President Obama before you go- “We The People” have to know?

a-bengazhiPresident Obama before you go,
There’s something this American has to know.
We showed the world that we walked our talk by electing you,
The first of your race elected twice, and now their very puzzled too.
Why the lives of those that voted for that very reason,
Now feel betrayed, ignored, suffering your treason.
The leader of all from this world that came to the land of the free,
Yet to your own now shown in America no limit to who one may be.
Your forgetting the fact their worse off now then when voting for hope,
Many of your old neighborhoods still gang ridden, filled with crime/dope.
Unemployment higher, the number in poverty has steadily grown,
While the Star in Chief golfing and entertaining electronically shown.
DNC as guilty pandering for our vote, dividing us up for control.
Were you elected to lead us forward, or was it all a role?
Promises made by those running to be elected,
After winning “We The People” are soon neglected.
Our IQ must seem low to you,
Recorded proof all said untrue,
Repeated and sworn to,
By all in plain view.
Not elected/connected/star/rich to name a few.
Laws for the poor,
Any penalty we pay more.
The FBI/DOJ doesn’t exonerate the guilty poor guy to.
We go to jail,
Unable to post bail,
In a system you agree does continue to fail,
Until dipping your hands deeply into the money filled pail.
Run for office, the highest in the land of the free,
Excludes the poor man, not the obviously guilty.
Our words disappear, Face Book removes your rights to your page.
PC’s the thing, limit truth from debate all the rage.
Media partners to conceal facts and truth from the allowed to think mind,
If “We The People” really mattered, few would be in such a bind.
Two party’s proven not working for “WE”,
The millions out of work/money/home/hope everywhere to see.
In War we divide to conquer our Republics enemy,
Never realizing it’s practiced daily on you and me.
Our freedom to speak is no longer allowed to be.
If your reading this now and repeat you’ll be called a liar,
Realize it folks, they all do conspire.
Complain and who next will hire,
The whistle blower they will fire.
Control your money, where and how you live,
At the cost of your soul another DEM vote you’ll foolishly give.
Not unite, something those in charge won’t forgive,
I know being poor, the agony from day to day surviving,
Only Wall Street and the rich are thriving.
Clinton’s broke, now wealthy, in just a few years,
As hungry American’s shed tears.
Hired lawyers/complicit aides not cleared to view secrets of state,
No connecter’s job did they eliminate.
What would be your fate?
You’d be Big O Bubba’s unwilling date.
I’m not saying the other, GOP, side is a better choice,
Neither hear your moneyless voice.
Trump’s outside the bubble,
His campaign to is filled with rubble.
With him our voices have a chance,
Our lives able to advance.
You can’t buy what’s not for sale,
That’s why both sides need him to fail.
He’ll expose the pork in bills,
Show “We The People” how to run a country with learned skills.
He’s spent his own hard earned cash,
While the others to Big Money’s ATM they all dash.
Our needs,
Not time share deeds.
For all,
Not who the powerful call.
For four years only if his words prove untrue,
Eight if the DEM’S Queen is ushered in by you.
Pay to play,
Or what “We The People” say?
It all depends on you this and every election day,
To elect leaders working for us, not our being prey.
THE MEEK seek unity from all mankind,
Proven plans to get humanity out of this needless grind.
Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom time is now,
Put Trump in office and we’ll show him how.
The other’s kept us and our plan’s out of your reach,
Remember honesty is not what leaders here or afar teach.
The world suffers to enrich only the few,
Keeping THE MEEK away from you,
Ensures their way,
Lasts beyond today.
Life as it sadly is for all,
Or enriched by the generation if you heed our call.
Their way passes on nothing good,
Ours ensures you’ll savor the one you should.
Work for all across the globe awaits,
Who next enters the White House gates.
If it’s anyone but Trump,
Life will stay in the dump.
So few have ever questioned/inquired of me,
Tried to debunk this video for all to see,
Put out free,
Proving how improved all lives will be.
Few read beyond Twitter’s limit today,
No media claim “He’s insane we say.”
No way it’s real,
To big of a deal.
Bound to fail,
A way to fill the poor man’s pail?
Lower the cost of all you buy,
Doesn’t help out the wealthy guy.
They need you to be needy,
No help for the greedy.
With THE MEEK overseeing every cent spent, and showing you why,
Is something you’ll never get from their gal or guy.
Choose a job you’d enjoy doing for ever,
Or elect one of them and mankind will advance never.
Trump’s hired before and knows how to plan to succeed,
THE MEEK onboard is all that he’ll need.
His skill,
“We The Peoples” will.
Will ensure/insure generations to come will cheer,
2017 was THE MEEK’S first year.
Life improved worldwide from there,
If you’d only care,
To get off your chair.
Vote them out of here,
In numbers to scare.
All future elected to fear,
It’s the fate they’ll share.
When “We The People” hear,
They chose Big Money to be near.
Either “We The People” come first,
Or billions continue to die of hunger and thirst.
Sign up is free,
Email me.
Share this for all to see,
You stand united with Sonny,
And a proud working member of “THE MEEK” you will be.
The life we were meant to live as a race,
Not the one now designed to keep you in place.
I’m easy to reach,
Happy to teach.
All of mankind belong on the winning side of life,
Join me on Twitter as we cause Big Money some strife.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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