What chance to learn exists in troubled cities across the nation today?

sign97What chance to learn exists in troubled cities across the nation today?
Wake up alone as Mom has to work, get sister’s ready, all pray.
Take the safe route to the girls school, double back to my bus,
Sounds like someone’s creating quite a fuss.
Little Marvin forgot the gang banger’s wake early to prey,
He didn’t stay inside his building until the doors open to safety.
The driver waits as we run for our life,
He understands our daily strife.
Schools no safe haven for any of us looking to learn,
The hallways reek of the flesh bullies burn.
Its called click your Bic,
Fun begins with a quick flick.
No gang colors or tats, we stand out in the hall,
Alone and defenseless as they bounce us off the wall.
No teacher dare help us or they’ll face an extreme year.
I wonder which is strongest, the tears or the fear?
No education and we end up like them anyway,
Politicians don’t help no matter what they say.
They don’t endure war on their turf as we in the hood.
What chance have we that choose to remain good?


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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