When Evil Enters W/O Knocking- They’ll Hear Both Barrels Cocking

Wise Fore FatherWe have the right to own and arm-The only thing that keeps away harm
If left government tries to change our law-US citizen’s will be the last they saw
Many fought for our country not the powers that be-That only harms now our free citizenry
So take from our death grip-Not by Obama’s power trip
The arms others died insuring our right-To sleep peacefully until evil before our sight
Our homes our castle-So be warned not to hassle
Many trained to survive in war-The outcome for evil is not one to be so sure
For in your place-The rest of our still free race
Freemen and women are coming-In evil’s blood we’ll be swimming
For you am but one of We The People the boss of this great land-So quit while ahead your merciless band
All enemy’s of ours-Sit in fear as over bodies some plant flowers
Over the grave of fools trying to win-Like you elected so full of sin
Trying to conquer the LAND OF THE FREE-So come a knocking and we will see
If DC punks like you-Speaking as Obama always untrue
Have a prayer-With our God here
Save your families grief-Quit now and go on relief
No life is better for you all-Then not listening to this madman’s call
Patriots outnumber DC traitors-All you Constitution haters
We have right on our side-Obama’s lack any hope for dignity or pride
DC sneaks in false laws in the middle of the night-To try and lock up everyone in sight
Their scheme may sound OK in the darkened hallway’s of corrupt DC-It smells like shit to the real boss’s that be
So be forewarned to offset harm- You’ll never change our right to own and protect with WE THE PEOPLE’S firearm!


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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