Obama allows gangs to tear America apart?

a-border-kids Obama allows gangs to tear America apart?

Coming from Chicago one must know the direct result of gang violence on that city alone, so why no action to end their evil reign? Sharpton, the fake Rev, has never entered the battleground himself, opting to march and speak in safe neighborhoods. Why? Why do American’s stand-by as hundreds of thousands street thugs tear family’s apart? Cowardice? Now gangs threaten to kill law enforcement in Baltimore, riot, unafraid?

The first President with racial knowledge unlike any of his predecessors, only concerned for his parties needs, climate control, being a super star. Not our nations hero tackling real citizens plight, rather bash a nation once revered. Babies, children, women, men killed hourly by gang violence, and the Earth gaining less than one degree given his power and attention over the needless funerals. Who cares for the citizen hiding inside, the student unable to learn and earn, the men and women victimized? If our leader cares not, what hope have the people?

Billions wasted on pet projects, vote buying, campaigning, and law enforcement, military spending slashed. Every tax dollar taken from “We The People” spent on their agendas, not our salvation. Millions of legal citizens out of work and hope, as those breaking our laws funded fully, medical as well. The melting pot, now in meltdown. As Americans we deserve leadership, not arrogance. Citizens die, suffer indignity, and golf, fundraising alive and well for Obama, as well as most elected. Clinton seeks 2.5 billion to purchase throne Obama established.

Our forefathers roll in graves, our servicemen and women lost life, limb, and sadly their minds ensuring America remained free. What have any of you done for freedom? Vote? Marched for honesty to return to leadership? Or let it be another’s cost, not my problem, I have my own problems? People are fast to record on phones etc. as things occur, but standby watching, not helping put an end to it all. Are you a stander-by?


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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