Democrats- Be careful what you wish for- Full FBI investigation

Democrats- Be careful what you wish for- Full FBI investigation

The Democrats are right, the FBI should review everyone involved from e-mail to scrubbed web info. The culprit who leaked letter that caused poor Doctor Ford, and Honorable Judge Kavanaugh to public harm. Both are entitled to a full investigation and restitution. With FBI resources requested by both Ford, and Democrats, no obstacle will impair a quick and speedy outcome. Thank God both have begged for this. Top female leader assured the country it wasn’t from her office lessens the possibilities. We know that claim will also have to be verified beyond doubt due to insistence of Democrats for truth and justice.

We can all sleep a little easier knowing that within seven days, our excellent agents will be following every lead to fore fill the wish’s of both. I know many of us were anxious feeling due process was being ignored, thank GOD both Ford and Democrats proved us wrong. We thought the circus performances Democrats fought each other over to be the star of was the extent of their participation, little suspecting act 2 was to be righteous after all. They honestly want to find and prosecute those who leaked, plotted, help to scrub the web to insure America hired the finest judge. Should be fairly easy for our law enforcement to complete.

Democrats showed us how careless we’ve been in our hiring/electing. They opened our eye’s, filled our ears on the value of doubt. One accusation unsupported by any of the past need for proof is the way to safeguard our nation. True, many will be fired in the next few days and weeks ahead as citizen’s no longer have to worry about proving first. A few of the Democrats are so enlightening, very sure guilt is certain due to the fact were brave enough to bring our claims forward. Hero’s one and all now! Perhaps we need to form a line and see who gets to claim what, on whom, by severity ?

I had my doubts until they all insisted we get to the bottom of this whole affair. All of use will wait breathlessly for the answers. All networks will be broadcasting for all the world to see how the Democrats lead the way for all future hirelings. Truth, justice, the American way they insist. Those foolish Republicans would have voted the judge in before the world learned the truth, That would have left Kavanaugh with a cloud over his head. Now thanks to the courage of today’s Democrats we will all be sure who did what as can be proven by US Law, thus clearing the air for all involved. We must all follow in their footsteps after Ellison next, let us help them clean up the swamp. Vote out all connected to any claimed allegation, don’t leave it up to them to do all the work. See you all on that long line.


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