Who’s crew are you on? We The People’s, or a cog in the machine?

How many American’s are going fishing/voting this election day?

This years tournament for the position of leading America up or downstream is going to end on November 8, 2016. The two contenders for Captain, Donald J Trump of the “Make America Great”, and Hillary Clinton of “The Crooked Hillary”, are nearly tied for first place. The final leg of this, the most unfriendly seas event in all recorded US history, will be one for the record book hard to beat.

With only one outsider challenging the powers that be, you know the points leader’s names already on the trophy. The normal team effort for success has been limited to one side this tourney due to mutiny of boat’s crew. Having to run with regular folks manning the ship, has proven difficult, but unnerving to oppositions superior forces. Using hard earned money of his own, compared to the massively funded by co-owners of “The Crooked Hillary”, hasn’t slowed American made Trump’s “Make America Great” enough to concede race, or slow his pace. The betting is almost even money now.

Clearing skies are revealing fog was man made to conceal “The Crooked Hillary’s” many flaws, unseen help, help from above. Not God’s, remember they had teleprompter showing vote to allow him into DNC Convention on before first of three floor votes, Obama’s, and his justice department. With no honest referee’s, the usual rules no longer apply. Dead and repeat entries will also be ignored and allowed, as will citizenship in many of the voting districts, as per special interests. Low IQ preferred, with higher ones, hopes they stay home. Smell is bad this year as both contenders for top spot, stink from one thing or another rotten to most, excused by too many. Breathing or not of voters inconsequential. All entrants count that can slip through net of man made holes.

The outcome is already decided as the fix is in (ask BERNIE), but vote anyway so they know where to work harder, and where no fish bite. Size, length, weight, age matter not, only the tale, not tail. Tell the most believable by those soon forgotten until four years from now, and you have our winner, the one who already won, according to those reporting so far. Not by all, only those bought tongues, not the few truthful, outgunned like Donald’s “Make America Grate’s” patriotic crew, until now.

The wind’s starting to change, the smell has been explained by of all people, hackers. Don’t worry about the truth they reveal, who helped to conceal, ignore those who steal, Hillary’s squaring the wheel. I know a round one spins, use the crooked one, ignore her now proven sins, as believable as Mary Poppins. Buy the fantasy, receive reality after it’s too late her hope.
Money’s important, something she’ll insure you’ll never know, broke now worth over one hundred million in a very short time.

Donald’s no saint, he’s a successful businessman, wealthier than her is true. How he made it is like you and I, working hard, not selling off your pride. One is bought, the other self made. One hired tens of thousands of us, the other’s paid to work secretly to pay back their check. One followed their rules and succeeded still, the other still denies any part in four hero’s killed.
One stands alone, the other has help from both sides. Only one will help us, the others proven to help herself. One’s crewed by people, the other machine.

Who’s crew are you? We The People’s, or a cog in the machine? Already set for life, or struggling to make ends meet? Full fridge, or empty belly? Shop sales, or world wide jetting with onboard yacht with sails? Kids doing without, or unlimited fun? Face the Law, or able to ignore? American made at heart, or foreign trade as your jobs depart? Have to work hard, or get paid anyway? Are you seeking change, or content being controlled?

There is a way out for the empty pockets for once, perhaps the last time, if you vote like never before by uniting us again. We The People, or The Machine, only one side can win if they have the larger crew. The hard workers, or the job takers? “Make America Great”, or “The Crooked Hillary’? It’s time to choose, stay home and We The People loose. Her side will promise you the world while keeping you poor for control, his side will allow you to see something different, We The People on the job. Vote to increase Clinton’s wealth, or your own. Stay home, be poor, live on what their willing to give, or enjoy the life prosperity gives by getting out the vote.

Choose wisely, the future depends on this year’s choice as never before, the next elected will decide American Law! One for the poor, or for those able to ignore is up to you, pick a crew.Uncle Sam kneeling in prayer


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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