Obama’s big lie today

Obama’s big lie today

Ignoring for over six years “THE MEEK Plan”, proves his lack of care for not only American citizens, but the worlds need for a true solution. Had he implemented our plan, California would not be on fire today, drought and flooding would be under control. Death and destruction avoided, the cost of living on its way down. Life suffers due to his neglect. Ask him why?

Online for years our video (http://wp.me/p1tm1i-jq ) outlining the simplicity of this true solution to climate control, and ending world suffering. Work for millions across America, and billions of jobs world wide.

Being American myself, and proud of it, I fail to understand his dismissal of the only true answer for mankind’s needless suffering. Politics or ideology? They (today’s elected) and the media have been challenged to debunk our plan. None able to, so why ignore unless for selfish reason or treason to the people of Earth.

He spoke today of one planet, and claimed his path to be the righteous, and the only way. He’s lied about many things and you give him no reason for truth by blind acceptance. Out right false hoods, easily disproved, OK by low IQ only. Unfortunately for life to advance on Earth.

Perhaps our problem is delivering solution in writing to an illiterate nation of followers, and elected obeying some moneyed interest first, last, and always. Takes time to read and comprehend, easy to fool the public as Obama Care proved, and they counted on your ignorance. They prosper as you stagnate, or spiral down as their plan for division has worked for them only.

If you join them, and not THE MEEK, expect to suffer. Learn to think for yourself, weigh the truth and discount the falsehoods presented by those doing well, counting on your failure to unite. Join THE MEEK as we seek to improve all lives.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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