You alone must decide, If your on “We The People’s” Side.

When today’s sun sets,
Do you have regrets?
What is it you should, or shouldn’t have done,
Before the end of today’s sun?
Does truth matter,
Or the party’s chatter?
You alone must decide,
If your on “We The People’s” Side.
Your powerful voting right,
Change America election night.
Pick a side,
Unite not divide.
Join those who died,
Insuring freedoms not denied.
For one and all,
Answer now Sonny of THE MEEK’S call.
Demand truth and prevent America’s fall.
Act now and don’t stall.
Join together now.
I’ll tell you how,
And why we should never allow,
Our elected working for money they disavow.
Powerful and wealthy forces control our fate,
Adherence shown by politicians to date.
“We The People” are last on their slate,
They care not we have an empty plate.
Their masters call all the shots for sure,
This is done purposely to insure,
You obey them by the crumbs offered as more.
Claiming it’s the other who will wreck our shore.
Vote me in, not the one speaking true.
Don’t listen to logic, rather what we spew.
You don’t have the brains you were born with, or do you?
Isn’t it time to try something new?
I’m ready for changes like us electing Donald Trump.
The politicians hate him getting us out of the dump.
Worse yet he publicly proves their media thinks your a chump.
Billions spent lying, spying, relying on you being a rump.
Too stupid to know right from wrong with medias misdirection.
Do as we say or the other will take it all away.
They’ll do anything to sway,
Your vote on election day.
Then from their masters alone, elected obey.
The forgotten man, woman and child become so again.
No end to our pain,
If another elections in vain,
If allowed seats to gain.
They work hard today for non citizens rights.
Uncaring for the legal citizens plights.
Evident wherever you set your sights,
Americans suffering sad days and nights.
The time for change is here.
Donald’s only the tip of the spear.
It’s time the powerful secret grip does disappear.
If you only overcome your fear.
Unite as we’ve never done before,
Show on Google Earth from shore to shining shore for all to see,
American’s standing outdoors wherever you may be,
At the same time as me,
For liberty!
Spend lunch hour,
Showing our true power,
Cause our enemies to cower,
As we rattle the controllers tower.
Twelve O’clock Eastern Standard time,
Assemble peacefully, commit no crime.
Coverage insured if they want to make their dime,
From all media our coverage will be prime.
As far as the day the united stand
September 11th, Patriot Day is planed.
There will be many a band,
To help make the day grand.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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