“President Trump Change needed after President Obama Chump Change”

“President Trump Change needed after President Obama Chump Change”

With Obama we saw eight years of the candidate running, not the President elected. Promises made disappeared not once, but twice, and the DEM party wanted three with Hillary’s sure win. The odds on favorite lost to the longest shot in history. President elect Trump faced obstacles from not only the DEM party, the very GOP party he now leads, and worst of all the now dishonored media.

In America a race is over when the winner is declared at either its end if uncontested, or after review. Facts matter, not personal views, no equal unmarked trophy for all participants. We elect leaders, not select. Nice guys can finish last. Votes have outcomes Obama proclaimed to cheers from his party as he worked hard his way, constitution be damned, aided by allies against the people.

Unrest, divide, invent, and other known tactics of war, divide and conquer, keep the people from truth and time to think. Works. Both party’s to blame for unrest today. Why would they argue over legislation that is truly for the people’s good? Would a parent disagree over what is good for the family if the family good is the only goal? Who, or what could be of such importance that the allegiance to those who elected them, watch or listen thinking they report the true news, is put aside? To enrich more than a few is why they no longer work for me and you.

With the election of President elect Trump they are now worried, their fear of mere mortals awakening, paying attention, has arrived. Views casters short of answers for the failure of their assisted candidate continue wagering war on our President elect. Stirring up unrest on the streets by spreading the lie he’s a bad guy.

Outgoing Obama wasted eight years as the first elected to lead America who proved to the world we walk the talk and elected a man of color. We never thought he’d ignore the plight of those less fortunate members of his shared race, the sad Chicago among others he left behind. Their views caster, elected, papers now place the unrest on President elect Trump. Hundred’s of questions on what he will do about it fill the hours every day since election.
Anyone know if a minute was spent asking Obama to speak on a subject he should have been more qualified to unite both sides? Strange how the man they portray a racist, bigoted, every other bad thing you can say, to solve it?


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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