Attention Earthlings 2015

Attention Earthlings 2015

If you were born on Earth, have led a fairly just life, sign up to claim your inheritance. “THE MEEK” open enrollment starts January 1, 2015 across the globe. Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom.

Why now? Look around your land and understanding will arrive. We suffer due to failed leadership, greed, and multitudes of crimes. The reasons would fill volumes, proving why unity of all men, has been prevented throughout history recorded. Not all TRUTH ever told, or allowed, until the web. Now THE MEEK Inherit the Earth as our birth right.

Your strength is feared in every nation on our shared planet. The people, THE MEEK, unstoppable. Together life for all, not connected few, will see the end of poverty, among many easy to fix problems affecting all mankind. Sharing, not charging for solutions as exists today. When all live well, so does our planet. One planet, one race, for evermore. Improving one generation after another closer to our goal, world peace. A time man dies naturally.

Nature will take it’s toll if left un-helped, but no man will die by another. We outnumber the evil by ninety nine percent, if not higher. Yet you hide? Leave it to another to stop, let it be their cost for your freedom. Your family broken today across the lands adds to isolation of society. Division a tactic used by so called leaders by any name. Pick a subject, race, religion etc., the results the same, no unity. They unite, you suffer. Why?

The price is paid by you and those around us, they live well. That’s OK. Some will always have more, nothing wrong with honest earnings based on one’s own drive. Some build what others inhabit, as THE MEEK will. We will see many benefits in our own lifetimes immediately. Skills of man known today have no limit to their numbers, we design by the second. Innovations are kept secret now for various wrong reasons. Soon shared by all mankind.

“We The People” once represented the power to keep greed/money from our rule. Not for decades had this been permitted when citizens first united on these shores they named America. JV team as our ruler would call them if King back then, instead of now. Gone today, the truth in presidency from blood soaked land. Two party system that argues over the good for “We The People”, proof of their self first failed leadership.
“We the People” are to lead THE MEEK into the un-free world by example. Our forefathers envisioned a world today of prosperity not only for America, but civilization. Why then suffer the masses? Here or anywhere? Hundreds of years and still in development? Time to switch their approach to ours, the citizens of every land. Not an overthrow, enlightenment, our birth right.

However birth is viewed by the religious, or the non believer, none may deny it is free. Why not allowed to remain so? Selfishness, cowardice, fear, or the stronger feeling of helplessness? Alone all life is hardship. THE MEEK exist in all men’s hearts, minds, and if you believe, souls. That nagging voice inside as you do act untrue, perhaps a sign you too are of THE MEEK. You’d stand with another for right, if not for fear of being outnumbered, or sued today.

The criminal has the same rights as you under the law you obey, he uses it to get around truth of action or misdeed. Law is needed. Order/safety requires its implementation. Few volunteer paid or not to protect the many. Many ignore their importance/necessity. Even fewer come to their aide. How many crimes have you reported? How many do you ignore around you and yours?

Gangs are a prime example of good humans swallowed up by evil. Stop the PC today. A stain is a stain. Fake Revs, elected talk, young lives the cost. Remember the broken family above, many innocents lay below the earth part of the cost. Life’s demands prevent both, if not one parent to be on hand role model. School system worried about the dollars books, out of date technology, greed, to teach generation ahead of them from early on. Children lean everything bad from someone older, not wiser. We have solution no elected will promote. Why?

Lives and billions of dollars lost due to floods, drought, energy loss or cost. Why? Water can be everywhere. Control and direct anyplace need arises. Work for countless millions across America, and the globe, denied by elected and media today. Ask them why. Is it a surprise rivers flood each year. Rain falls? Wild fires need a true solution, not dropping water from the sky, having it on hand to prevent. Imagine the irrigation implementations alone to end world hunger, poverty, disease. Create life instead of letting it wither away. Look at California today.

Too long is soon too much for many in today’s Twitter-verse, contact Sonny of THE MEEK to discuss. Short video


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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