Why Innocent’s Die For Lie

erupt1Babies teach more than man imagines. Sadly their taught by those grown, and their ways. Can any here deny hatred, prejudices, envy along with far to many other evils, you taught?
Not everyone, those without truth. The innocence, that must return smile, the uncontrollable tear, that feeling inside they create we destroy. Why? How many centuries of our history recorded are filled with peace, compared to unrest and needless death? Top of the chain because we have a brain? Babies do, how many they kill? Everything around them accepted as what they are, not labeled. Ever hear a child ask before playing with another “What neighborhood are you from?”. Or, “ My God needs me to do his killing because he needs a mortals help?”.

Answer’s no to all. We take Peace from them shortly after, sadly today before, they start life. They all get along without us, better than some with themselves, in the grown up world. No baby ever abandoned it’s mother or father, made them suffer, taught them evil.
Ever see one piece of evidence that this God version is so weak he needed help from man to kill other babies? Their family, friends, entire race? Video’s of everything today, why not one proving this God actually speaks to these men? Bible had tablet’s they say, no cell phone or camera’s to record back then, so doubts permissible. What’s their excuse today?

Watch me cut off a head, look how strong I am to the weak and poor. I kill my own, because they don’t worship my weak God needing my help, or are collateral damage.
I don’t practice what preach, instead get foolish believer to strap on my bomb, I keep money from spoils. Such an honor to die for weak God, why do they not cut the line to be first? Is their two Allah’s? If only one and he OK”S other innocent true believer’s of his to die, so maybe three hated, and ten loved by Allah die, why? If loved and lead life as asked, why OK? OK with you I mean. Only a man claiming without proof say so, why then not ask, watch loved one‘s suffer and die?

Fear? Of man who claim, or of doing something to stop. My writing this today has been grounds for death and threats to many who ask for truth. I say put away fear if their God not kill me themselves. Video all believe show truth most times to eye’s unless fiction. My video put out years ago on You Tube now speaks volumes of TRUTH for all to witness.
I said the same thing then as above, “If your God is God have me killed before we get OBL. Not by one of this man or that’s henchmen’s/foolish believer, their God alone. This should be as nothing to one that is GOD. Correct?”. I’m still hear and what proof have they?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dMBKVkuwts

Leader’s fail citizen’s on every land, this we see and sadly live. They to order men to do their killing. We get to die and they get what, Peace? What peace do non humans as ISIS bring to anyone’s world, or offer? They win and you will be happy? Live life Allah gave you in fear? Say goodbye loved one’s until none left to cry tear? What would Allah want you to do? Help by not stopping his innocent’s dieing because man with gun say his God OK with their deaths? Truth will prevail in time, will you? Ask for proof? Demand proof. Or innocent’s continue to die if you foolish enough to believe without. Which God real and stronger? More loving than your Allah, compared to some man with out proofs God?


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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