If they left you alone, You’d be skinned to the bone.

Blacks killing their own increasing over the Obama Super Star in Chief years,
Thousands living substandard lives for generations shedding unseen tears.
Politicians never live in the hood,
Many never visiting as they should.
A man of color elected,
Forgetting those already neglected.
Kept poor,
To insure,
Who your voting for.
Collect evermore,
Stop your thinking for sure,
Or payment ends if their sore.
Schools useless when fear stops all thought,
Places of worship robbed and followers fought.
Streets belong to gangs as do every citizens home,
Like animals among human beings they freely roam.
Everyone of them, someone’s family member they fear,
Afraid to stop them alone as no help is near.
All afraid of a few,
Yes I’m talking to you.
Good at heart,
Outnumber the bad part.
Grow a pair,
Throw them all out-a-here.
Don’t blame the cop,
When your afraid to stop.
If they left you alone,
You’d be skinned to the bone.
Keep on standing by,
Continue to die.
Unite to fight,


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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