A gift to be cherished by all that we see

Greeting death while out at sea,

Is Heaven’s gate for one as me.

Life began immersed as my allotments end should be,

Both are the only thing’s truly free.

A gift to be cherished by all that we see,

One that should be free of misery.

In My Country the Land of Liberty,

Home of the Equal and Free.

The greatest land in all of man’s history,

Until Obama lawlessly won his social agenda victory!

Oh my Nation what will become of Thee?

Home/Job/ Freedoms/Privacy etc. gone all pithy,

Do to an electorates/ biased media thought to be so witty.

They care not about your needless/ caused poverty,

Are all caused be those elected to serve not them but we!

Look behind the true motive for things like NO VOTER ID!

Amnesty votes behind Obama’s hurry across border entry!

Voice dissent and your labeled nuts or raciest whitey.

Was his intent to ensure no leader to come from any minority?

Why he does/says nothing about deaths/attacks on Christianity.

Yet sets five killer terrorists lose on all innocent humanity!

What’s wrong with American citizens to end not his insanity?

I’ll tell you the truth before your led into tyranny,

Get out and VOTE or let freedoms lose be no mystery!

I’ll sail off at my times end to knell at the feet of he,

Whom once America allowed when Mom and dad gave birth to Sonny.



About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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