Ignore the peoples roar?

Ignore the peoples roar?

Remove the power of our vote to elect presidential, or any candidate, with super delegates ignoring “WE THE PEOPLE” and justice is dead. DNC rules allow the total disregard of our will for theirUncle Sam kneeling in prayeragenda. Their, not ours. Their good, not ours. Their benefit, you get it now? Elected to serve by us is indisputable we once believed, now proven deceived.

Do the simple math on their two so called candidates Sanders and Clinton. Sanders looses do to strange “COIN TOSS?” in Iowa, wins dramatically in New Hampshire yet Clinton gains 400+ delegates to Bernie’s 4? Ignore the peoples roar? OUR Votes = their, DNC decisions only? GOP voters count as intended, fairly and truthfully the peoples choice.

Why such a difference under our Constitution? Sounds criminal to me. One law for the people and interpreted or ignored for the elected/connected today, yesterday, but not in a fairly elected officials. Truth determines reality despite utterances to ignore for the team and special interest groups.

2/16/2015, three-thirty PM EST I officially changed my adult life long, once proud affiliation as a JFK Democrat, to the fairly counted Republican Party. My vote will count, my will obeyed. My Country needed help and I stepped up as Kennedy asked of me as a child. I enlisted back then to serve America as a proud Navy man risking my life to save my fellow citizens from enemies abroad, today against the one’s within.

Ever feel like Rip Van Winkle? As if you were asleep for years without knowing it? Put down the phone, close the lap top, stick yourself into the reality of today. It’s important. Pay attention to fact and truth, not alternative reality portrayed as such today. Video is a master detector for falseness of statement, misspoken, out of context etc. claims of those caught. Media lies due to power behind all that is wrong. Viewers believe anything as Orson Wells proved wit his War of The Worlds telecast. Yes news is often fiction.

Did you know as a democrat your vote is wasted? Check the facts and you’ll agree something needs to change now, this week, about you. Your half the problem as am I for we hide from our duty to act for our nation behind the guise of being to busy. Perhaps America needs to come first in all our lives?
What could be more important for all men created equal than the freedom fairness brings to society? Listen to the peoples cry in a nation all other lands long to experience, the American way. A land where freedom is not but a dream they won’t ever know. From birth to death they suffer in more lands a civilized society as ours should be in their history, not head lines.

Join me on TWITTER, Sonny of THE MEEK, Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom. We seek to unite all into one unbeatable voting machine of “WE THE PEOPLE” . Against all who dare to obey special or any other interest against what is truly best for all men created equal at birth today separated by them today. They divide to conquer, we unite to succeed as a race. Help America by helping each other.

THE MEEK believe with unity for the first time since our nations bloody beginning, we can win the battle without any casualties on either side. In the past we faced a powerful nation armed with the courage and will to overcome odds against all logic, reason for freedom. Our enemies are within, many hidden for now, some so open in their falsehoods as to be the glove to our faces knowing you’d cower to their might. Words being removed, told how to believe in our religion, kept poor and divided for control. Agree/vote our way or they will see you starved, arrested for being yourself. Fear quells the crowd, controls what freedoms will remain.

If this is still up for you to read please be sure to share it often. As we all know they believe they’ve won for so long now our power is their’s to ignore. When have the American people united as one other than for freedom from abroad? Attack America and we will win every time. No enemy could occupy any portion of our lands. Unlike the nations today’s leader seeks to transform us into, we have the right to bear arms and they all know it. Try Florida for ISIS attack and grandma will stop you.

Our internal battle requires every legal citizen to bear his Vote, not only to lock, but to load the polls. No excuse exists to those healthy enough to go outside, nor to those that can help the others to get their vote counted. The money they owe comes from your dollars not theirs. Remember they decided to remain off the affordable care act for a reason. If Obama thought his pen held might, join THE MEEK and unite so he’ll change his mind election night.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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