1 if by land – 2 if by see – 3 or more shares for LIBERTY!

I opened my eyes to a new and another day.
What was it I put off until a new suns ray?
So many come to mind in the blink of an eye,
I could never catch up till the day that I die.
Why’d I wait so long to do what’s right?
And how did I ever sleep at night?
I know that I’m not alone,
The world would be different if all not prone.
Let someone else do it for many reasons,
Is why I’m guilty of treason’s.
To all mankind if you stop to think,
Were all responsible for lives that stink.
Not from odor but neglect from me,
I’ve let down my Country this of thee.
Was my life more important than my country’s plight?
How can I look in the eye everyone suffering in plain sight?
Day after day my concerns have been for my own.
I’d no idea things wrong are records continuing to be blown.
My needs pale to a Republic struggling to survive.
So what to do with the time left here alive?
How can amends for my insurrections be obtained the right way?
What can I get started myself, with the aide of him I pray?
The cause of our lands distress is very clear.
We sit at home behind keyboards in fear!
Brave words flow aimlessly seeking one to hear and agree,
Now lets back them up by appearing for all to see.
Shutdown this false government not the end of your battle,
Lets give a show of force to make their knees all rattle!
America’s never stood shoulder to shoulder for battle except in our past.
If we stand as one our enemy’s will disperse, our freedoms will last.
No million man march of farce, have them shirk from billions of free men,
All standing outside across the land sending a message received in evils den!
A new year is upon us, the day you put off is due then,
No ifs, buts or maybes, and now I’ll tell you when.
When the Hour strikes, the Apple falls, in other words, Midnight!
Prove your for restoring America by coming out in plain sight!1

if by land – 2 if by see – 3 or more shares for LIBERTY!

Imageore shares for LIBERTY!


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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