Ask your elected why they ignore “THE MEEK” plan before voting

Ask your elected why they ignore “THE MEEK” plan before voting.

Are you aware the elected today ignored “THE MEEK” plan for over seven lost years. Instead of being on the way to life as it should be lived, we suffer unheard, by the elected, our employees. They deny you work and prosperity to ensure your controllable. Fear of withheld government benefits, reprisals only the poor must endure. One strict law for you, and another for the rich, connected we see daily. Bankers pay billions in fines and none prosecuted for the heinous crimes committed willfully. Politicians owned by big money proven by the record of their vote, non vote, ploy utilized.

Why Party divide on what is really good for the citizen. Should Flint residents drink elected officials choice of water, or anywhere on Earth?
“THE MEEK” plan- -solves almost every problem facing mankind today. Work for millions for decades as we improve the quality of life on a planet we ravaged. Restoring the eco balance, creating new living areas where none existed before. New towns spread out so humanity can expand. Lower the oceans as we add fresh water everywhere. End famine, disease, flood, drought as control on resources incorporating solar, hydro and wind. Ask your elected why they ignore before voting.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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