“I’m With PURR” Upset- or – One year “Making America Great Again”

“I’m With PURR” Upset- or – One year “Making America Great Again”

One year anniversary of historic election of businessman Ronald J Strump over rival Villary H Kitten, the “I’m With PURR” favorite of the controllers. Hard to believe it’s only been a year and America is thriving despite Villary’s media. and Democratic party’s attempt to stop at any cost. Their entire party has cashed pay checks without doing any work for “We The People”, while the GOP has improved the citizenry beyond belief in record time.

Hence the name’s used above, this is a work of fiction, no resemblance to any living or dead. I too enjoy freedom. In a land where one is now guilty until able to afford innocence, I’m too poor in the land of the free, to enjoy reality, or my constitutional right.

Division holds civilization back, allows unnecessary suffering globally, enables control of all lands for select few. I’m not talking dictator only, elected, royal, you name a land anywhere, the people never thrive. The majority of life forms are suffering, on a planet of abundance for all, proves our truth ignored for their betterment only.

Outgoing puppets transformed our republic in eight years with anti-American, unconstitutional, divisive, dangerous lead from behind tactics, aided by their media control. Tell everyone, everywhere, anything but truth, every day. Facts, recorded/video proof, matter not if your intentions are not pure, or for the people. They unite, we splinter. They grow wealthy, we stay poor. History proves our point. Name a time, or place, where all enjoyed peace and contentment, not the few? People do disappear, die strangely, are discredited, all throughout history, as well as today.

We hire the elected to serve our needs. On any media you pick, the Democratic party proudly, loudly, proclaim for all to hear, “Nothing gets done for the American citizen, until the last “Think I’m King’s” DACA, non citizen’s, get a clean bill!”. All year they cash our pay check, collect fortunes from other interests, enjoy privileges, and obstruct any helping “We The People”. Doing nothing is not work. Working for themselves wasn’t in the job description, I checked the fine print.

Intelligence must outweigh party loyalty, if America is to lead the way to life as it should be, not as it’s been. Acceptance of a leadership downward, fills far too many graves. What benefit to mankind does this present to the billions of human beings, versus the few? A powerful King lost to the united here, outnumbered, out everything but the desire to be free, and fairly led by those chosen, not imposed.

An oath taken, the honor bestowed on those willing to serve the masses, a sacrifice of ones time, energy, skill, once mattered to all. No easy task alone, so we hire many, to serve the people’s needs. A two party system seemed a good check and balance, we tried it for years, it failed us then, and now. Term limits may have helped, we need them now to end the corruption, break the chains that defy our success. Bought and paid for is great for commerce, not politicians.

If our pay scale is to low, perhaps their in the wrong position? Self wealth seekers need not apply. If everyone does well, their doing their job. The rich, will grow richer enabling the poor to be no more, and that’s a good thing. The extinction of poverty is a gift for all mankind. Let me show you the way forward. Let America show the world how to thrive.

An honest person is hard to find among the elected today. Know any? A clean slate is needed. The proof is in the pudding they say. Truth is all that matters. The absence is today’s needless strife. Bold faced lies, despite video proof today, is common place. Acceptable to the millions ignoring their duty to vote. A weapon so powerful, not utilized, is surrendering without a fight.

Drowning by refusing to grab a hand reaching to help due to color, religion, race, is not the American way. One planet, one race, sound familiar? It’s a fact. Any voice to the contrary is madness, false, a tool to divide, control. If we work together their hold lessens, power diminishes, control reverts back to “We The People”.

If you believe your best interests are represented by today’s elected, explain Ronald J Strump’s win? Villary R Kitten’s “I’m With Purr’s” loss? Something went very wrong for them, and as we see and live, better for “We The People”. Onslaughts by the minute on controlled media, one side doing nothing for a year but worry about everyone not “We The People”. I love those three words! Anyone else? Do you share this belief that all are created equal? Deserve fair and equal treatment in all matters? Love America? Vote?

If you answered no to any, you’ll change your mind soon enough, be late to the party, but welcomed all the same. Excluding is what today’s elected do. One for all, and all for one, is the only way to achieve the life were destined for. Stop settling for as Nuancy Polisee calls “crumbs”. They eat the cake you bake without anything more than a hand out for you, IE control. If they keep your hand outstretched, you won’t be able to pull the lever if they control your vote. Fear works if alone, overcome-able with unity, ask Hitler’s ghost.

I was born here, my loyalty has, and will always be to America, so help a guy out. We’ll help the world at the same time as American’s do everyday, by example. Here’s the hook, I can’t do it alone, you have to help. Spread the word, get out and vote. Election’s are hire’s, employ the best. Use facts, not the diction of fiction, promises not kept.

THE MEEK, Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom, seek to unite mankind forever. The last admin ignored many of “THE MEEK” attempts to better our world. Simple solutions to solve most of today’s seemingly overwhelming problems. No profit in cures. Fortunes are made every second in failed treatments, hidden wonders, discoveries locked away, solutions either ignored, or removed from public knowledge. Google disclosures verify our statement. Facebook removes voices those in power want silenced. Their rules meaningless, followed or not.

I’d tell you to Google Sonny of THE MEEK for videos, posts, news paper articles. Facebook ( Ignored and removed from public view by those fearful of unity. Facebook removed Sonny of “THE MEEK” without any published rule violation.) for plan details but few remain, did this reach anyone? If it exists on the web still, try sharing, retweeting, posting, it too will disappear. Twitter may ghost, word press doesn’t, read more there for now. PM or tweet questions/ advice (constructive please), any/all support appreciated. As Ronald J Strump said, “What do you have to lose”?

Short Video https://wp.me/p1tm1i-jq


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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