Need a laugh- Short & Funny- FBI Guy-OMG- “How can this be, Trump beat our Hillary”?


“How can this be,
Trump beat our Hillary”?
FBI agent say’s, “Join with me”,
“To frame he”,
“Who’s not really guilty!”,
“By joining our Secret Society”.
“As our media of course, will join with we”,
“To end this travesty”!
“Help with our elected to end Trump’s Presidency”,
“With fake dossier paid for by HRC”,
“Along with DNC”.
“Without HRC’s help by pardon to keep us all free”,
“We’ll be locked up for eternity”!
“If ever the truth be told for the ignorant public to see”,
“Be found by the likes of FOX TV”,
“Of our conspiracy”,
“Like our cheating socialist Bernie”.
“Who knows what will come with discovery”,
“Probable jail time, for us, and she”.
“Along with her co-conspirator, Billy”.
“Now that HRC failed to win sure candidacy”,
“Despite spending millions of pay for play money”.
“Remember, their Foundation’s scam was almost undone, when it was revealed by daughter Chelsea”,
“Of crimes worse than those of recorded history”.
“Hidden for years by our friends at CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC”.
“Aided by crooked Democratic Party”,
“Led by our Schumer, and Pelosi”.
“Along with Soros’s ANTIFA, and all his divisive activity”.
“So many work overtime to rid truth being revealed by the Tucker’s & Hannity’s”,
“Of our corruption, with extremely high visibility”.
“Not only in this country”,
“But globally”.
“Now even the Pope from his perch, papacy”,
“Calls out Fake News, all falsehoods, on live TV”.
“Democrats are stalling Trump’s filling of needed cabinetry”.
“Yet what if they don’t get twelve million amnesty”,
“Who’d vote for them in a non controlled democracy”?
“Imagine a fair election in 2018, they’d be on the GOP”,
“Who’d lead America truly forward for a change, so gallantly”.
“No longer as a lobbyist payee”,
“Working for the gullible citizenry”.
“The tax payers will no longer be the Democrats low IQ dummy”,
“Controlled by their often tried, and true tactics, so diversionary”.
“To weaken our ability”,
“By unity”.
“Like Sonny of “THE MEEK’s futility”,
“To help solve needless problems confronting humanity”.
“By Zuckerberg’s denial of his constitutionality”.
“Like Google they hide from reality”,
“What must never be revealed to society”,
“That solutions exist to end needless suffering like poverty”.
“By ignoring their answers to Climatology”,
“Schools, drought, flood, forest fires, cheap power, famine, criminality”.

Along with many others I offer to all of thee.
None of which are costly.
Compare this to the trillions wasted by study.
Championed on by Hollywood’s banality,
By leaders of all nationality,
Along with others living so lavishly.
I ask of the world’s people suffering in every country,
To join with “THE MEEK’s” Sonny,
Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom from sea to sea.
Help save the future worry.
Repeated historically.
By spreading the word with RT, posting, everywhere, willingly.
THE MEEK will inherit this Earth in all actuality,
It’s not yet another scam, or some unfulfilled prophecy,
But our destiny!
You’ll live together longer, healthier, happily.

Short video all should view


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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