Before I die can anyone explain why elected ignore “THE MEEK” Plan?

Before I die can anyone explain why elected ignore “THE MEEK” Plan?

A plan exists to provide work for millions. End by controlling drought/flood. Do away with famine, overcrowding. Provide and utilize many forms of clean energy, lowering the cost of living, and most importantly save life and our shared planet. Three shifts a day, manufacturing, construction, along with almost field employed as never before.

America leading the way to a future denied by those in power today for selfish reasons all their, and the money behind them alone. Not enough profit for them to allow us all to aspire to life as it should be, not how sad it has been. Our nation of free men have been controlled, held back, for their benefit until now.

Today we join together to insist they implement “THE MEEK Plan“ for world success. The above is but one of many paths to fulfillment as one race on a planet abused, wasted, until today. Live the life we were meant to enjoy, not the one we suffer today.

Our nation formed united, all seeking a better place to live, raise our young, worship unafraid of rulers from afar. Today Washington DC is as far from we the people as our forefathers rebelled against. Politicians/leaders saw opportunity, wealth, and sadly unaware citizenry to wrench control from we the people that elected them to serve the common good. America has two party system unable, I say unwilling, to agree on what is truly best for all citizens.

Lobbyists/special interest group dollars cloud their judgments, buy their souls, govern their decisions today. The candidate running is their puppet once elected. If you agree, join me to form the largest voting block their worse nightmares could ever imagine, “THE MEEK” (Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom). Help yourself insure a better future for our young, and the unborn who today owe money before drawing their first breath of free air.

Trillions of debt their way, all prosper “THE MEEK” way. Pass this along, my challenge to all presently elected, those seeking the power of our vote, and world leaders everywhere to debunk this plan for all to prosper.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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