Knock-Knock- Who hides where?

Knock-Knock- Who hides where?

To harbor criminals is against US law punishable by no one today? OK for billions of dollars to fill bank accounts illegally? The safety of our neighborhoods, schools, people in jeopardy across the nation, ignored for profit? The dollar outweighs human life? Elected ignore for vote, president decree overturns rule of law, we the people suffer across the board. Schools overcrowded, health care costs sky rocket, our citizens suffering ignored. Who lives here and where a mystery?

As a citizen, the law must be obeyed if not rich, connected, or elected? America? Other nation’s arrest, return, cast out those that enter either illegally, or those who’s purpose is to wreck havoc, break their laws. Today, no one knows their neighbor. Who resides where, US census was supposed to show and be accurate as to details, a safe guard for our citizen’s. Not kept secret to insure political aspirations of those opposed to our constitution, law.
No enforcement equals destruction of society, the death and harm to citizenry.

Extremists, criminals blend into neighborhood found after harm done more often than before they harm, who is their land lord? Who rents, sells safe harbor for the millions we know are here now? Ill gotten gains OK today? Is profit for them worth your life? Do these criminals share the wealth, or amass a fortune at the citizens peril? We can’t collect from the criminally here when they harm one of us, so why is it OK for land lord’s? Every day, week, month, year, millions of criminals pay big dollars for ignorance of US law. Elected bank from groups supporting them, business/land lords profit, only the legal citizen suffers their abuse.

Today lies are told boldly by elected knowing not enough listen or care. Why is it the candidate with promises not the same one once elected? As soon as the vote is tallied and confirmed, presto-change-o we get Obama and party want first, the people never. Any reader know a poor elected? Millions now turn to billions to get our vote insuring none of us poor folk have a chance. Hillary seeks 2.5 billion to buy vote today, others seek money to compete, we become poorer. Unborn generation must foot their bill, the dead must pay again to insure elected prosper. America? Not the one we the poor people die to insure freedom for all. Elected don’t die on battlefield, poor citizens do.Also read


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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