When your only standard is Double

When your only standard is Double

If your a woman of color accusing a Democrat today,
None in her party care,or want to hear, what she has to say.
If a woman not of color, accusing a Conservative, It’s on their news,
Everyone is loud and clear, speed ahead to guilty now, their united views.
When the wealthy/elected/connected guilty are exposed for all to see,
They face no penalty of US law, pay no fine or time, unlike you and me.
Until President Trump only their lives prospered by the day,
Ours do now, and their leader Pelosi wants to take our crumbs away.
Hillary worried Trump wouldn’t accept election results after kicking his ass,
She was the Queen destined to control, he was a businessman so crass.
All the money behind her dark, he spent his own,
Only his claimed bad by their media shown.
Obama corrupted our highest defenders of justice, once proud all,
Until they too heard only what the party needed, Trump must fall.
Few voices of truth of accomplishments, none from their side,
Once, to be known as a reporter, was honorable, filled with pride.
Uncovering crimes, revealing secrets at any cost,
What a sad day for liberty when they became lost.
Was it money, power, fear,
That made reporters disappear?
So called men today fail to raise their young, to stick around and teach,
Is it any wonder so many are lost, welcoming to some gangs reach.
Blame the drugs or the drink,
That life in most places here stink?
Division a tactic used to control the masses, confuse them all,
If allowed to think, their masters power would fall.
We put them in, elections a job fair, we pay their salaries, for years,
So why is it our loved one’s alone shed all the tears?
If they worked for us, our lives should better as the years go by,
That’s why we hired a really good business guy.
No more good old guys,
A man who actually tries.
And look how this affects the powers that were in control of our life,
Hourly bombardments, dishonesty, obstruct, cause Trump people strife.
They praise cowards hiding faces dressed in black,
Even hid MSNBC attack.
They call Bernhardt a hero,
Treat vets/enlisted as zero.
Before Trump many died waiting in line for deserved care,
Now the bad are fired and as he says, your out of here.
Peace with North Korea may soon be real,
Trump pulled out of Obama’s bad Iranian deal.
Kerry’s still at it, dealing behind the scenes, to save face,
Working with our enemy to his fellow Democrats is no disgrace.
Hillary, good old Uncle Joe, and Holder say racists of those who don’t agree,
If your of low IQ they say vote for we.
For only an unthinking mind would believe every lie,
Never giving truth a try.
If your votes given to the undeserving,
Don’t complain your lives unnerving.
You walk in fear,
When you allow unity to disappear.
If we stood together this very night,
Problems we now face would soon be out of sight.
I too used to hide,
Trump restored my American pride.
As a vet I watched comrades ignored for hours by past one leading,
Instead of rushing to their aid, they were impeding.
Our men had to be under attack,
Before they could fight back.
Trump said be the warrior you were meant to be,
Now Isis forces are hard to see.
To hear Obama about Osama’s death you’d think he took the shot himself,
Don’t forget he has a Nobel Peace award on his dusty shelf.
The man no one could criticize for policy without ties to the clan,
He wanted to change bad America to his leftist plan.
Socialists running or elected now offer free this and that to you,
Who do you think WILL PAY when the massive bill is due?
Both sides fight for their pay masters against Trump today,
Vote every election and send help his and our way.
For the people, that’s who they should all be working hard for,
Not the wealthy who pay them more.
No excuse in this day and age for any to be uninformed if high IQ,
Which voter are you?

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About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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