When was the last time all free men stood together against tyranny on our shores?

When was the last time all free men stood together against tyranny on our shores?

Turn on the TV to most news/views today and all they do is divide, spread lies, tell us all who to despise. Elected lead the charge, some actually calling for violence on the very leader of this Republic, calling followers deplorable, alt this or that. Two GOP members actually assaulted, one playing ball, the other while doing his yard work. Proof of people paid to create violence at rally’s, protests, and no one charged. Ratings ginned up by violence, profit before responsibility, pain pays dividends.

The election didn’t go the way the true power behind paid politicians, bought media, thought they had in the bag. For the first time in my sixty plus years, the people had their way, and voted for change. Not the promise of hope and change as cover for business as usual. The candidate running in the past was never the same once elected. They lied, told us what we wanted to hear, got the job, forgot all about us. Following the money trail of each and everyone made impossible, they control what your entitled to know, or not. When was the last time “We The People” had a full, and factual accounting of the money collected each year?

Violence/division/dependency ensure you toe the line and do as they say, and not watch what they do. Truth/facts matter not to them, their masters, the so called deep state. Your suffering keeps the status quo intact, as unity is harder if one is struggling to make ends meet. Don’t rock their boat if alone, defenseless, have a family to worry about. We now see the law is only for the poor, and the rich/elected/connected to ignore, for sure. Look at the many broken in plain sight. Our money pays for the investigations they choose to pursue. When were the poor ever given a choice? We have to be able to afford the costly path to innocence, or go to jail. They flaunt this right before our eye’s, often, without fear of retribution.

Their neighborhoods, lack hoods, the very illegal border crossovers they fight harder for than US citizen’s. Why? Money and power? They exempt themselves from the very healthcare we can’t afford. Why? Two party’s fail us all. Neither seem to be above reproach. In who’s best interest have either furthered when they had complete control? Not ours ever. Why? Were the boss, and our employees are out of control, at least ours. They raise billions to control the millions of us for their own gain. Sounds insane? Not the American way? What have you done to stop this? Blog, tweet, forget to get out the vote? When was the last time you received a satisfactory answer to questions we have?

Join together as our forefather’s did when they weren’t receiving representation from the powers that be. No need for armed revolt today, we have the most feared power in the world, the power to vote. Assemble one day together and it will all end. When was the last time all free men stood together against tyranny on our shores? The few won freedom from the many in our beginning, today we the many, can do the same from the few in control. Is a few hours of your time worth insuring the future? We can win in hours, what took our forefathers the loss of life, without firing a shot. Stand together outside your homes, jobs, schools, churches etc., this Veteran’s Day. High noon. Stop everything not lifesaving for two hours across America. Let satellites show the unity across the land of the free, the home of the brave for all elected to see. The world will watch in marvel, envy our courage, perhaps follow our example. Many have already lost all, what do you have to lose of the crumbs they leave us?


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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