My dream held me breathless, silent, and scared.

Angel over bed
My dream held me breathless, silent, and scared.
What I was witnessing was driving me mad.
I was on a border watching a scene unfold that held me.
I can tell you now it is one you should thank God you didn’t see.
Before my eyes and ears events occurred that simply must be told.
Your sleep, as mine will be lost as the details unfold.
Sand stinging eyes squint as the wind carried their sound my way.
Voices felt as well as heard and the message shakes my soul.
Our fate at stake as we all play a role.
Good and evil never closer to a victor in their age long war.
The outcome important to each and every shore.
Death verses life fought by man alone.
Such a growing disregard for the later as histories shown.
Never united for the common good of all.
A divided planet is the most likely to fall.
Knowledge, replenish able resources, technology, and man.
A thinking race could accomplish anything in one’s lifespan,
I could agree with all that they said.
Especially the numbers of those senselessly dead.
In my own time I’ve far too many.
Sometimes the reason was worth nothing to any.
The air smelled sweet as one voice, softer than any other,
Spoke of all men as sister and brother.
Kindness I think his spoken words, though harsh to bear,
Filed my hearth and removed my fear.
“Why hide away in the dunes Sonny of THE MEEK,
Come sit by our fire as the night draws cold.”
I could do not, but that with which I was told.
To their circle shaky legs carried me as he continued to speak.
As I listened, I saw, it is hard to say,
So much to take in at the end of my day.
He spoke of us as honestly, with agreement to every word,
The truth of the matter is mankind’s absurd.

The truth as known within us all,
Is why I to will answer life’s call.
Let me explain as I continue relaying that which I have seen,
I will explain why death or life you must soon choose between.
He turned and asked of me if I was happy to be alive,
In a world where so many seem unable to survive?
What answer other than yes could there be for one’s life?
Given freely everywhere, none without some strife.
I replied so and his gaze seemed to know me as none before,
My sins and all my life was what I’m sure he saw.
He asked of me things none but me had knowledge of I’m sure.
He startled me as he replied “ yes all that and more”.
Naked and ashamed I sunk onto the sand and begged he forgive me.
“It is not I to forgive, it has always been up to thee.
Within you’ve always known the right path to choose.
If followed mankind shall never lose“.
The chill left my bones though no closer to the fire.
I was warmed by hearing him referred to as sire.
He smiled at me as he turned to address an aged desert man.
“will you now share with us the answer to continue man’s span“?
“How would you stop all your tribe from following another to their obvious demise”?
“Would it not depend on his or their strength or size”?
“Only divided lay weakness”.
“United is greatness”.
“I will speak now of THE MEEK;
Herein the answers men seek”
“The only path to everyone’s freedom,
Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom”!
“Every being precious by birth alone to be protected by all,
Or kingdom by kingdom the oppressors will fall”.
“No violence will be necessary or tolerated for any reason,
Breaking this trust is pure treason”.
“Sonny shall spread the word on the web and others will pass it along,
We may be of THE MEEK and united we are strong”
“If given a choice between death and life all will chose to live,
So importantly we must all learn to forgive”.
“When one awakens to a new day it should be cherished,
Not lamenting over yesterday for it has perished”.
“Never to arise again or know the glory of today,
As will mankind if none heed what THE MEEK have to say”
By now your surely thinking this is not just my dream alone,
But the way ahead as new seeds are sown.
Inside your head my story’s true,
So now you see it is up to you.
One voice unheard, too many unclear,
As to the meaning behind what’s going on here.
We’ve been led astray for far to long,
Leaders of men singing the same old song.
What can I do to change the world,
Or stop the path of destruction our destiny’s hurled?
I am but one who can count on how many others?
When is it time to stop killing our brothers?
We are all born and die here with nowhere else to go.
What is it you’d like your life to show.
Did you follow falseness knowing better all the time?
Now you know why you’ve read this rhyme.
Believe in yourself because I do.
Do it because it is true.
There really is nothing mankind can not do.
I’ve told you before it is up to you.
Your power united is unstoppable by any foe.
This is a fact many today hope you will never know.
As this message travels across the land you will hear many things,
Opponents will hear our songs as freedom sings.
The truth will emerge slowly on their side.
Little do they know that it is called pride.
Two versions, one truth, you should ask them why.
What possible good for all is any lie?
Be as you know to be the truth and nothing other,
Respect all women for we all call one mother.
When given birth by her what was your cost?
Rejoin the world as the family lost.
When we were few in number we cherished all,
Now that were many please heed the call.
Stop the madness of life today,
Speak with THE MEEK, here what we have to say.
Be one of the meek the cost is free,
As we want all the living to be.
No land will suffer another year,
If you alone get over your fear.
With you joining, we now number two
Remember of course it is all up to you.
Alone your world an mine remain the same.
I feel that is my shame.
So read on as I say NO to death and YES to LIFE,
I will not rest until all are free of strife.
Please don’t discard this message at least pass it along,
Because the next one may join me as we grow strong.
Feel free to join up when the hard work is done,
I only ask that in the mean time you try to get along with everyone.
Be not a hater of those who would silence our voice,
They themselves may have very little choice.
Power corrupts or intimidates some men’s wills,
Some lead only for the kills.
Some lead no where without a clue to your life,
For your sufferings cause them no strife.
Tongues wag truth and lie between breaths,
The results all the same, needless deaths.
If one dies of thirst, all mouths should be dry.
If one calls for help, all should answer the cry.
Few suffer in secret, none for reasons true.
I ask all you leaders, what kind are you?
And if the people were asked would they all agree,
With the answer you gave to me?
No war has ever been for peace,
After its end all violence will cease.
Peace is the easiest to achieve,
When all stop listening to those that deceive.
No God or any thinking being asks followers to kill,
It has been by man’s hand and will.
You can interpret all but truth, many a different way,
Or so it seems on the supposed news of today.
Who to trust harder to discern, deeply hidden or in plain sight.
You get a different version surfing channels each day and night.
No access at all to knowledge enriching to a select few.
Remember I said it is all up to you?
Blow the whistle, come clean, tell all,
Why should anyone be afraid to make the right call.
I know the answer if your willing to hear out THE MEEK.
Your alone now in this world for only one reason,
Not joining THE MEEK so we all suffer another season.
Death claims many more a minute that needn’t have died,
Then if you’d joined THE MEEK and exposed those that lied.
I will fight for your right to live wherever you are,
No land too remote or distance too far.
Send me your troubles and I will get you some aide,
Of this you can be assured and less afraid.
Together we will solve many things in a short time,
So contact Sonny of THE MEEK, and forward my rhyme.
The life you save may not be your own,
It could be a future seed you’ve already sown.
Sign up at-


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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