Am I old and confused? Born in the Fifties- believed in our leaders until now. Enlisted during Nam – grew up watching Patriots and programming filled with morals and values I agreed with whole heartedly. Had a rough childhood as most back then. Pay was lower but bought more. We knew the names of most the neighbors, and helped each other out. No one wore bombs in the name of religion. Politicians were tarred and feathered back when WE HAD REAL NEWS REPORTERS. Evil existed but was minor to good men and women. We changed the world for the betterment of ALL. This age we proved we walk the talk and elected Obama, the world saw TRUTH!

Until we became racists all by differing with ideals thrust upon our Republic, a PEN IN HAND RULER, a decline in WE THE PEOPLES lives. Was he picked for that by the MONEY behind current elections? No longer is a mans questioning of obvious illegalities to OUR CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, loss of JOB and HOME, PC. Who’s politically correct? America’s?

If so then I am confused. When did we lose our Republic? Where was the CALL TO ARMS? Another right they want removed. If I can’t talk, unite with millions of Americans to show dismay with leadership, defend my home and family, why did we surrender before our last dieing breath? Is there no logic to all of this, or again, am I old and confused? Had I been aware you’d still be free. Signed up for life back then, still alive for some good old ass kicking now, so don’t give up hope. Trust me I will not be alone. Join us. VOTE in every election, they all decide if WE THE PEOPLE RULE or SERVE GOVERNMENT!

Stop BIG MONEY RULE! It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to control our path forward, not allow it to be BLOCKADED as we see them do now. Common Sense, Truth, Unity, BACKBONE for Freedom, or stay poor forevermore for sure.



About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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