He rushed into the angry crowd

What you gonna do Bobby when that bully see’s you today?
I don’t know Thomas, all I can do is pray.
He said he’d ”beat you into a puddle of spit”.
I just keep myself in the halls that are lit.
He’ll get you outside on the playground.
I know man, there’s no place on Earth safety is found.
He put Milo in the hospital for a dollar.
I know man, we could all hear him holla.
The teach closed the door to our room fast,
I said to myself that poor Milo won’t last.
No balls McJerk we call that teacher.
Yea he never practices what he mouths as a preacher.
My brother said he’d walk you home after school.
I guess till then you better hide from that fool.
He kicked Helen in the mouth,
Everyone pretended not to hear her shout.
I was there as silent as the rest,
As a friend to her, we were not her best.
He just so darn strong,
I new standing was wrong.
My legs shook and I stared down at my lace,
I stared at my sneakers not the danger she had to face.
Twelve of us just ignored her plea for help,
None of us wanted a face with a welt.
Joey’s dad went to jail,
Cause he saw trouble and did not fail.
He rushed into the angry crowd,
Pulled that old lady away as the gun shot loud.
One of the punks took a shot at him,
They said when he got done you couldn’t tell it was Tim.
He sent four to the hospital for a very long time,
What have you done beside read this here rhyme?


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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