The Secret of Life Reveled

The secret of life reveled by THE MEEK for the world to share inheritance

Leaders across the globe are hereby challenged by THE MEEK, to debate via web for all mankind to watch in real time, why you deny mankind to flourish by withholding water, the secret of life.

Fresh water is the secret to life on earth. Simple enough solution to almost all of mankind’s needless suffering, and poverty. Technology has existed to transform overfilled oceans to fresh water for decades now. Deserts become livable, farm able, productive area’s replenishing Earth, reversing mans misuse.

Nations across the globe suffering famine, disease, now growing crops, producing energy cheaply, eventually free. Every land mass is surrounded by oceans that would lower minutely if drained to create fresh water in abundance everywhere on earth. New rivers, lakes, cities, life as never known to mankind.

Free energy cleanly produced with today’s technologies backing up each other along the waterways created. Mankind able to spread out across the globe with every human being free from poverty forevermore. Floods, droughts now under mans control to direct water where needed. No wildfires if water available year round. No unemployment anywhere. New discoveries.

Live the life you enjoy, deserve, not the ones today’s leaders ensure. I have tried to get America’s so called leader elected on hope and change to hear the plan, he ignores me, will he hear you? Does water everywhere, as shortly listed above, sound like something that should be denied mankind – sound fair to you? Imagine how little everything would cost us with little to spend?

They claim concern, charge us to study climate, and hold back the very solution, water. Why? Millionaires, Billionaires, Elected, Ruling party, etc have never suffered our lives. Walked in old shoes. Ate less to give children more. Did without necessities. Everyone of them fly, drive, use excessive energy consumption as they create rules/regulations costing us more to heat our homes and survive winter. We die needlessly. Suffer purposely it would seem.

So time to debate me supposed leaders of mankind. Tell us why water is kept from your people, our fellow human beings. Why is it that THE MEEK offer free solutions rejected even here in America? Why allow suffering to continue when the solutions are simple? Why prevent millions of Americans from working now for a truly better tomorrow? Why allow needless deaths as you live dream lives? What will you do when all eyes and ears now know life’s secret?

If you agree we deserve to live, demand debate take place. I am ready any day, place and time to prove water is the secret to life kept from us by them. This and many other simple solutions will be revealed, watch and learn why it is time for life to change for all mankind. I will prove our tomorrow will be greater than any imagined today, and easier to achieve. Join me and in less than five years poverty will disappear forever. Give future generations a world replenished, not a debt due at birth as today’s leaders will.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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