America Will Lead The Path Forward For Mankind

The Path Forward For Mankind

Harvey has touched so many lives, I can no longer wait for any elected, or media help, to change all our lives for the better. Look online at the hundreds of attempts to save not only money, billions of lives, employee millions, change lives, ignored. I challenged all to debunk/disprove, or get on board. Now half a million homes, business, and countless more people displaced, some dead, and they still ignore. Will you?

I am Sonny of THE MEEK- Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom, and here’s my story. Trillions of dollars flow in and out for so called Climate Control, research, advocating both for and against. Trillions on talk, flights, expensive lavish travel, venue, to what end. Solutions? If sought, why ignore “THE MEEK Plan”?
I’m not one of the elite? Connected? Greedy? Wealthy? Elected to actually work for the good of all people, tell me the last time you thought so?

Can a poor man not seek betterment in life for all? The rich, as well as the poor alike would prosper, as never before in all recorded history. If walking among our wondrous mix of human’s for sixty two years, from all over the Earth, not only here in our America, but on many foreign soils, does count, read on. As Dorothy said, “There ain’t no place like home”, America, where freedom started. A fitting beginning point to once again lead the way forward, show the world it can be done. Simply. One day at a time.

Lets get it right the first time. Let the people here be heralded for all time immortal. Every future generation will reap what we will sow. Life will improve almost immediately for the millions out of work, hope, prayers. JOBS! Work for millions. All sectors, fields, etc. needed. From the shovel to the sky, unlimited positions to large to publish. Think of it, the endless possibilities exceed your wildest dream’s. Costs for everything imaginable will lower. Health for all increased. Suffering ending in our life time, well perhaps yours, I’ll rest content eternally if we only start while alive. Together, united for all without exception, hero’s leading onward and overcoming today’s plights.

Suffering is recorded as far back as we look. Improved some what today, yet always found, endured. Famine, drought, disease, floods, poverty, needless deaths, among so many other wrongs, on a planet so rich in life giving necessities. We have it all in abundance, except fresh water, with out which, no life. Why not? We have the know how, the talent, the need world wide, so why not improve all mankind? Short video here for those tired of reading-

Obama claimed he’d lower the oceans, promised work, hope and change. BHO kept none of them. His admin rejected/neglected, chose to ignore for their own purposes. Another hire “We The People” made, stolen away from citizen’s need, for Party. Perfect name, they do, often, on our backs. Candidate running, becomes purchase after elections. How many pieces of silver changed “To Faithfully Serve”, to “Enrich my own” from many of today’s elected? From hand on the bible, to the one’s under many tables? No term limits insure prosperity, continuation of service to whom? Double standards galore, as “We The People” stay poor, to insure, control evermore. Face facts, were abstinent Boss’s, to busy surviving to pay attention to the bloodless take over. Our employees run the show. Control the very LAWS they ignore. Collect your money,or lock you up, they say “OOPS”. Look over there, divide and confuse, plead the fifth. Try that in court if you can afford freedom, proof of innocence. We wait to go before a judge, they run for president, it’ not fair. Will President Trump do likewise? I think not. He’s our Builder in Chief! He’ll understand the significance of “THE MEEK Plan”, how it fits precisely his “Make America Great” pledge.

THE MEEK are all inclusive. If your born on Earth, your in. Life is given to us freely, why should living it be at a cost? THE MEEK is not a party, cult, religion, it is the solution to unite mankind. Together we are legion. Unstoppable. Out numbering any opposed to success for all, for a few, select, they choose. Pick a side. Live or die. That’s the difference, what is really at stake. Every land on Earth needs help. The people have never come first, second, you get the point. History backs me up, the future of all mankind is on the line, so I will not shut up.

Fear is a strong obstacle alone, unaided, defenseless, one may say rightly, insurmountable. Look no further than your own home, town, state, and tell me you feel safe? Secure? Happy? Worry free? Like you belong? Speech under attack, values, morals, cast aside? Forced to accept what ever job you could to survive? Are you crowded together, have little chance to improve conditions? Have you had to endure your loved one’s suffering, with no light at the end of the tunnel? Do you shop by price or value? If so, join THE MEEK, even though you already belong without knowing it.
You were born on Earth?

The short version is jobs for millions, three shifts a day, six days a week, for the next twenty years, then retirement. Health care provided! The opportunity to work at something you’d enjoy doing, rather than forced to take as is the sad case today. Dare to dream again after the nightmare we live? Watch above video for a visual, small sample of just one plan. Look ahead to the benefits future generations will enjoy, greater in scope, accomplishment, than any era before. Excuse my lack of finesse on the video, no awards for production sought, only to convey, illustrate, put in perspective for you. All credit to the owners of each picture I gathered from the web.

Call everyday, every elected, ask if they work for you? If so they’ll help get the ball rolling. If not, “We The People” will replace them with one of our own soon enough. The two party system works well for them, theirs, and the other one’s paying, not us. Time for change is once again in the hands, hearts, souls of the people with the power of their vote to back them up! We wrenched freedom from foreign rulers in our glorious past with but a few, today we are many. No weapons needed, were armed with the power of our united vote, feared in many lands. No armed thugs (excluding NBP at voting poll) insuring how, or who to select. Think of Election Day as Selection Day. Pick only the ripe, cast out the spoiled. As President Trump is often mocked by them, it’s time to drain the swamp.

Sign Up Here for WORK for MILLIONS- Info- Help Needed Now

Contact me on TWITTER- Hot Mail- Unfortunately not on FACE BOOK as the battle for my freedom of speech is still ongoing, Politics on their part, as no violations of all posted rules by me. President etc. will be able to phone me as they have their ways of knowing such things. I can’t post it due to earful of haters out there, for now, they too will come around. To all my fellow Vets- You will never be forgotten by THE MEEK!


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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