Thank You to all who shared my “Call For Unity 4 Our Vets”

Thank You to all who shared my “Call For Unity 4 Our Vets” – When we die in battle it is our Honor and Duty- To have Vets die stateside under this NON COMMANDER IN CHIEF who learns everything from the so called press, sickens me, and hopefully you. You live day to day in America free- we don’t charge you for services rendered, we only expect a little respect, and proper treatment for things you the citizen are saved by us from.

 No limbs, lives, minds lost insuring America’s happen to you. Our funds are cut while millions are wasted hourly by those supposed public servants in DC. We serve all American’s, and have keep most of the world safe for longer than any other force in history. Not conqueror’s, not to take from the people, to die saving and helping them all realize freedom to live one’s life to it’s natural end.

 Our deaths, injuries there and then, accepted by all brave and loving of their fellow man, servicemen, as myself. To suffer and die awaiting treatment home, you tell me? You have the freedom to speak, many servicemen paid for that in full, and overcharged.

Until today! It’s POLITICLY CORRECT only if in agreement with the PARTY in charge, or the money behind all our problems. We The People, without a single shot, yet many causality’s to all of our rights to freedom, have given away our Republic in silence. Not me anymore. I enlisted during the Viet Nam Era thinking my country first, the same is true today. My Republic, My America. I fear not this corrupt leadership and all the money behind every move they make.

 I stayed quiet like you. Safe behind my online names, or so we thought. I’m out of excuses for cowardly actions if truth be told. Afraid what will happen to me and mine over. Enough of us did the same as evident in day to day lies told by leadership, unquestioned except by a few.

Join together for one day. The United States should be more than a name on a map. We were once, why not again? Can you give a few hours on the 4th of July for Vets & those serving today? For yourselves and families, and your friends? For FREEDOMS RETURN? To show who is in charge to those failing us all now? Walk out your front door at 12:00 EST and show DC we are UNITED 4 VETS and Forevermore!

Share if you love a VET and want them treated before they die waiting!!! 


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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