Join me on an undeniably rewarding Quest

WF3Sonny of THE MEEK
Owner- “THE MEEK“: “Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom” as creator, or voice, of and for all people. Thoughtfully named by myself alone to reflect- If you live on this planet together, why should false leaders divide, if not to conquer?

“THE MEEK” accepts all without hate from their signup. A willingness to work today together for the betterment of all mankind, and this amazing planet. Join me on an undeniably rewarding Quest if you will, enriching every man/women/child forevermore.

Fame of this, “THE MEEK” generation, ours. The one filled with recorded/repeated lies/oath breaking, and their needed division, will never be as revered, honored, cherished, needed as ours. As each generation prospers, as none before, through the fruits of our unity.

All together for first time in any recorded history’s, and all future generations shall flourish. Unlike today subsiding without nourish , unjustly denied by leaders, respond here why? The candidate running spouts out one thing to get elected, proves to be another after winning by “We The People” neglected.

Many, though less now then before current, had a chance to advance in life. Own a home regardless of color or creed or anything if you worked hard, saved, back then aloud to pray out loud. Not with this crowd. You named it PC. Sounds commie to me. I enlisted during Viet Nam, they called it an Era, to the citizens brave enough to risk it all, war is war. You were allowed to be patriotic, believed peace for any life worth your own. You all remember the grand welcome we all received, the spit, the spew of hate, found out last we all had been deceived. Lives were lost that should never have been, for want of truth.

Today, 2016, needless death is everywhere. Don’t blame those that serve the public good, military or law, you couldn’t possibly pay them enough to go against the public good, therefore it has to be the politicians.

Use your power, it’s the strongest on Earth here in America, your vote. If you want to live, vote for life for “We The People” as one. 2016’s election is the last one bought. The powers that be are now dealing with we.

They seek to crown “Queen Hillary”, who cries “Their after me”. it’s never she? Bernie’s people got the scoop, yet there he is on all media to see and hear him also covering up her poop.

Now Trump they all target from fear, their publicly funded vacations end is near. Even with the unscripted words from him we hear, in four years if not onboard “THE MEEK Plan” he’s out of here.

By 2020 we’ll be in control. That ninety-four million not working today will all have work they enjoying to do, not like today taking what you had to. Today’s two ruling/dueling party’s prove to one and all, they don’t adhere to “We The Peoples” call. Arguments arise when truth denied, the reason they’ve all lied. Vote as one and we’ll get “THE MEEK Plan” done.

Named “Operation Desert Bloom” video is five minutes, it gives overview of one part of the many plans waiting to start/hire today
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About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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