Obama- Baltimore Burned- We ask why you’ve been in the oval office over six years now, will you lead us, and when?

The dead in Benghazi have not been answered for many a year.
We have been warned that an attack is near.
No answers/trials/disgrace as we approach many a year since four died,
No leader of ours has stepped forward answering why they lied.
Left unaided, knowing how things should go, what was their last thought?
Did they know their commander in chief cared not the battle they fought?
Four lives in service to our once great nation, left to die.
Now gone, and the truth seekers are suspect, according to news that backs any lie.
“What difference does it make!” answered by Hillary after a LONG delay.
And I’m still not sure where POTUS was as they breathed for their last day.
I know as a mere citizen, having one vote to legally cast, I need him to speak.
The man is on TV more than any other, blaming Washington, as to VEGAS he did sneak.
I thought he was the man we elected to lead, our President, he spoke with such passion.
He kept certain promises only, the ones designed by others as a new nation they fashion.
Voter’s flocked supposedly to the polls agreeing with his plan to transform America by plan only he does know.
No need for existing rules of law when the news/views casters are part of the show.
You swore an oath to me and others broadcast for the world to see.
America was truly the land of freedoms and before your rein, opportunity.
No jobs for any not serving this new regime as our citizen’s do without a chance.
False numbers excluding those years without work, as you and Carney dance.
Our homes lost, as most government employees remodel or upgrade or take the fifth!
You divide us with false racial, budget, or using party’s to create a rift.
Truth is not the first thing out of your elected mouth as campaigning, not leading US forward but “Super Star in Chief” on some show.
Where were you as my fellow Americans waited in vain for help, we need to know?
Perhaps you can squeeze in an answer as you appear on another TV show?
You spoke at length at the UN ,as they too saw beyond your tale of video to blame,
When will you lead America and end this self caused shame?
I share your consequences, we all live with the harm those elected cause this great land.
Do you believe you head the kind of government our fore fathers planned?
If so then why not obey and respect our laws, your not our King, we elected you.
You neither rule or reign over subjects as you seem to believe as with PEN you do act.
Our elected should work for us, the free people of America, we died for that fact.
Our son’s and daughters of America do so today to insure our freedoms, or so we thought.
Politics outweigh coffins to current administration, no truth to all battles we fought.
Death to vote ratio is unacceptable to this American, who proudly enlisted to serve during war.
Viet Nam, the forgotten warriors, scorned by those they were fighting in their minds freedom battle.
Little did they, and those under your reign and others before, less than the value of cattle.
They have futures, while we fill graves, you play games, we pay the price for your right to lead.
Google that word ,and add it to your daily elected life , along with truth for a real change.
If you can’t do both everyday for those who elected you to do more than read the scripts they arrange.
Quit! Walk away! RUN! Or man up to the powers behind the scenes and do your elected to do-job!
If you had done right by America from the start we wouldn’t be worrying about another mob!
They saw your weakness after 9-11-2012, show them America’s United might while your still here.
Stop waiting to see if the never will be elected Hillary will speak up first about what happened there.
Be the man elected and in office this very day,
Come truthfully to the MIC instead of caught whispering our security away.
You sing and dance, speak quickly about such as Trayvon and Gates, I know your not camera shy.
The living need answers to graves, our servicemen today need to know if you care as they fight.
Were the four in Benghazi less important than resting up to campaign in Vegas that fateful night?
Hillary has to answer at the polls in 2016, do you intend to stall leading till then?
You’ve been in the oval office over six years now, will you lead us, and when?




About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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