Trump and THE MEEK Plan?

Born in the Fifty’s, saw JFK die in the Sixty’s, enlisted in the Seventy’s as a young teen.
Papers, few channels of TV then, stage both live and movie, patriotism was always seen.
Brave citizens known proudly as reporters, risked all to be the peoples eyes, and ear.
Americans by birth or immigration, uncovering anything against the people, those of power don’t want you to hear.
Fear of discovery kept the powers that be in check, the people safe, the American way as it always shall be.
Sadly for them in 2016, replacements snuck in throughout were called out, exposing their conspiracy.
Candidates caught repeatedly going against their own recorded, by means today with clarity and sound, including both words and deed.
Views Casters, those they snuck in, edit truth, limit/omit for their masters, the powers that be need.
Paid to be their puppet, is it worth the soul to be complicit in needless death, and destruction the poor alone can never survive today.
Explain why all differ on who or what, is truly in the best interest of “We The People”, unless ulterior motives are in their way?
Blog/Face Book page/posts etc. are removed without your violating any of their written rules.
They divide and silence us to retain control, misinform, confuse the issues, bold barefacedly lie thinking you fools.
Thank them for putting over 94 million out of work and hope,
It gave them time to think, suffer, talk to each other also at the ends of their rope.
America has a longer, stronger for a reason, the United States.
Time to better the following generations fates.
Unite for them if not your own this very day,
It’s time “We The People” are no longer their prey.
Put Trump in now for the next four years to end the powers that be.
We’ll never accomplish it if they cheat the way in for their Hillary.
Ask Bernie supporters, as truth reveled the fix was in for the other side.
Is keeping those in control richer by the day something they can, or any American, can vote for Hillary with pride?
I’d love to see a women President, without whom (women) there’d be no life here to vote anyway.
Why not a deserving one with integrity enough to answer honestly today?
Not hide from what was once the peoples truth seekers, for over 275 days, yet sadly for the USA they all let her decree and flee.
We’d be in jail, unable to afford bail, not free like Hillary.
Justice has been recorded/scrubbed/removed for her and all connected, proof only America’s poor “MUST OBEY THE LAW!”
Off with their heads said by royalty before ISIS, their allowed creation, uniting us again today their fatal flaw.
United where? On a key board? Wasted Blog/Post to long to read?
We’ve become aware, speak to a few, unity’s not a want, it’s a need.
Some of you know me by this Sonny of THE MEEK, I’ve written under many a name.
Knowledgeable of the power of those that be to bring harm/reprisal on those I love or know the reason for fear, also never sought fame.
Enlisted to serve our Republic for the freedoms we so enjoyed as a young teen.
This is the saddest unnecessary suffering of our, the greatest Republic history has or will record, I’ve ever seen.
THE MEEK (Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom), have undisputed solutions for mankind to end suffering and strife everywhere.
Ready to hire millions to work at something they would enjoy, not one they took because there is nothing out there.
Keep you poor,
Your vote secure.
Generations to suffer for sure.
Unless you join us to demand more.
Today without THE MEEK life is sad,
Your chances for success very bad.
Crime is everywhere the wealthy don’t live.
Exist barely on the hand outs they give.
If you don’t care how unfairly your treated,
Let Donald Trump be defeated.
He’s out of the loop we know for certain,
It’s time the political stage had an open curtain.
Cameras roll full time with Trump everywhere today,
He’s promised all Bills passed by “We The Peoples” say!
Both sides fear the loss of money’s power,
Trump’s win will be your vote for valor.
Elections to come we’ll weed out the rest,
Their records and votes publicly the test.
Back room deals, money changing more than hands will end.
Public aware of every cent government will or has to spend.
Accountability public knowledge as founders intended,
Show both sides their “On our Dime” party’s ended.
POTUS has USA at almost 20 TRILLION in debt,
How many voters/non-voters now suffer and regret?
Burn once and you feel the pain,
Continuing to do so is by millions of you is very insane.
Don’t just sit it out and then dare to ever complain aloud,
When you’re the coward they count to be ruled by their wealthy crowd.
Voting is the ultimate weapon freedom depends upon for survival,
As for our thought process, no nation comes close to be a rival.
If you vote as one nation, one people, for what is just and right,
We can change history, realize a better future this election night.
“We The People” will have 4 years of house cleaning to do.
Term Limits prevent any elected from working for other than you.
All nations reside here, suffer alike, will prosper as never before,
THE MEEK have proven plans, work for millions, an America to restore.
Across the globe all will partake, as always thinkers will have plans, perhaps discover a cure.
Our beginning will guarantee expediential growth until all life secure.
Simple plans allowing costs for everything to go down for all,
Only if you join up to have leaders give THE MEEK a call.
Google me (sonnyofthemeek), THE MEEK and sadly see.
Years of deaths and needless suffering with no contact to me.
Not even to debunk the claims, guarantees, call my bluff,
Fighting for everyone alone is rough.
As Larry advised, “I’ll Get It Done”, I only ask you to stop the needless dieing?
I’m one man who won’t stop trying.
Every flood/drought/wild fire, Could be avoided in a simple way.
Readers stop after ten lines, You Tube short video I gave a try like others today.
A dog chases his tail, over a hundred thousand view.
Mine offering millions of jobs you’d like, very few.
Gave them all a try, even FOX, sent the video with some hope.
Any contact, reply, check if crazy guy, e-mail- nope.
How did our forefathers connect without today’s vast electronic array?
If I could use the same, perhaps there’s still hope this election day.
I can’t ride a horse and yell “The Fix Is In”
Most medias against us, we’ll that’s their sin.
I won’t “Tear it UP or Burn it Down to the ground”.
That’s not the way a true solution is found.
They united in our beginning for a better life for all.
Some feared involvement should our brave warriors fall.
Afraid to voice publicly their side,
As neighbor/relative/ someone died.
Fighting together for something many take for granted today,
If not for them what language would you read or say?
Unity world wide is “THE MEEK Plan“, America leading the way.
The land of my birth, where freedom became to be for all man, women and child.
The knowledge that leaders today saddle them with costs drive a thinking man wild.
Other than greed, no other reason exists for anyone to suffer life.
Plenty of space, with our plan an end to all unnecessary strife.
Video on You Tube only shows “Desert Bloom” in part,
As you see with your own eyes it is only the start.
Ending world hunger one answer there,
Proof it can take place everywhere.
Climate Change believers or not must all agree,
This is the only true solution there could ever be.
Crowded, unsafe, unlivable, unnecessarily created for control,
Housing and communities today where the elected/rich will never/ever stroll.
Will exist no more, none still poor, THE MEEK will insure,
New area’s growing every day so there’s always room for more.
The life you were meant to live,
Not the slums they give.
Safety for all will be assured for everyone, THE MEEK everywhere.
Help get the word out with a share.
Imagine life without struggle, dashed hopes, needless pain, sadness?
Then join THE MEEK and end this madness.
Follow me on Twitter to put us all to work and improve life,
RE-TWEET if your tired of all this needless strife.

Short Video you need to see-
Signup at – registry secret/secure.American Rose


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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