What side of the bars will we unite?

What side of the bars will we unite?


Hidden in Nancy’s  “Sign it so they can find out what’s in the law” statement, was the unimaginable, a chip implanted in your hand. They set a time limit for it to be removed, only it was hidden thousands of pages within, and unspoken on. Reading is fundamental we were taught, today it is frowned upon. News Viewer Spokesman replaced reporters. We have never been closer to enslavement, so blindly to what happens before your own ear’s and eye’s, and you remain in splintered groups until they have their way.

United means getting off the excuse wagon and helping to pull us together. I care not what you call yourself so long as American is part of it, the important one, the one your life depends on. It does. This is no time to rely on others to keep the peace, and piece of America you own. Were free by choice, or peoples rule? If choice, we then have Obama out as front man for the true powers that want to be. Not America as “WE THE PEOPLE” imagine we still have, the America snuck in under the disguise of law. Their law. The reality of who really goes to jail. Who dies and why. What you eat and what you buy. Where you go and why. How and if you get there. What you pay and what they can now take.

I said now. It is the law of the land. All heard Obama repeat that “TRUTH” as do other puppets following along with their plan. The only voice not heard ,except in sometimes soon silenced whispers, is the peoples voice. Your big mouth. Hers and his around you. One here and there rises a little. Remember them. Many no autopsies, and quite a few cremations not requested by their loved ones, perhaps you knew or heard a few. Who knows other then them, law of the land remember, if your to live longer or die? What is your value?

Ok let’s have that going away party for Whoever now, no more treatment available, so we know her end date, or close enough. This will save MONEY even Rockefeller publicly stated. This plan is older than most reading this, or not. No guarantee these days how long a word lasts online, or out of your mouth. With one word, I will not print it as if as dumb as they imagine us all to be, and proof I’m not so very crazy, all communications and power will cease. Everywhere concerning you alone. Check out what they’ve built beneath your very feet, and neighborhoods, some very interesting viewing for certain. Available online, while the web as we thought we knew, is available.

Do math in life. Add up this and that which you know to be true. Remove your personal loyalty to that which you once thought government was, and focus on that which is. Openly telling you in a gloating fashion how it is going to be, and counting on your being to stupid to see. They mock you from the microphone,  ignore laws they enforce, lack morals once important to all. You allow them to remain in office till they either decide or die, and pay for lifestyles beyond your allowed grasp, year after give away more of our rights year. Who’s the boss? Who makes the rules. Who puts the food on the table? Who does all the dieing and the work? You. Yours. OURS! For who? DO THE MATH! You lose.

Here a group, their a mouth, here and here a Chick Chick it may as well be said. So many puny numbers in this group, a few less here and there, he says this, they say the same, and nobody really hears a word. An ant bite is as much pain as all those combined without you could ever be. Sad but true. Do the math.
Media dogs call you mad and occupy hero. President lies blatantly, and all the followers of a simple to end , what the last one called his master plan, American’s ended that attempt, not government. You stopped Adolf, and all the rest of attempt’sImage to restrict the peoples rights, and your need now to stop an enemy from within.

Peacefully above all will insure safely, and the only path to victory tolerable and fair to all men. None should give their freedom or life needlessly if all stand arm in arm. No harm can befall any if our numbers are legion, as are ours this very day. The divide they inflict is fiction, the proof is we all suffer the same fate at their hands if kept apart any longer. They told you to your face their goal. What do you say we answer? And when are you willing to be heard? My arms are outstretched in all directions and not a single hand is in sight. My mouth is ready to open in unison with yours. What side of the bars will we unite?


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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