Please help keep 71 year old Vet in his home

Tony’s brother died leaving home they shared to him. After long probate he is now on deed. He has tried to obtain mortgage to pay off the lien placed on home during this long costly probate period. With all the stress he missed paying his three credit cards for the first time ever, lowering his credit score to below VA limit. At 71 years old this Vietnam Vet wants to remain in the home they shared for many years. The lender added 14k to existing mortgage due to their attempt to foreclose, knowing he was working with lender to pay off loan. Now he can’t get loan due to massive increase. Tony is on Soc Sec, disabled, and doesn’t have the funds to pay the difference (32k). He needs either that amount quickly, or $100,000 to pay in full.

Tony is an honorable man who pays what he owes, the missing 3 credit card payments for one month due to all the stress, his only mistake/late payment ever He opened his home for a stage four cancer patient needing a place to live with dignity for the time he has left. With all the stress of lender almost daily calling/mailing/threatening to have Tony evicted, we found another home for patient.

Tony and his dog promise need your help. He served our nation in the Army keeping our helicopters flying safe in Vietnam. Now he needs help. Please allow him to live out what time he has left in the home he loves. Time is running out. All facts here are verifiable. I have tried helping him to the best of my ability, and my funds have run out. Lenders seem to not care, please show you do. Thank you for any amount you can spare in this attempt to keep them in their home, may God Bless you all.




About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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