This is the end of Obama’s crap

This is the end of Obama’s  crap,
I’d call it a rap,
But then his goons would cap,
The writer who’s not a sap.
For threatening to slap,
A liar every time he opens his yap,
Who follows his pap,
Altering democracy’s gap,
Putting America in his trap,
While money dances upon his lap,
Was elected by your too long nap,
Now things happen to make us snap,
Voting together for them to take their final lap,
They run the game and are able to entrap,
Patriots caught passing around what they want under wrap,
So decide if you’ll risk their tap,
To keep America on the world map!



About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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6 Responses to This is the end of Obama’s crap

  1. Heath Powell says:

    Looks like I don’t really know how to get around the Web very efficiently so I guess if I had better technology I could do more but these servers are outdated

  2. Heath Powell says:

    Does anyone have the Samsung galaxy s showcase SC950?

  3. Heath Powell says:

    I agree. Obama is killing this country and it’s the democrats are helping him do it because they are to stubborn and prideful to admit that they are wrong, things like this have happened in the past and someone always steps up and takes charge to get us out of a mess. This time looks bad idk if we can come out of it. I pray we do.

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