Help me to answer a child honestly today, asking when we lost “The American Way“?

Uncle Sam kneeling in prayerHelp me to answer a child honestly today, asking when we lost “The American Way“?
I need help in explaining the America allowed by this nation today,
To one innocent of deceit, death, or the meaning of “Pay To Play”.
Expected to do right, help all others, never lie and always be fair,
While watching grownups do the opposite and prosper everywhere?
Watching on You Tube with me movies from my days as a youth,
Filled with respect for patriotism, unity, freedom and truth.
Actors on stage, screen, air, and the few channels on TV we had,
Spoke proudly of “The American Way”, unlike today’s claiming were bad.
Politicians found corrupt were run out of town,
Not fixed elections to hand one her crown.
Our citizen’s believed we chose who would lead us ahead,
Now with today’s easy to obtain internet proof we see it was all in our head.
All of us who served to protect the freedoms we see being taken away,
Shamed by the heavy cost we still pay, to have kept it always the old way,
Ignored by the citizen’s of America this very day,
In the good old USA.
How can elected and media lie to us all, and you punish if one I dare say?
How do I answer, what explanation could there be, for citizens forgetting “The American Way”?
Do as I say, not as I do,
Seems OK to so many of you.
But what’s an honorable man to answer the future voter of tomorrow,
Other than follow their example and live life in sorrow?
What answers have you?
That are actually/factually true?
Answer me here if you know,
For now I’ll hang up the phone and say I must go.
I promise to answer when getting back to you,
So help me out fellow citizens, even if it’s just a few.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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