the neighbors, and helped each other out. No one wore bombs in the name of religion. Politicians were tarred and feathered back when WE HAD REAL NEWS REPORTERS. Evil existed but was minor to good men and women. We changed the world for the betterment of ALL. This age we proved we walk the talk and elected Obama, the world saw TRUTH!

Until we became racists all by differing with ideals thrust upon our Republic, a PEN IN HAND RULER, a decline in WE THE PEOPLES lives. Was he picked for that by the MONEY behind current elections? No longer is a mans questioning of obvious illegalities to OUR CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, loss of JOB and HOME, PC. Who’s politically correct? America’s?

If so then I am confused. When did we lose our Republic? Where was the CALL TO ARMS? Another right they want removed. If I can’t talk, unite with millions of Americans to show dismay with leadership, defend my home and family, why did we surrender before our last dieing breath? Is there no logic to all of this, or again, am I old and confused? Had I been aware you’d still be free. Signed up for life back then, still alive for some good old ass kicking now, so don’t give up hope. Trust me I will not be alone. Join us. VOTE in every election, they all decide if WE THE PEOPLE RULE or SERVE GOVERNMENT!

Stop BIG MONEY RULE! It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to control our path forward, not allow it to be BLOCKADED as we see them do now. Common Sense, Truth, Unity, BACKBONE for Freedom, or stay poor forevermore for sure.


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Not in our USA DAY

Not in our USA DAY

Why is it that only the poor “Must OBEY THE LAW” today in the USA? Under the current leadership we see daily proof that those either elected/connected/star/rich, seldom ever go to jail breaking the same laws we would. With the proof on video or audio for all to see, their not often found guilty as we’d be. Lady liberty may be blind as we’ve been told, so why not for them? We all see the difference, and what do we do about it? A march here or there for one of our own when it is so blatant after we’re dead or locked away by few if any. Covered for ratings only by a media, bought and paid for without a doubt as they help conceal the misdeeds of those above.

Lies told often, when the proof is online for all to find, and they run for the highest office in our once fair land. When they control the law, you suffer for sure. If it is not fair for all, why not hear my call for a day to even the field? “Don’t do the crime if unwilling to do the time” should be for all American’s. We go to jail unable to pay bail, when it comes to them the laws for sale. Why do we suffer in the “Land of the FREE” while their rarely found guilty?

It’s time for our millions of poor to say united “NO MORE”! A few can ignore, together in the millions they’ll hear our mighty roar! Thousands marched to save “BIG BIRD” as you recall, why not for all those kept poor?
When was the last time unity brought about major change since the great Martin Luther King, our forefathers, stood side by side with pride for true justice for the people? The clocks ticking the same today for all, why not the law being followed?

Our freedoms we’re not simply granted, many have, and continue to die for them to be for all men equally, not financially. Here and abroad it is the same few who risk all, the brave at heart, why not do your part? They risk death, you may get a fine if you stand with this old US Vet for one day to say “We The People” have had enough. Put aside your own selfish needs for a few hours and bring fairness to all needlessly suffering here in America.

Let the rest of the world once again marvel at our strength against unfair rule. We created the only truly free nation recorded in time together, not divided as they try to keep us here today. If not for yourself, for those generations ahead saddled with the debt of our overseers, once called elected by the people for the people, not special interests. Face the facts you live, not the story they give. If you have an IQ, why let them lie to you? Our blood spills on the battlefields, they tax and tell you what to grow in your own fields. We pay more for everything due to greed, not deed. We do the work, they take money from the jerk. Too stupid to know any better they think, count on, grow rich. Kept divided for control alone.

I for one am tired, saddened, sickened of all the poverty in America today. We pray, they prey. Why? Lack of unity’s the answer. We’re to busy trying to survive day to day alone, they know this, bank on it. What are you willing to give of yourself before letting it be up to the hand full trying now to bring true change? If your still reading, and this is still up and out there not yet removed by their agents, there’s hope for all.

One day united will bring about lasting change for “We The People”. Stop watching this group or that and join together as one mighty voice. My voice alone may be heard by a few, together, they will no longer ignore you. Let the so called “October Surprise” be our uniting, as is still our right until the next election. All bets are off if the powers that we all know exists succeeds in changing our Supreme Courts. Gone now are portions of freedom of speech, do we want anymore within their controlling reach?

Never give up those died for freedoms if America is to remain the land of the free. If our lives are worth more to us than them unite. One day is all this old Vet is asking, begging if I must, to save us all. Don’t let me stand outside alone or you will lose more than the time it would take to regain control of our so called elected to serve us all. Hold my hand or your neighbors up high with a sign saying “NO MORE”. Let the media try to spin this, the elected attempt to ignore as they surely will to no avail. United we will not fail!

Halloween’s coming, lets put some fear in their cushy life, join me to end our needless strife. A holiday I picked for a reason, let this be a patriotic one this season! Dress, and wave that wonderful (AMERICAN MADE) flag for all the world to see, we’re still the land of Liberty! Don’t block the roads or break any laws, peacefully assemble as is still one of our rights if you’ll only join me united in plain sight. To those that do we all will give thanks, to those who don’t, you must have a lot in their bank’s.Statue of Liberty super

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Hello Son,


If your reading this you already know the locks were changed on the front door, so sit down on the patio lounge, and I’ll try to be quick as the back one is also new. Your Mom left you a cooler and some snacks alongside, along with a blanket. The blanket if your stoned or drunk/high and can’t drive tonight, will keep you warm.

Mom left the back curtain open, and the good old hallway light so you could see inside . Yes your seeing fine, everything’s gone. Don’t worry, your stuff is safe, and already set up for you in the new place. Your new bachelor pad. You lucky dog, I remember mine as if it was yesterday. No Dad or Mom setting some kind of a curfew, rules to follow, for a full grown man anymore.

You talked us into it, why did we argue over your choices, we agree it’s time to give you your way. A new bachelor and a winner! Good times ahead for us all. You know how controlling your Mom and I can be when you wake us up at all hours of the night. I am to blame to, called you some names I hope none of the old neighborhood heard, I’m sorry. Mom to. Words said in anger masked the love for you we share. We’ve hurt your feelings, made idle threats. If we could of only listened to you stumble in, fall down, throw up anywhere, and stayed in our room! You’d be happier, not feel so picked on, pressured to do what we thought was right.

I could apologize longer for holding you back from all those, what did we call them, dreams, but you get how bad we feel by now. You were always a smart one, knew it all, had it covered as you often said. I hope you don’t mind, we paid for your first, and last months rent anyway. Call us clingers or what ever you younger generation call us dithering old fools. We promise this is the last time we will meddle in your affairs, again, were sorry. Old habits are hard to break.

You will hear from us, and you know your Mom with postcards, as we travel from place to place in the new RV. What a beauty, all those gadgets and electronic things onboard you often said were needed, again our Son was Mr. Right! This thing practically drives itself, and your Mom’s starting to feel “At Home” behind the wheel. She had to admit it is better than the old needs something now house of thirty years. Paid that mortgage and taxes on time for all of them. You remember how many nights I worked two jobs and at times not enough time to hear you out? Poor excuse at the least, it was how we were raised, work hard and save. I had the working down, never could get the savings. You had to do without the latest craze, newest do hickey or whatever anyway. I tried hard, it was always something here or there to eat up any we put aside, except your college fund. You have to admit I did that for you at least.

Oh yea, back to the house, we sold it! As is! Even told them all that was wrong, showed them what still needed to be done, and they bought it anyway! It seems your old loser Dad did great by buying low, and selling high. If I knew back then how much money we’d have today, I’d of worked a third job and bought two of them. It’s going to be hard enough spending what we got, in the who knows how many years of retirement we’ll live. Those two jobs do that direct deposit thing every month faster than we can spend it.

Now without bills to worry about, paid cash for the RV, and talked that salesman down a bit, we took your advice to chill out. That means relax right? You kids and your new words for English, sure confuse a guy. Mom finally got that missing tooth we always pretended not to see when she asked. I have one of those debit cards, Mom too, again you were so right about their ease of use. Why carry a big wad of cash and risk it being stolen? The lady at the bank gave us one made out of gold, I swear before the Lord, real gold. Like Uncle Larry’s ring.

I can now understand why you didn’t want to be tied down, having your freedom is priceless, my Son the genius. Your Mom and I go out at night, or sleep till ten, sometimes eleven o’clock, what ever we want to do. Not something I have to do as you pointed out. I don’t blame you living the life of leisure while you could, I’d truly forgotten how good it feels. Mom gets on the CB and we meet up with other wanderers of the road as they refer to themselves, share stories and laugh for hours. I’m still a wizard of the flaming grill, only this one pops out from the side, not like the rusty one at home.

That reminds me, your at our old one now, take that chaise and cooler and stuff with you when you leave. The new owners a wood man, hates anything plastic, he’ll only toss it out. You could use it for one of those many friends to sleep over at the good old bachelor pad. Their all going to love it, except you may want to get a bigger fridge, you know how much hey like to eat. Mom said the big cabinet is a pantry, that’s why it has so many empty shelves to fill, you may want to get a second job. With the rent and utilities’ I often found it hard to restock, so buy store brand, your money goes farther. Sorry, old habit, last advice I promise. The key and directions are in that plastic folder with your birth certificate, and whatever paper work you had in the night stand.

We’ll your probably nodding of by now anyway so I won’t be much longer. Uncle Larry and Aunt Mary moved to that retirement village down in Florida last night, so they’ll mail you their new number when they get settled. Be sure to call on their birthdays and Christmas or no cookies this year from your aunt. I know you think Mr. Franks is a tough guy, but he promised us so long as your rents on time, he won’t beat your ass. He gave us his word, and we trust him, he’s just misunderstood. People blame him unfairly not knowing he does it to dead beats, not dreamers like you.

Mom sends her love, she‘ll send a postcard soon, so until next months letter, we’ll be praying as always for you. Love Dad, or as a new friend nick named me- “Never Back Track Jones”.

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America’s First Queen?

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Help me to answer a child honestly today, asking when we lost “The American Way“?

Uncle Sam kneeling in prayerHelp me to answer a child honestly today, asking when we lost “The American Way“?
I need help in explaining the America allowed by this nation today,
To one innocent of deceit, death, or the meaning of “Pay To Play”.
Expected to do right, help all others, never lie and always be fair,
While watching grownups do the opposite and prosper everywhere?
Watching on You Tube with me movies from my days as a youth,
Filled with respect for patriotism, unity, freedom and truth.
Actors on stage, screen, air, and the few channels on TV we had,
Spoke proudly of “The American Way”, unlike today’s claiming were bad.
Politicians found corrupt were run out of town,
Not fixed elections to hand one her crown.
Our citizen’s believed we chose who would lead us ahead,
Now with today’s easy to obtain internet proof we see it was all in our head.
All of us who served to protect the freedoms we see being taken away,
Shamed by the heavy cost we still pay, to have kept it always the old way,
Ignored by the citizen’s of America this very day,
In the good old USA.
How can elected and media lie to us all, and you punish if one I dare say?
How do I answer, what explanation could there be, for citizens forgetting “The American Way”?
Do as I say, not as I do,
Seems OK to so many of you.
But what’s an honorable man to answer the future voter of tomorrow,
Other than follow their example and live life in sorrow?
What answers have you?
That are actually/factually true?
Answer me here if you know,
For now I’ll hang up the phone and say I must go.
I promise to answer when getting back to you,
So help me out fellow citizens, even if it’s just a few.

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