Please don’t let Kevin die alone


I need some help to honor my friend Robert’s dying wish that Kevin, a man also terminally ill who helped take care of Robert when I had to return to my own family by sharing, caring for him overnight in a two bedroom apartment from his children’s greed. While alive Bob was of no value to them, dead he’s a source of income if Kevin gets out by the 31st of Dec. The very person who helped keep Bob alive and safe while they did nothing.

They contacted Bob’s land lord demanding his security deposit back, he informed them, as I had, a thirty day notice was required as per the lease. My wife and I had agreed to pay for January’s rent to keep Kevin in apartment as this time of the year we’ve had no luck finding a place for Kevin, not seeking the security back. Bob had no will so his estate has to be in probate and the courts will give it to his heir. By contacting and upsetting the landlord he refused our money, and now claims Kevin is a trespasser as Bob was the lease holder. Bob’s daughter showed up at the apartment, and screamed an told Kevin to be out by the 31st thinking she’d get said security back. The next day her son arrived pounding on this man’s door, never before visited by him during Bob’s illness, and we called 911. Two Police officer’s arrived and informed him he had no right to bother Kevin, kick him out, or remove anything until probate judge signs off. They also calmed Kevin down by informing him he can stay until a legal eviction process takes place, to enjoy the holiday’s, and call them if relatives return.

The next day, after both the landlord, Joe a police officer, his brother John a relator both refused my paying for January. Joe had another Detective who was nice, respectful to Kevin, was sent to get his phone number, and gave that to Joe. Kevin called me when police car pulled up and I hurried to his aide. I arrived and soon Kevin’s phone rang, Officer Joe’s number showed up. Being upset and weak he handed me the phone to answer. I again asked Joe to allow me to pay and he screamed to speak to Kevin. trying to explain why I was speaking due to all the stress this man has been put in, he hung up. Kevin dialed him back on speaker phone as Joe screamed at him to be out by the 31st. Kevin had paid $500.00 for January to Robert who passed towards the $850.00 month of cash rent payments Joe collected from Kevin in the past. Joe now claims he, Kevin is unknown to him and trespassing. After pleading with Joe and tearfully saying he was terminal with stage four cancer and dying, Joe said that’s not his F**KING problem, and told to be out by the 15th, and Joe would not accept his offer to pay again.

With all of this stress, Kevin is willing to give up his chemo treatments, go into Hospice, and die. Hospice has been here for months helping Robert. With Joe being a Police Officer he’s terrified. Joe as a officer knows the law and is disregarding it. I need your help to keep Kevin alive. He’s not ready to die, only willing to due to police officer aspect.

Kevin, like Robert, has no one here to help them other than my wife and I. Robert did without to pay for a life insurance policy for his uncaring daughter. Her and her two children’s greed in seeking the security deposit back, having never spent a dime to help him, or longer than a ten minute visit as Robert slowly died created this problem.
Joe would have shown up and collected the rent as usual, and be informed of 30 day notification, and to hold back the security and Robert’s meager belongings until heir proven.

If you let the public know his plight someone may have a room for him to rent until he has to go into Hospice due to health, not out of fear of being evicted and homeless. I’ve tried all the real estate, web sites, prayer’s, and now you. Please don’t let him die alone.


UPDATE – Not one share-  I found him a room to rent – hundreds of shares on silly pet & not one for Vet? Sad the public cared so little in this man’s plight- Do you really sleep well at night?



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