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What would I see in you?

Honesty has a stiff penalty under the DC Capo’s reign for speaking on the news,or web truthfully to the American people. “These truth’s we hold to be self evident ….”, sound familiar? In our past or now? One’s right, the other wrong if in our history only, in reality, right? What channel/party did you base your answer on? Did you try your brain, your hear, your soul to answer, or follow the Party commands? Three out of four you can’t bet your life on today’s “Views Casters”(Once respected- the fifth estate). Back then they to followed the above forgotten passage. Once upon a time starts fairy tales, today it is about reporters, today’s views casters spin their own bought and paid for stories They searched for truth, as I said, once.

A good man stands alone when “speaking truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God“. Were fellow citizens, part of “WE THE PEOPLE”, so I decided to bring you all in, let facts not fiction prove our need to move forward. United, like our Republic was, again for her, and each and every one of you. Were American’s, proud people, honored by the entire world, deservedly.

Unbeatable, the United States of America, owed to all that compose “WE THE PEOPLE”, the citizen’s. The wealth of our nation, our bread and butter money, given in support of died for freedom’s, and our diverse people. Freely by most, sadly these days by those not only out of work, but out of hope of employment. Here’s where the right elected need to be found. To serve the people, one takes on a burden, carries the citizen’s needs. A heavy load for a strong person, a needed forcefulness for the citizen’s, compassion for all. The truthful man or women after, as well as before elected to serve. Another “Once upon a time” these days?

Know any? Help them? Are you like them in your three out of four from above? If you are, “What would you give for freedom of thyself, before expecting it to be another s cost?” Ask a Vet, or one servicing today, if uniting these states again would help?

Was blood spilled creating, what now lies broken, missing, suffering, in vain? Do our serviceman today fight, die, give limbs, their minds, their lives for a memory? Nostalgia? Ingrates? Leaders not having their six, during time served, or upon their return? The people too. Who places them first in line for work, to help, to heal? Who stands for them, those insuring your right to disregard them, our nation, our surrender of freedom? They fight better armed bully’s for you than crooked politicians! Elections matter to all. Do your duty and vote. The percentage who do is pathetic compared to the number claiming to be a proud American who don’t.

I guess I’m to old to forget about America. Disabled don’t mean I’m dead. I volunteered as a kid growing up watching Audie Murphy, and thousands of American’s walking our talk. We claim freedom for all, and many gave all for freedom. Our forces fight united and win, they suffer division, there’s carnage either way. None return unscathed , and like all of you to no job’s for many. Don’t be honest, if you want to work today. All the elected crooks are getting overtime. Their ranks increase, they grow bolder, more divisive. They try to control what you see and hear for their benefit alone.

Citizen’s, as their baby’s cry from hunger, homes are removed from hard working, struggling to make ends, their families ignored. Until con for the vote time. None can deny a man has to eat, needs shelter from good old mother nature. Have a right to take care of their loved one’s. Who can blame them? I’d not be kind to anyone harming mine, some say stupidly also for yours, and try to take away GOD from “WE THE PEOPLE’S AMERICA”!

“WE THE PEOPLE” wield a power they fear, even more than armed by RIGHT’S weapons, our vote. Divide and conquer, their main arsenal, the media their cavalry, your not voting their hope. All those dead bodies, and you sit out the battle, you don’t muster at the polls. Dead people vote, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why you don’t! No picture ID, no problem? Others casting multiple salvos against America, and you, not one in her defense? One of “WE THE DIVIDED PEOPLE”? You surrendered.

Who am I to question your loyalty, you had a good reason for treason? A link in the chain of “WE THE PEOPLE”, strengthening America against her enemy’s, both foreign and domestic. The voting citizen. One of those they fear. I am very passionate and write from my heart, when the head may say “Yo- watch out”, the heart and soul win out. I write to long sometimes for most (especially those elected) to fully read, no apology for length, I write to RIGHT our nation, for GOD, for change back to “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”!

I’m a Vet, I’ve seen the cost of freedom, I see it still in our warriors today. What would I see in you? I don’t know, why not look me in the eye on the polling line. I’m sure I’d be looking at a hero. “WE THE PEOPLE” together on the front lines, determined, unbeatable, American. Not Party. Not their kind. Were the nightmare to all their dreams, the citizens, awakening. Our voices growing louder. Our numbers swelling. All they have left is deceit! Like bring a knife to a second amendment citizen’s fight! We fight for freedom! They fight in fright!(No call to arms, only to vote)

Bully’s, these elected, come in all shapes and sizes, they range in age, offer no sanctuary in church, school, work, home, and today on line. They own the streets, their media, our lives, our nation, relatively unchallenged by you. Yes I said YOU!

Our great Republic suffers, unaided by it’s citizen’s, due to their failure to vote on fact and truth. Run by the worst kind of bully, those now elected (NOT TRUMP), and their behind the bright light money source.. Why allow this to continue? The United States of bought and paid for Individuals, not America, also by you allowed? Why no unity? Is it just a slogan, a jingle, a collection of words with no meaning? Is a reminder of our past, that title, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Was blood spilled creating, what now lies broken, missing, suffering, in vain? Do our serviceman today fight, die, give limbs, their minds, their lives for a memory? Nostalgia? Ingrates? Leaders not having their six (NOT TRUMP), during time served, or upon their return? The people too. Who places them first in line for work, to help, to heal? Who stands for them, those insuring your right to disregard them, our nation, our surrender of freedom? They fight better armed bully’s for you.

They make a difference! Do you? All volunteers since the 70’s, for you, for us, how sad. They give, you take for granted, God Bless America, and may he forgive us. We don’t support him either, against the bully’s fearing his power, his love, for everyone. As our nation claims. For all men equally.

By myself I have limited strength, resources, the same for you. Many hands make light work, another forgotten jingle, like The United States of America’s “Pledge of Allegiance”. Join me in a firming “WE THE PEOPLE’S” strength. Vote for America. “Clean The Swamp” for unity. For victory!

I ask you to copy/paste/post etc. this to see how far our chain will go. May God Bless the length of our chain uniting “WE THE PEOPLE”, and the restoration of “THE UNITED STATES”.

PS- Keep this old Vet posted! When where done we’ll have rid America of all that now stinks! Contact on TWITTER- Hot Mail- Unfortunately due to politics, not my violation of ANY POSTED rule, my right to free speech on Face Book still not PC.

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The Not So Silent Civil War 2017 Report To Citizen’s of the United States of America

The Not So Silent Civil War 2017 Report To Citizen’s of the United States of America

Divide and conquer succeeds when thinking people give way to clueless lemmings, protected by Media and Elected/Connected deciding for their purposes, the BLIND EYE treatment of US Law.

If you look at those in power today as the parents, and “We The People” as the children they raise, protect, teach the right way to live life, why dubious disagreements?
IF the correct solution/answer is their goal, explain America today. Why are simple, common sense, inexpensive, unified by the truth, policies/programs/etc. Ignored? We pay for everything, correct? When was the last time “We The People” had proof of every dollar spent? Why not yearly?

We pay for investigations without evidence first due to neglect by “We The People”, allow laws implications to be ignored for the elected/connected/selected, why? I have trouble paying for what we need to survive, they spend my share on things of no use to “We The People”, of whom we’re proud to be.

I enlisted to serve during Nam for my Republic, my family, my God, and our President. Party had nothing to do with any of it. When over seas as a member of our Armed Forces actions and words matter. Few died from words of truth, as we returned home to scorn. knowledge of deceit evidence public. Tell the dead and wounded what? Presidents, elected, all in our employee, lie? Lie to the boss without fear of the Laws “We The People” must be able to afford proof of innocence? Why?

Disrespect to our President at record breaking levels without commission of crime due to Party’s, not actions. Respect paid to Hillary Clinton across the board of elected, and a sad majority of media (both once respected), when factual evidence exists of crimes against “We The People”. Why? Party? Or those wealthy/connected enough to buy their loyalty?

If you came here for answers, to add constructively to conversation, help me to change what is the new “NORM”. If you see or hear anything wrong, shout/record/publish something, saying is not enough. Video evidence exists on the web until the powers that be decide to scrub it from “We The People’s” view/knowledge. Why? Truth is the only path for civilizations to move forward, growing, improving the lives of all equally. When did you vote to change this path? Why is the candidate running to be our employee, not the same after elected, or selected, do perhaps to deceit? Lie detectors are not welcome in court, why not to screen our employee’s both now, and upcoming elections? Truth hides from no one honest, video exists today of those deceitful/complicit.

A game show host said “Go to the tape”, I say “Copy it before its gone, and back it up offline. Post it

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An open letter to all our American employees both here and abroad

It has become apparent to your boss’s, “We The People” that many of you have forgotten your place as our employee’s, and the reasons you were hired, and the terms. This is an attempt to for stall the firing of the entire staff and replacements across the board. Failure to reply to this communication within a timely period will be deemed as your resignation, or your unwillingness to adhere to our strict guidelines, hence termination.

Since our inception we have millions of past and present employees all hired to work for us, not themselves or special interests. Honesty above all insisted, not suggested, from us, and every employee hired no matter their position. Loyalty tantamount, without exception. Integrity important, for without none of the above are possible. Ingenuity applauded, rewarded, respected. Skill level, area of expertise, work ethic’s, desire to complete work schedules insure lengthy employment opportunity’s. Confidentiality required as to insure security, stability, economy among the list dependent on it. A true team, or family, working together to better us all without exception. Respect for one another, and us, your boss’s.

Information of your failure to adhere to the very principles we were founded on, you sought employment to adhere to, sworn such allegiance to, readily available on the web.
Unbiased first hand viewing of video clips of our employee’s contradicting themselves, implicating themselves, exposing themselves etc., despite complicit media assistance to hide/deny/fabricate.

Biased investigation by yourselves, of your selves, has not confused or fooled your boss’s. It has been at our expense, and ends now. A full accounting for all to review will soon be ordered. You have failed your fiduciary obligation en mass. Wealth acquired during your employment period will be thoroughly investigated for impropriety, all guilty will be prosecuted to the full extent of US Law. Laws we know/see/ignored, have video record recorded, have been a travesty, preferential, no longer. Pleading the fifth, and deception will no longer prevent justice from being obeyed. All are created equal here, yet faced a difference in justice under present employee’s as well as past. One nation, one law.

2018 Elections deadline set to either live up to your oath, or vacate position for one who will. Any present employee willing to atone, make full restitution for transgressions may reapply.
Americans now know to view Election Day as “SELECTION DAY”! New replacements at the ready. Any willing to work together for the good of all welcome to apply. This applies to any and all elected or appointed positions. With millions of us to impress, serve, satisfy for said votes, should be no obstacle to any worthy candidates. Any false statements/special interests ties grounds for refusal. All citizen’s willing and able to abide requirements eligible.

As always I may be reached at, on TWITTER, Word Press. Unfortunately still not allowed access to my sonnyofthemeek page at FACEBOOK due to politics as is, not for having ever violated any of it’s posted rules despite years of trying and providing current Drivers lic, voter card, and Military ID.

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Please don’t let Kevin die alone


I need some help to honor my friend Robert’s dying wish that Kevin, a man also terminally ill who helped take care of Robert when I had to return to my own family by sharing, caring for him overnight in a two bedroom apartment from his children’s greed. While alive Bob was of no value to them, dead he’s a source of income if Kevin gets out by the 31st of Dec. The very person who helped keep Bob alive and safe while they did nothing.

They contacted Bob’s land lord demanding his security deposit back, he informed them, as I had, a thirty day notice was required as per the lease. My wife and I had agreed to pay for January’s rent to keep Kevin in apartment as this time of the year we’ve had no luck finding a place for Kevin, not seeking the security back. Bob had no will so his estate has to be in probate and the courts will give it to his heir. By contacting and upsetting the landlord he refused our money, and now claims Kevin is a trespasser as Bob was the lease holder. Bob’s daughter showed up at the apartment, and screamed an told Kevin to be out by the 31st thinking she’d get said security back. The next day her son arrived pounding on this man’s door, never before visited by him during Bob’s illness, and we called 911. Two Police officer’s arrived and informed him he had no right to bother Kevin, kick him out, or remove anything until probate judge signs off. They also calmed Kevin down by informing him he can stay until a legal eviction process takes place, to enjoy the holiday’s, and call them if relatives return.

The next day, after both the landlord, Joe a police officer, his brother John a relator both refused my paying for January. Joe had another Detective who was nice, respectful to Kevin, was sent to get his phone number, and gave that to Joe. Kevin called me when police car pulled up and I hurried to his aide. I arrived and soon Kevin’s phone rang, Officer Joe’s number showed up. Being upset and weak he handed me the phone to answer. I again asked Joe to allow me to pay and he screamed to speak to Kevin. trying to explain why I was speaking due to all the stress this man has been put in, he hung up. Kevin dialed him back on speaker phone as Joe screamed at him to be out by the 31st. Kevin had paid $500.00 for January to Robert who passed towards the $850.00 month of cash rent payments Joe collected from Kevin in the past. Joe now claims he, Kevin is unknown to him and trespassing. After pleading with Joe and tearfully saying he was terminal with stage four cancer and dying, Joe said that’s not his F**KING problem, and told to be out by the 15th, and Joe would not accept his offer to pay again.

With all of this stress, Kevin is willing to give up his chemo treatments, go into Hospice, and die. Hospice has been here for months helping Robert. With Joe being a Police Officer he’s terrified. Joe as a officer knows the law and is disregarding it. I need your help to keep Kevin alive. He’s not ready to die, only willing to due to police officer aspect.

Kevin, like Robert, has no one here to help them other than my wife and I. Robert did without to pay for a life insurance policy for his uncaring daughter. Her and her two children’s greed in seeking the security deposit back, having never spent a dime to help him, or longer than a ten minute visit as Robert slowly died created this problem.
Joe would have shown up and collected the rent as usual, and be informed of 30 day notification, and to hold back the security and Robert’s meager belongings until heir proven.

If you let the public know his plight someone may have a room for him to rent until he has to go into Hospice due to health, not out of fear of being evicted and homeless. I’ve tried all the real estate, web sites, prayer’s, and now you. Please don’t let him die alone.


UPDATE – Not one share-  I found him a room to rent – hundreds of shares on silly pet & not one for Vet? Sad the public cared so little in this man’s plight- Do you really sleep well at night?


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“President Trump Change needed after President Obama Chump Change”

“President Trump Change needed after President Obama Chump Change”

With Obama we saw eight years of the candidate running, not the President elected. Promises made disappeared not once, but twice, and the DEM party wanted three with Hillary’s sure win. The odds on favorite lost to the longest shot in history. President elect Trump faced obstacles from not only the DEM party, the very GOP party he now leads, and worst of all the now dishonored media.

In America a race is over when the winner is declared at either its end if uncontested, or after review. Facts matter, not personal views, no equal unmarked trophy for all participants. We elect leaders, not select. Nice guys can finish last. Votes have outcomes Obama proclaimed to cheers from his party as he worked hard his way, constitution be damned, aided by allies against the people.

Unrest, divide, invent, and other known tactics of war, divide and conquer, keep the people from truth and time to think. Works. Both party’s to blame for unrest today. Why would they argue over legislation that is truly for the people’s good? Would a parent disagree over what is good for the family if the family good is the only goal? Who, or what could be of such importance that the allegiance to those who elected them, watch or listen thinking they report the true news, is put aside? To enrich more than a few is why they no longer work for me and you.

With the election of President elect Trump they are now worried, their fear of mere mortals awakening, paying attention, has arrived. Views casters short of answers for the failure of their assisted candidate continue wagering war on our President elect. Stirring up unrest on the streets by spreading the lie he’s a bad guy.

Outgoing Obama wasted eight years as the first elected to lead America who proved to the world we walk the talk and elected a man of color. We never thought he’d ignore the plight of those less fortunate members of his shared race, the sad Chicago among others he left behind. Their views caster, elected, papers now place the unrest on President elect Trump. Hundred’s of questions on what he will do about it fill the hours every day since election.
Anyone know if a minute was spent asking Obama to speak on a subject he should have been more qualified to unite both sides? Strange how the man they portray a racist, bigoted, every other bad thing you can say, to solve it?

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Who’s crew are you on? We The People’s, or a cog in the machine?

How many American’s are going fishing/voting this election day?

This years tournament for the position of leading America up or downstream is going to end on November 8, 2016. The two contenders for Captain, Donald J Trump of the “Make America Great”, and Hillary Clinton of “The Crooked Hillary”, are nearly tied for first place. The final leg of this, the most unfriendly seas event in all recorded US history, will be one for the record book hard to beat.

With only one outsider challenging the powers that be, you know the points leader’s names already on the trophy. The normal team effort for success has been limited to one side this tourney due to mutiny of boat’s crew. Having to run with regular folks manning the ship, has proven difficult, but unnerving to oppositions superior forces. Using hard earned money of his own, compared to the massively funded by co-owners of “The Crooked Hillary”, hasn’t slowed American made Trump’s “Make America Great” enough to concede race, or slow his pace. The betting is almost even money now.

Clearing skies are revealing fog was man made to conceal “The Crooked Hillary’s” many flaws, unseen help, help from above. Not God’s, remember they had teleprompter showing vote to allow him into DNC Convention on before first of three floor votes, Obama’s, and his justice department. With no honest referee’s, the usual rules no longer apply. Dead and repeat entries will also be ignored and allowed, as will citizenship in many of the voting districts, as per special interests. Low IQ preferred, with higher ones, hopes they stay home. Smell is bad this year as both contenders for top spot, stink from one thing or another rotten to most, excused by too many. Breathing or not of voters inconsequential. All entrants count that can slip through net of man made holes.

The outcome is already decided as the fix is in (ask BERNIE), but vote anyway so they know where to work harder, and where no fish bite. Size, length, weight, age matter not, only the tale, not tail. Tell the most believable by those soon forgotten until four years from now, and you have our winner, the one who already won, according to those reporting so far. Not by all, only those bought tongues, not the few truthful, outgunned like Donald’s “Make America Grate’s” patriotic crew, until now.

The wind’s starting to change, the smell has been explained by of all people, hackers. Don’t worry about the truth they reveal, who helped to conceal, ignore those who steal, Hillary’s squaring the wheel. I know a round one spins, use the crooked one, ignore her now proven sins, as believable as Mary Poppins. Buy the fantasy, receive reality after it’s too late her hope.
Money’s important, something she’ll insure you’ll never know, broke now worth over one hundred million in a very short time.

Donald’s no saint, he’s a successful businessman, wealthier than her is true. How he made it is like you and I, working hard, not selling off your pride. One is bought, the other self made. One hired tens of thousands of us, the other’s paid to work secretly to pay back their check. One followed their rules and succeeded still, the other still denies any part in four hero’s killed.
One stands alone, the other has help from both sides. Only one will help us, the others proven to help herself. One’s crewed by people, the other machine.

Who’s crew are you? We The People’s, or a cog in the machine? Already set for life, or struggling to make ends meet? Full fridge, or empty belly? Shop sales, or world wide jetting with onboard yacht with sails? Kids doing without, or unlimited fun? Face the Law, or able to ignore? American made at heart, or foreign trade as your jobs depart? Have to work hard, or get paid anyway? Are you seeking change, or content being controlled?

There is a way out for the empty pockets for once, perhaps the last time, if you vote like never before by uniting us again. We The People, or The Machine, only one side can win if they have the larger crew. The hard workers, or the job takers? “Make America Great”, or “The Crooked Hillary’? It’s time to choose, stay home and We The People loose. Her side will promise you the world while keeping you poor for control, his side will allow you to see something different, We The People on the job. Vote to increase Clinton’s wealth, or your own. Stay home, be poor, live on what their willing to give, or enjoy the life prosperity gives by getting out the vote.

Choose wisely, the future depends on this year’s choice as never before, the next elected will decide American Law! One for the poor, or for those able to ignore is up to you, pick a crew.Uncle Sam kneeling in prayer

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