One must question how BLM thinks and why they vote for Democrat’s

You have to question how the BLM mind works- Christians were eaten by lions in their past- beheaded now & no violence by them today. Unlike blacks who on each other prey. Jews suffer still today, yet each other they don’t kill, or innocent children trying to simply play. Destroy business their own worked hard to open & be a Black man and complain they call a token, while the family structure is severally broken. Elected to lead us all, Obama golf’s as society does fall. Blaming the Law that keeps the good safe from harm across our nation for media ratings and sensation, Its no wonder death grows fat under the Democrat. Keep so many poor, their plight ignore, so give paltry handout to insure they believe their lies and nothing more, If allowed to work and earn they fear what they will learn. Crowd them in unsafe places , blame it on the other races or side, deny them pride and they will abide and vote for their side. Those not fooled/trapped or struggle hard achieve the American dream, join the other team. Called Uncle Tom’s? Or are they thinking people? To aspire, own a home, live free of fear should be encouraged for all created equal people today, something no Democrat wants today or their votes will go away.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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