Not in our USA DAY

Not in our USA DAY

Why is it that only the poor “Must OBEY THE LAW” today in the USA? Under the current leadership we see daily proof that those either elected/connected/star/rich, seldom ever go to jail breaking the same laws we would. With the proof on video or audio for all to see, their not often found guilty as we’d be. Lady liberty may be blind as we’ve been told, so why not for them? We all see the difference, and what do we do about it? A march here or there for one of our own when it is so blatant after we’re dead or locked away by few if any. Covered for ratings only by a media, bought and paid for without a doubt as they help conceal the misdeeds of those above.

Lies told often, when the proof is online for all to find, and they run for the highest office in our once fair land. When they control the law, you suffer for sure. If it is not fair for all, why not hear my call for a day to even the field? “Don’t do the crime if unwilling to do the time” should be for all American’s. We go to jail unable to pay bail, when it comes to them the laws for sale. Why do we suffer in the “Land of the FREE” while their rarely found guilty?

It’s time for our millions of poor to say united “NO MORE”! A few can ignore, together in the millions they’ll hear our mighty roar! Thousands marched to save “BIG BIRD” as you recall, why not for all those kept poor?
When was the last time unity brought about major change since the great Martin Luther King, our forefathers, stood side by side with pride for true justice for the people? The clocks ticking the same today for all, why not the law being followed?

Our freedoms we’re not simply granted, many have, and continue to die for them to be for all men equally, not financially. Here and abroad it is the same few who risk all, the brave at heart, why not do your part? They risk death, you may get a fine if you stand with this old US Vet for one day to say “We The People” have had enough. Put aside your own selfish needs for a few hours and bring fairness to all needlessly suffering here in America.

Let the rest of the world once again marvel at our strength against unfair rule. We created the only truly free nation recorded in time together, not divided as they try to keep us here today. If not for yourself, for those generations ahead saddled with the debt of our overseers, once called elected by the people for the people, not special interests. Face the facts you live, not the story they give. If you have an IQ, why let them lie to you? Our blood spills on the battlefields, they tax and tell you what to grow in your own fields. We pay more for everything due to greed, not deed. We do the work, they take money from the jerk. Too stupid to know any better they think, count on, grow rich. Kept divided for control alone.

I for one am tired, saddened, sickened of all the poverty in America today. We pray, they prey. Why? Lack of unity’s the answer. We’re to busy trying to survive day to day alone, they know this, bank on it. What are you willing to give of yourself before letting it be up to the hand full trying now to bring true change? If your still reading, and this is still up and out there not yet removed by their agents, there’s hope for all.

One day united will bring about lasting change for “We The People”. Stop watching this group or that and join together as one mighty voice. My voice alone may be heard by a few, together, they will no longer ignore you. Let the so called “October Surprise” be our uniting, as is still our right until the next election. All bets are off if the powers that we all know exists succeeds in changing our Supreme Courts. Gone now are portions of freedom of speech, do we want anymore within their controlling reach?

Never give up those died for freedoms if America is to remain the land of the free. If our lives are worth more to us than them unite. One day is all this old Vet is asking, begging if I must, to save us all. Don’t let me stand outside alone or you will lose more than the time it would take to regain control of our so called elected to serve us all. Hold my hand or your neighbors up high with a sign saying “NO MORE”. Let the media try to spin this, the elected attempt to ignore as they surely will to no avail. United we will not fail!

Halloween’s coming, lets put some fear in their cushy life, join me to end our needless strife. A holiday I picked for a reason, let this be a patriotic one this season! Dress, and wave that wonderful (AMERICAN MADE) flag for all the world to see, we’re still the land of Liberty! Don’t block the roads or break any laws, peacefully assemble as is still one of our rights if you’ll only join me united in plain sight. To those that do we all will give thanks, to those who don’t, you must have a lot in their bank’s.Statue of Liberty super


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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