Leadership and Co-Leadership Position Washington DC Starting 1/20/2017

Wanted – Women & Women or Women & Man lastly Man & Man for Leadership and Co-Leadership Position Washington DC Starting 1/20/2017.

Resume must be able to survive biased media and cronyism and Big Money behind both. Truth your only path, loyalty to those you serve, our Military, defender of the oppressed, a voice of reason to the world.

Long hours, tremendous stress, unending work correcting decades of wrong doing. Strong speaker without need of false worded teleprompters. The heart pumping new life into a withered, neglected, suffering populace, and Republic.

A belief in our Constitution, laws as written or legally altered/changed or added to, not PEN IN HAND as powers behind dictated. To secure our boarder your first order. To enact THE MEEK PLAN employing millions if not billions, while lowering the cost of everything, and restoring our ravaged land second. Reducing/replacing/firing every government program/grant etc. third. Changing to a flat tax for all, reduced to competitive rate business tax, EPA investigation and end of all lobbies not representative of WE THE PEOPLE fourth. Assist all State elections insuring WE THE PEOPLES Candidate has fair chance against BIG MONEY behind most of our Republics down fallings now fifth. Back Bills ensuring TRUTH in any claiming News, not VIEWS broadcasts/print/web based thus insuring an informed populace not a misled separated purposefully divided Nation as exists today sixth. Rest on the seventh day as you will be busy the next eight years.

Any still interested, may GOD BLESS and protect you and America! A new day dawned when Obama Administration’s Boldfaced Misrepresentation’s reached absurdity, and the citizens woke from shirking their responsibility, thus this JOB OPENING fell into my hands. Please contact me at the following:




Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/sonny.ofthemeek




About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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