The most out of touch boss in history

Remember this anyone?

Remember this anyone?

Democrats obey the master’s purse? Their media lackeys publicly state as fact, truth unimportant to minority voters, they’ll vote in Hillary without any doubt. Claim the other side ( I thought there was only one America) will stop the very handouts designed to keep us poor. If allowed to prosper, thought occurs.

Look around your hood, once populated with neighbors, now controlled by fear. Not imagined as those living in safe zones envision, daily occurrences consuming ones soul. What chance has a child to learn when the halls of learning are minefields, if not outright battlefields. Teachers afraid of the lawyers as well as the law breakers. Parents divided, many the fathers unknown. A sin once, when morals mattered, the people united against any evil. Excuses abound as well as blame, yet simple solutions ignored, no money in a cure, only continued treatments.

THE MEEK offered our government a “SIMPLE” plan to solve this, as those that follow us know, many cures. Schools, community, worship, final resting places unsafe the way it is now. No hope today for leadership to remember it is us they work for, no profit there, no loyalty towards “We The People” without money. Our money they spend on frivolities, leaving us to compare the price first/last and under them always. The boss suffers while the employees insure even their retirement is well paid.

I want us all to have that job, or any. Does your family deserve the best from you? To provide while their young and helpless? Ever feel like your failing, getting behind no matter how hard you try? Both sexes out of work in numbers to sad to print, never mind accept. If we didn’t unite back in time we’d be in the same boat as now, one that’s sinking, the helm out of control.
The luxury of ignoring today’s lack of concern for the citizen only belongs in those of low IQ. Nothing else makes sense. A fool and his money soon parted as true today as when it was written.

My wife controls the so called purse, the paying of those bills needless sky high, to OK the occasional pizza or treat. No citizen paid card to use at the casino, and more today collecting food stamps under Obama’s Ideal driven agenda. Party first/last and always. Strange we have two sides supposedly working for our betterment and they seldom agree. Imagine parents raising the next generation followed their broken model. It should be easy to do. Your living it now. The most out of touch boss in history.


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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