Obama’s “Damning us, the USA’S future generations, now the land of the Freeloader”

Obama’s “Damning us, the USA’S future generations, the land of the Freeloader”

Protestors seem to agree that they want life to be fair for all men. Some patient, some unruly, but all within their rights. Our rights are never to be taken lightly. Freedom is as close to peace as any civilization has achieved. America is indeed unique, and understandably both envied, and hated. We appear to the world to have achieved their wildest dreams. Unimaginable to multitudes across the globe. Died for. While we give them away.

All Men Created Equal

All Men Created Equal

Those died for freedoms there, along with disregard for those that gave, and still risk all here unimportant to you. Your needs, wants, desires first, your country last.
There will be none if one allowed to be removed.

Your day to day existence is not any leaders first priority today, or at any time recorded. Power ensures poverty. A hand held out seldom turns to fist. Why bother if handout might stop. The truth is sad. Control you, rule the world. If allowed to prosper, thinking occurs. Those brave or intelligent enough number few, as courage disappeared from the peoples heart government delighted, prospered, grew. Hero’s are always outnumbered, but surrounded by comrades in arms. You’d have to be there to fully understand battle. Your buddy’s head exploded yards from you and his fellow freedom insurers.

Neighborhoods across this land have similar deaths. You qualify if imprisoned in “THE HOOD”, or the surrounding area. Schooling useless when fear fills the halls of learning, prayer never stopped the burning of any house of worship. Women, children, elderly, innocents all assaulted more often today in a supposedly civilized society. Ninety plus percent of you, the reader of this so far, are cowards. Prove me wrong by getting involved in insuring future leaders represent “We The People” and not their current masters. Income equality unfair their claim. One law for the poor and another exists for the rich/connected for sure. Were the masters if you’ve forgotten.

Children popping out in numbers so high among single women without fathers bearing responsibilities acceptable today, ignoring future generations, damning them at birth. Damning us, the USA, the land of the freeloader. Not my responsibility, let another bare your cost, too busy surviving, the excuses are legend. The result is places in the news, Baltimore today, Any Where in America next. Anyone tire of repeats? You hate it on TV while living it in the reality ignored. I ask any still reading, “Why is the candidate running, never the same once elected”? Also; “What are you willing to give of yourself before expecting it to be another’s cost”?

Follow me if your ready for life as it should be rather than the one future generations will sadly see.


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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