Americans are Kept distracted

All Men Created Equal

All Men Created Equal

Americans are Kept distracted so we never stand together. Between Bias News, and to many Special Interests ( a polite word for Stick It To The People ), how can anyone know how to unite. I thought the voting process was the answer to fair government, to weed out the bad seed, yet people still vote them in. If the distractions not race today, its health care, war, what ever it takes to keep you and I left out of the land our family’s took away from the English. That promise of a better tomorrow. The land of the free, not of the unborn debtors! The home of the brave, not of those too afraid to speak. With justice and liberty for all still being debated.
Spread across a land once respected, and even feared, now used as collateral for debts not of our creation. The respect and dependence on one another, like morals and fairness, lost when I can not say. I too have been distracted and in all honesty not always following what is really going on. Thinking that working to raise my family meant they would not have to share the same burdens. That I, as my father and his before him had accomplished, would see to that. Now I’m helpless, and unable to be that man. Diminished, and distracted, and feeling very alone. Watching my fellow country man lose their jobs, their families home, their hope. People homeless, veterans suffering here and abroad. Women and children, the young and the old, still being victims in this now civilized land.

We fought hard to have a country with citizens the envy of all. No oppressors, led by our own. What happened? Is it all our fault for being distracted all these years. Has our voice been silent for far to long. Can you ask your neighbor, or should you be afraid to speak. I see on the news, and read on line, and in the papers remaining two versions of the truth.
To me Red is Red, White is White, and Blue is Blue. Like the colors of the flag I pledged allegiance to every morning in school as a kid. I placed my hand across my heart, and stood tall as I proudly sang out loud. Under God, was even allowed to be said then. The United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Not just words to me, something to believe in. Fought for with every ounce of strength. Desired. Now distracted.

Who to trust if not your own heart and soul. We all know right from wrong when we want to. Distractions have allowed that grey line to become prevalent. Look away from wrong doing or else you may have to be a true American. Doing your part, your share if you will. Sure it is the easy road, safer, after all who will stand with you. You have a family, or a friend, maybe even a pet. Who knows what else may be threatened if you stand up and say STOP. If your life depended on you doing the right thing, could you? Alone as it seems today. Are you ONE OF THE BRAVE? Do we have a right to live with out crime an sin? Will there be another day? Could we survive with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL? I don’t know, ask me later I’m too distracted.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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