Obama’s open border policy’s possible cost #1- NYC

Obama’s open border policy’s possible cost #1- NYC
Day 1- Welcome to America Anyone
A sun sets as the SUV’S pick up their passengers and special luggage after much hugging and praising Allah. Tanks full, cash flush, law abiding speeds, safe houses for rest and prayers, NYC their truly final destination. Steel bearing packed C-4 Vests and leggings for each of the forty to detonate at the preplanned time safely packed for the long journey alongside prayer rugs. For most their prayers numbered now, they know the time and place of the Grim Reaper as they summon him forth. Their victims know not the shortness of their unprotected lives. Many voted for Obama before this easy border crossing.  Only the survivors realize his failure as loss of limb will remind.

Day 2- Welcome to NEW YORK STATE
As the sun rises from the East, our visitors from the Mid East enter from the southwest, and park in separate car lots accessible to the subway. A final prayer as cards to swipe for entry on forty different lines are handed out, goodbyes said as drivers return for another pickup on the border, and forty onto trains. Rush hour now, soon carnage on an unprecedented scale. Years will go by trying to piece it all together. Thousands will die today needlessly, thousands more after the next illegal pickup on our open border, What State will be DAY 2- Welcome to America?


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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