America was lawless, many died, had no hope in the beginning.

Section 274 felony under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act INA 274A(a)(1)(A). Encouraging & Harboring Illegal Aliens: It is a violation of law for any person to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection in any place, including any building or means of transportation, any alien who is in the United States in violation of law.
For the offense of harboring illegal aliens, the maximum statutory penalty is 10 years and a $250,000 maximum fine. For aiding aggravated identity theft, the penalty is a mandatory two years to be served consecutive to any other term of imprisonment ordered except other violations of aiding aggravated identity fraud.

With the above in mind, millions of landlords in a equal justice nation as ours, must be arrested & prosecuted. To turn a blind eye for political reasons is treason. To protect one group of law breakers, while incarcerating actual citizens for any infraction of existing law is wrong. A citizen obeys our law or goes to jail/face penalty & or fine.

Democratic elected prevent equal treatment, and get reelected? We see double standards for elected/connected/wealthy/famous etc. daily. The poor must obey the law, while they openly ignore, and encourage non citizens to do the same. We vote and pay the elected to be neglected?

Add their media to the mix. If they want a crime to be known, true or not, they unite. Low IQ believe, while intelligent citizens see how they deceive. If covering up for each other is allowed to continue, only the legal suffer. You break the law and the government doesn’t shut down protecting us, only the non-citizen gets preferential treatment. They pay them nothing while were taxed to pay for their lawlessness. No attempt to hide their preference of non over actual citizen.

America was lawless, many died, had no hope in the beginning. Together they saw the need for laws to be enforced if society was to progress, survive, ensure freedoms for all equally. A nation unlike any history recorded. A land of the free. A safe place to raise our young, care for our elderly and afflicted. Rich or poor without law suffered. Under the rule of law all had a chance to not only survive, but thrive. That need for law has never changed. The fair application has.

An intelligent mind questions why? The low IQ, believe the few. Not an insult, truth. Unless America has a higher percentage of low IQ, how can this be in the year 2018? Add to this those not paying attention, you have today’s double standard. Switching the source of so called news/views, is like night and day, vastly different. Truth is unchanged, lies vary. One leads to lasting solutions, the other to divide and conquer. So why the divide? Who benefits? Who suffers? Who controls? Who wins?
Who loses?

Citizens work hard to provide, care for their family’s, protect. The costs have risen tremendously covering the law breaker entering America, as well as those here legally committing crimes. One is our responsibility, the other is not. So why then are we forced to pay? The law? I say it’s the greed of the few. Billions are stashed away collecting rent, hiring, exploiting the non-citizen, at the citizens expense.

The Democratic party is on TV, in their media, shown proudly not doing the job we pay them to perform, working daily for the non-citizen. Look at their votes, or lack of for “We The Peoples” work or need. I challenge any reading this to produce any legitimate evidence to the contrary. All day, every day, with all their media outlets we see them working hard for the non-citizen. Republicans aren’t working for the so called working man citizen either. Two party’s filled with those not looking out for “We The People”. Who do they represent?

Our forefathers never said we had only this limited choice to represent. They saw the clear need to not have only one party. Fear of corruption, swayed loyalty, allegiance to any other but those who elect/hire them to lead us forward of great concern. Rightly so. Today we question our choice of leadership across the board. Why is it that the candidate seeking our vote, is not the same once elected/hired? Promising one thing to gain our trust, joining those against us when hired. No shame evident, no attempt to continue fooling us, publicly working against “We The People”.

This post may disappear, Facebook and others remove our voice, no freedom allowed if against the powers that be. Soros and others who’s vast wealth increases daily silence dissent, truth being revealed, unity sought. As a proud US veteran I know how well divide and conquer works against America’s enemies, and see it implemented to divide our nation. Who is this enemy working on our shores unafraid? Their wealth used for self gain. They openly unite, So why don’t you tonight? As a serviceman during a time of war we battle for you, sacrifice, to keep America free. When is it your turn to stand up to those seeking to remove them? We fight over there, who battles here?
You must identify as an American first, last, and always before party affiliate. The elected don’t risk the battlefields in the numbers “We The People” do. The average citizen faces more danger, suffers their decisions, here and abroad. Of all the lands on Earth, only America ensures a future for all mankind. We show the way all should live. Why else does everyone want to live here? Our laws are fair when enforced equally for all. A farce when openly ignored by the select few. A lawful America will exist/endure for all time.

We elected an outsider to lead us out of the so called swamp. Donald Trump. A man who despite the odds won. We won. Our lives are better daily. Eyes and ears have opened to reveal the absence of truth from the opposition, those working for others, not “We The People”. Attacked every minute of each day, Donald Trump succeeds in spite of overwhelming odds. What media presents the truth of this? Which of those elected/hired by us works for the citizen only? Elections come and go. All are important. We have the right to vote. Why is it all don’t? What excuse exists to fail your fellow citizens?

Why stay silent? Use your brain to think, seek truth, dismiss falsehoods. Post the lies, show the truth of who works for “We The People”, and who doesn’t. A little bravery ended slavery, freed not only our land but many across the world. Stop letting it be on the few to ensure freedoms for you.

Post this wherever you can, as often, if you believe in a free America. Follow me on Twitter, Forget FaceBook as they removed me for not violating their rules but their political views. All legit questions answered.


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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